Murda Mook - Countdown to Murda (Mixtape)

After a few leaks, Murda Mook teams up with Superstar Jay to drop off his latest mixtape.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Murda Mook - Countdown to Murda

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  • Snagz


    Can't stand these Smack DVD rappers..smh

  • Pssssst

    someone remove this dusty bum niggas post. wheres max b?


    ^^^ these "smack DVD rappers" will eat up most these niggas u hear on the radio now....BET DAT!! if u not a fan of wordplay u wont like these "smack dvd rappers"

  • Pssssst

    the only smack dvd rapper worth even acknowledging is un kasa. wheres max b?

  • HiHaters

    hate already..listen first
    judge after.

  • that's a pretty long pump.. like what's the point of a pistolgrip shottie that's THAT long... 18in barrel or go home.

  • word

    theres a cop behind him, he should hide that gun and make sure he has the papers for his rented lambo.

    forreal tho, is the 'i got guns, and lambo, and fuck the police' still the shit we on?

  • ^ Yes.

  • smh

    lame ass cover

  • Tron

    track 18 produced by Mase, as in "In a 600 ain't no smokin' cigada" Murda Mase?

  • Lil B's big brother

  • black

    too bad he doesnt own any of that shyt including the gun and the briefcase


Freeway - "Primates"

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The LOX - "Feel My Pain" f. Rick Ross

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