TreeHouseClub (El Prez x DNEZ x Chris Focus) - LikeThatBronBron f. Grip Plyaz & Casey V (prod. Komplex)

Last leak (and 2dbz premiere) off El Prez, DNEZ & Chris Focus' upcoming smoke-themed Red-Eye Flights EP, which drops tomorrow. UPDATE: The trailer can be viewed after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: TreeHouseClub - LikeThatBronBron f. Grip Plyaz & Casey Veggies (prod. Komplex) | Mediafire


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  • Kobe > LeBron..nuff said

  • bd

    fuck lebron he didnt need to drop 40 on us like that, give niggas a chance


    casey veggies is dope.

  • markaveli

    kobe>lbj.....this song>most songs.....

  • Fruurrrr


  • JohnDank

    Kobe > lebrick

  • Razzell

    Ea sports Loading music > this song

  • truthhurts

    5 lebrons > 5 kobe anyday

  • Glitch

    @bd lmao, lebron shat all over the bulls lol oh and that dunk? yeah don't get me started haha, yeah and nene... like..... well we wont go there lol

  • 2pn

    shoulda sampled the clipse song.
    oh and Kobe the Gawd>>>Lebroom

  • IQ

    #cosign on the sampling..


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