Slakah the BeatChild - Enjoy Ya Self v2 f. Drake (Video)


Ever since I first heard this song last year, it's gotten heavy rotation on my iPod. Glad to see it finally got some visuals. Look out for Slakah's new single coming very soon.

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  • Shashwat


  • holla if ya swalla

    good lookin out shake!

  • M. Hannah

    Yeah, this is definitely a nice, smooth track for the summer. I heard it last year around this time and threw a freestyle over it for the mixtape I dropped last year.

    It's always good to hear Drake verses from like 2006 and 2007. This seems heavily influenced by Common. Looking forward to Slakah's new joints. Though unlikely, it would be great if him and Drake would hook up again in the future, because their collabs in the past (Deceiving, Bad Meaning Good, Thrill Is Gone, Make Things Right, Enjoy Yourself, etc) are classic joints to me.

  • JWillZ

    Dopest slideshow I ever saw.

  • Young Dub

    Drake too big time to be in Slakah's video now??? lol

  • robertTHEallen

    damn, last time i heard dudes name was when i downloaded room for improvemnet when it first dropped.

  • Ayo


  • Brando

    Way to milk a track from Room From Improvement, back when Drake used to vibe heavily from Phonte & Common like M. Hannah alluded to in his post.

    You hear it all in his flow for the majority of his first two mixtapes - before he found his own voice and came up with the damn Yoda flow.

  • chris_martian

    YESTERday i donwload this mixtape, one of the best things i download in a few weeks,and this is from 09


  • Teddy

    Yo this is the Drake we know and love. I hope he shows this side on his album. He dont even have to put it out as a single. A joint like this on hisalbum would be great, I would be satisfied.

  • madConsumer

    I agree with these people. I think drake would have been a more credible emcee if he stuck to working with acts such as elzhi, little brother, and slakah.
    the moral of the story is to stay away from young money...they turn your brain to shit

  • Bangout

    Will the real Drake please stand up

    The cat is out of the bag.

    Drake has a ghost writer

    Last name: Ever First name: Fakest


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