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Skyzoo – My Interpretation (Video)

blame it on Meka April 21, 2010


A (2)Dope world premiere, and one that I’m personally ecstatic to present to the masses…

The final single from Skyzoo’s critically acclaimed album The Salvation. Produced by Best Kept Secret. Directed by Artemus Jenkins. Starring Skyzoo, Skarr Akbar, & introducing Shaunetta Squalls. The Salvation is in stores now courtesy of Jamla/Duck Down Music.

DOWNLOAD: Skyzoo – My Interpretation

  • AD

    Good show, ol’ chap!

  • Marco G.

    Dope video and even doper album. Good shit!

  • Ahkidagreat

    I wish they( shake n meka) would put up some more music from b-more artists like skarr akbar we got som hot shit here too!!! i was wondering who dat was filming videos of north ave i wish i would of know it was skyzoo…damn smh

  • jimbrownski

    Hey, It’s the Best Kept Secret!!! Great vid for my favorite song off the whole album….

  • skeme


  • That’s ill he shot my favorite song off his album in my hometown… peace, Sky.


    Nice joint. The Salvation was definitely one of the best albums of ’09. Dear Whoever is my favorite joint.

  • super amazing i love this joint

  • dev

    its sad that amazing artists like Skyzoo doesnt get many comments but wack ass Wiz Khalifa gets 500 comments in less than 60 seconds.
    with that said, this album will forever be one of the monumental albums of my life.

  • Boomerang Slang

    I love the way Skyzoo handles his music. U can tell by his album and his videos that he really takes his time and thinks about how it is presented and not jus throwin it on the net jus becuz. He is a quality over quantity dude and we need more artist like him

  • aQuib

    Skyzoo album is a classic! It is the only album i still listen to from track 1 – 16. This is my favorite joint off the album and the video was great!

  • Matt.Beezy

    dope video Sky…

  • Skyzoo you the MAN, love the video

  • Ricki Lutes

    dope video and crazy lyrics!

  • YoungCosby

    Dope video for a dope album. Skyzoo is that dude.

  • Nyah

    Skyzoo is the a very underrated rapper. Love him.

  • The video is pretty cinematic, perfect match for the song. Greatness. Also, I agree with aQuib. I believe we can bestow the honor of the word “Classic” to Skyzoo’s album. It’s completely underrated even thought it was critically acclaimed, sorta like Wordsworth’s “Mirror Music”.

  • Triso Boothe

    My Favorite Song on the Album Skyzoo Album was one of the Best albums of 2009

  • Less kush and/or OJ; more of this. Skyzoo is without equal.

  • charliethegreat

    Skyzoo’s album is the only album that remained in my playlist since its release date… Consistent all way long.
    Sky could very well be the first draft pick of the new generation of rappers.