Rosa Acosta x Estevan Oriol x T.I.T.S.

Behind-the-scene look at Rosa Acosta's recent photoshoot for an upcoming shirt with T.I.T.S. Shot by Estevan Oriol.

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  • Knarf_


  • AD

    Loving the view of Rosa..but, what's up with them songs? Jesus..

  • Stephanie

    What song is being used during those kitchen pictures?

  • Stephanie

    ^^ hahaha

  • Boomerang Slang

    those cookies look nasty

  • b.

    what's that 3rd song?

  • DiggySimmons

    1)can i get sum milk with those cookies
    2)dope tee

  • Haight


  • ralph

    everyone wants to know whats that song about the chick saying its her first time but she loose as hell so the dude could tell she was lying or something ha ha?

  • Stephanie

    ^^ Yeeeup!

  • tre’ thurmsn

    imma have to cop one of those shirts

  • J

    souja boy piped trey songz piped bow wow piped

  • DiggySimmons

    ^^^loool@tht pic

  • boston

    .....I'd PIPE.....

  • whatsongs

    what are the songs that are used?

  • hamilton

    what song is playing during the kitchen scene?

  • Seef

    The songs are all dyme def off of their sextape mixtape coming out in may.

  • Stephanie

    Swear? Damn.

  • DJ Daz-One

    I want to be the banana

  • R-I-C

    hell yeah i been missin out dyme def sic

  • Igneous

    Oh My Damn.

  • DJ

    song playing when they show the shirt is moving higher by Dyme Def

  • JonnieHayward

    is it me or is her ass gettin fatter?

  • Lil’ Nello

    No Rosa ass always been like that! I love the BTS though Rosa looks real great as usual & the pics came out great as well! I love the shirt a lot to & may need to cop one! Another thing to just proves again why Latina & Mixed chicks = GOAT no hate towards the other chicks just saying!

  • Kw3li

    She gorgeous i just need her to not talk.

  • Stephanie

    ^^ lol, she got that Kat Stacks shit going on when she talks.

  • WoW

    i love when she starts speakin spanish

  • Adam Molina

    shes magnificent.... i wish she'd shave my nutt hairs


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