• AL-I

    looks like i'm the only one checkin for this whilst everyones probably replying in some Game thread, anyways props for posting this up, don't know who BURNTmd is but thats a dope line-up on the Let's Get Ill joint

  • Bill Clinton

    the second song is dope.

  • haithere

    cover is a rip off of ice cube's lethal injection

  • cursedvixen

    ice cube lol get the fuck outta here lol

    these joints are original as fuck

    ur stupid
    dopeboyz got that dose

  • DJ JLB


  • DJ JLB

    props to the shake for postin this and props to my dude Burnt for gettin your music out there!

  • AL-I

    after listenin to it i'm really feelin Stand Back, isn't that the Batman Returns sample?

  • Nerd

    BVT in the dopehouse!!!!

  • Mister C

    BURLINGTON, VERMONT!!!! If you don't know, now you know...

  • BVT

    Whole CD is ILL... out of the two above stand back is dope. The song with akrobatik is my favorite. BVT stand up!!!!!