• c

    Hayze Rascoe - Purple
    Happy 420

  • laker_fan_32

    i don't know if it's just me but none of these tracks work i can't extract them

  • JL

    file is password protected

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com KNOWxONE

    Shouldn't be. It worked perfectly here, no password requested. Try redownloading.

  • JL

    hmmm? I've downloaded twice and still need a password to extract

  • Ryuk

    Worked for me. Maybe try DL it again?

  • JL

    Downloaded twice, restarted the computer, downloaded again.....still password protected lol I dunno how you all are opening it

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com KNOWxONE

    It should open automatically. If you're on a Mac, try downloading and using an archiving program called The Unarchiver. Should work perfectly.

  • JL

    It doesn't work. Wants a password to unzip. I'm on a PC.

  • http://youtube.com/user/custychronic John Kerr


    Click my name to scope my new 4.20 track, "Mornings With Mary"

  • JL

    Okay, I downloaded winzip and that would unzip it no problem. This is weird. Thanks for the help. 2dopeboyz is the spot!

  • http://www.myspace.com/334tilthedeath AD

    I know this shit gonna be dope...Smoke & K.R.I.T.? Shiiiiiit

  • Redface

    wHAT tHAT gUY sAID. dl wORKS

  • Ahkidagreat

    Is it just me or does big k.r.i.t. reminder anyone else of pimp c?

  • Chavo

    DLed this 3 times and this link is not working for me. can someone re-up please?

  • Pro-Duece

    @Ahkidagreat yeah he do remind me of som UGK type stuff

  • AnT

    @Ahkidagreat hells yaaa


    wtf.... link doesnt work

  • OGEazy

    Wow that song with Curren$y has got to have one of the smoothest instrumentals of all time.

  • empty

    I fucks widdddit

  • neeKz23

    DZA knows whats good. Cinematic 'nuff said.

  • killadelphia

    can you throw up a new download link. shits fucked up.

  • Tha5ftAzzazzin

    yeah shit needs a password