Cypress Hill x Complex

Complex sits down with Cypress Hill's B-Real and Sen Dog to talk about the making of songs like "How I Could Just Kill A Man," "Hand On The Pump," "Rap Superstar," and "Insane In The Brain."

On "How I Could Just Kill A Man:"
[The videos for] “Kill A Man” and “Hand On The Pump” were filmed back to back in New York because we were on tour with Naughty By Nature and we started to get a lot of momentum with “Kill A Man,” so Sony pulled us off the tour for two days to go film that video. We broke in New York first. No one knew we were from L.A. We were called Cypress Hill and there’s no place in L.A. called Cypress Hill. I mean, there’s Cypress Ave, Cypress City, and shit like that. What was synonymous with our name was Cypress Hill, New York. So a lot of people thought we came from there. Plus Muggs was from Flushing, Queens. So, musically we had an East Coast flavor on the beat so people had it confused.

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  • Hauser

    Cypress Hill's first 2 albums were incredible.

    Black Sunday can be listened to without skipping a track.

  • freshyboi

    first 2 albums? i thought temples of boom was amazing at the time. still bump it more than any other cypress hill album but maybe that's just me?

  • YoMomma

    Mood Music


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