The xx – Islands (Video)

blame it on Meka April 21, 2010

My shorty put me on to their stuff a while ago, and it’s slowly growing on me. The indie rock band’s self-titled album is in stores now.

  • Licks

    You late man , them lot are big in the UK. Nice video still. Also check for Voodoo Dolls with Ny girl Mckenzie eddy.. Big tings

  • Damn

    The xx are the shit. They’re really good live

  • Hotnikelz Tha Don

    so your shorty is a white bitch then?

  • Damn

    Because some likes indie rock, they must be white?

    Nice job showing you’re completely ignorant

  • Damn


  • dubcyde

    Never thought this’d be posted on here! xx are the shit people.

  • b

    Hotnikelz = fail!

  • AD

    Dope video..

  • The XX are really good, surprised to see it on this site tho… but then again, ya’ll post some wack shit sometimes (lil wayne, beyonce, lady gaga)

    Just sayin. hahahah, i visit this site like 5 times a day so dont hate.

    Click the name!

  • xxxxxxxx

    like a year late on xx but great considering the appreciation of good music. go meka

  • see, this is new to me. i dig it. (IM LATE TOO DAMNIT.)

    i gotta say i had to start this shit over and replay it from the beginning while looking at something else because this video will make you dizzy otherwise. good song though.

  • dubcyde

    @xxxxxxxx does it matter? The band have just being getting attention roughly a year, and too right. It’s about time people on here quit dick riding royce, crooked, lupe, b.o.b., jay elec and eminem and get on some new shit.

  • described the xx the same way to my boy recently (‘prolly your girl’s favorite band’).

    have you peeped the biggie/xx mash up yet? have not dl’d it yet, but i’ve listened all the way thru a few times at work. not a fan of mash ups in general, but every once in awhile this finds a little pocket and goes hard!

  • TOKS


  • dubcyde

    hipster? smh. whats an uffie?

  • Unxpekted

    I fucking love this song man. A bit old now, but i had not seen the video. When I take my drives from Richmond to DC and im feeling frustrated a zig zag cigar wrap and this shit calms me down.


  • grap

    why dont you post more indie rock shit?

  • Ay yo, this site is impressing me more and more. Convinces me I have good taste in music lol.

  • muzikxl

    good shit… I’ll definitely check them out…

  • If you haven’t already peep The Notorious XX mixed by Wait What: https://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=THE0ek9zckl1YlB2Wmc9PQ

  • ClintS

    awesome video

  • i definitely fuck with the xx.
    and what’s up to Unexpekted. richmond’s where it’s at, two up two down.

  • GR

    The xx! Yea, mad love. Late but s’all good recognition

  • ev

    i like how hiphop blogs like to pretend they are all so cool by posting indie pop and indie rock stuff. posting mgmt, vampire weekend and lykke li makes me laugh as non-hiphop sites have known about them for ages. kudos on posting the xx tho…it’s late but not that late.

    then again, those indie blogs make me laugh too, how they post b.o.b songs from years ago now that he is blowing up in the mainstream.

  • yaboi

    this probably sounds better wearing really tight jeans with a deep v-neck,oh well *kanye shrugs*

  • giovanni

    i must admit this song is dope
    yeah im a indie hipster big deal
    hipster music is better than alot of this bullshit you guys call music and worship these artist like get the fuck outta here

  • luke

    i like the xx! VCR is also great

  • Lorenzo_Miguel

    ^^^ VCR = Fuckin Amazing