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MC Eiht – Wait a Minute x West Up 2010

blame it on Shake April 19, 2010

Two new joints of MC Eiht’s upcoming mixtape, All Starz & Strapz v.2. What I’m really waiting on is his DJ Premier produced album, Which Way Iz West. Ghea!

DOWNLOAD: MC Eiht – Wait a Minute | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: MC Eiht – West Up 2010 | Mediafire

  • Boomerang Slang

    Ghea! lol what ever happened to this nigga

  • chavo2k6

    yeah forreal

  • runner

    Just listend to some CMW ‘Late Night Hype this morning.

    DJ Premier x MC Eiht – word? Mos def I’ll be checkin for that.

  • runner


  • Wake Up

    this nigga growing white hair time to give it up

  • Chris G.

    He was on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas if I remember correctly.

  • MithritadesHD

    MC Eiht > …OG chea!

  • RaTheMC

    Didn’t DJ Quik end this nigga’s career like 10 years ago?

  • Flacc

    Not a big fan but he has some classics. WEST COAST O.G. Recognise The Real you youngings.

  • Ted G

    Wake Up,you a fool. he got grey in his beard so he has to stop rappin?? stfu

  • Tiiz

    What’s with so many west coast dudes jackin the Washington logo???

  • sean “I killed Rick” cameron

    This nigga looks old as ffffffffuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkk

  • markaveli

    out here in LA, the nationals symbol stands for westside and the reds logo stands for compton…….

  • Both those joints go & I love that he spitting over these classic beats! Can’t wait for this mixtape & his album with Premo!

  • jbones

    “who got slaps on the petro?”….. he need to dye that white chin hair tho….that shit dont look tight AT ALL…. lol.

  • youngsavage99

    This mistape is cool , it has some nice new cuts like Another Story , Yall Aint Tight are dope