• OnTheRun

    lol at fergie

  • Michael

    this isnt that bad actually..if you can past it not being mied

  • BLaKSponge

    Is there a reason her pussy is drippin while shes on stage

  • Tango Down…..Hoorah

    Too bad this ain't mixed

  • 2pn

    no more okayplayer?

  • stef

    thats not t.i. lawl

  • http://twitter.com/highdosage DynamicShots

    Either she's sweatin down there hardbody which is straight up disgustin or she just tinkled. Which is also straight up disgusting.

  • http://soundcloud.com/danielthemartian chris_martian

    why fergie is ugly as hell and errbody like fergie¿ haha and singin,,its like a stone

  • sean cameron

    *looks at Fergie's crotch*


  • http://www.livemusic.bandcamp.com L!VE

    she pissed herself..where yall been at?

  • KSEE

    lol @ L!ve

  • Busy

    ^^ im sayin yall dont remember when everyone was talkin about her polly pissy pants lookin ass...

  • Bill Clinton

    songs really annoying.
    fergie...am i the only 1 that thinks shes got that i give really good agressive head look? just sayin. (no fergie).

  • Chi

    Horrible sampling..

  • who cares

    it's allright, T.I. cud do way better tho

  • lasean

    she pee'd on her smh at niggas thinking her puss wet yeah its wet alright from piss

  • Dia

    how many times has this song been sampled?? but still it seems like a party song

  • whoanow

    thats Cams beat.. me my moms & Jimmy.. confessions of Fire! Will.i.am eat a dick!... no homo

  • http://. Chuuch

    why the fuck rapper's voices keep changin when they get out jail. homie wasn't even in there that long.

  • Yatti

    LOL @ DynamicShots!

  • http://sporthop.wordpress.com Lil’ Nello

    Track is aight & it probably would have been better if it wasn't released at all! I'm a T.I. fan to so I'm just stating facts!

  • mack

    fergiez puzzy is mad disgusting drip,drip,drip its called a wipe