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Sam Adams – Walk With These f. Curren$y [Alternate Version]

blame it on Shake April 19, 2010

No Sam Adams chorus. Less Sam Adams vocals. Better version.

DOWNLOAD: Sam Adams – Walk With These f. Curren$y

  • 617kid

    Curren$y feature was cool atleast…not sure bout this kid Sam Adams tho.

  • dara

    i still feel a way about this kid being as i heard at least from 25 different people that he beefed up his own itunes numbers something crazy, kids these days….

  • Tone Ikasu

    I’m not really feelin sam but I just cant figure out how he could fake his itune downloads. he had to have mad advertised to like every college around there because there is no way he coulda got so many downloads by himself. It has to be legit because there is no college kid willing to by a 10 dollar album thousands of times. Dont matter though I guess cuz I aint gonna buy it.

  • ibelikeYUUP

    i mean it was proved by his lawyers that the downloads were real…
    smh @ haters.

  • “It has to be legit because there is no college kid willing to by a 10 dollar album thousands of times. Dont matter though I guess cuz I aint gonna buy it.”

    from what i heard, his pops makes a LOT of money and they dropped like 70k themselves.

  • HOES

    Yeah, what Shake said. Dude’s dad has hella cash

  • Sam Adams: Not Always A Good Choice.

  • Els

    Did you guys ever think he just knows a shit ton of people at his college who would support his sales? 10 bucks really isn’t that much to support someone you know

  • bbs

    10 bucks to buy trash is a waste

  • Rob

    Spitta hot sam adams no.
    Brick to the face.jpeg

  • O

    Produced by XPERIMENT


  • Tone Ikasu

    Damn using Daddys money??? That is a more possible scenario. Messed up though how he could just buy himself into the game like that. I don’t know if its true or not but if it is this dude gets no respect. He an average rapper at best so If he don’t make a come up nobody will miss him.


  • bd

    i saw him on mtv so did he win?

  • FNT

    I thought the sam adams verse gave it a nice backdrop which added a little more depth and complexity to the song – it’s nice to get a change up here and there.

  • l3lackstar

    Lol conspiracy theorists. Even if his daddy bought it, does that make him any different then any other star? Record labels buy the shit out of their own records to boost sales, including relatives and the artist themselves. If that is the case, then he’s no different then any other mainstream artist. At least his rhymes are somewhat enjoyable and clever, unlike Soulja Boy.

  • Newman

    Not sure bout this, but I do know about listening to ‘Your Direction’ on high volume blazed to the Heavens.


  • alex

    everyones just haters sams nice, hop off

  • alex

    Jay z bought all his shit too everyone does..

  • J.

    Why is everyone hating on this dude? He can actually spit..
    Guarantee its cuz hes white

  • wtf going on

    no1 HAtng im white i think he doo dooo…