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Slang Editorial: What Do Drake & Shyne Have In Common?

blame it on Meka April 22, 2010

In today’s post over at XXL, I talk about the similarities between Aubrey and Moses. Check it out.

READ: Slang Editorial: What Do Drake & Shyne Have In Common?

  • wow meka,surprised to see u in a (half) picture

  • Antoine Medina

    *Begin Rant*
    How about all those people who rap for the passion and the love of the music and NOT just to make a buck.. I find listening, writing and thinking of music as therapeutic. Who are you to tell up and coming/aspiring artists to quit rapping because that’s just plain ignorant. Not every rapper wants to become large or famous. They just enjoy others taking pleasure in what they have created.
    *End Rant*

    • >Not every rapper wants to become large or famous. They just enjoy others taking pleasure in what they have created.>

      really? you seriously expect me to believe that?

  • Steve

    They both suck ass compared to what they used to be.

  • Dfrye

    They are both ass?

  • NoneSonnin

    Garbage ass blog. XXL fell the fuck off. Hope they aren’t paying you for that wack shit.

  • PhantomOfTheDopehouse

    co-sign @Antoine Medina, but there are a lot of emcees rapping just because they think it’s cool or they see someone else doing it. I mean u aren’t getting all the emails Shake & Meka are getting, which I’m sure is 10s of thousands. Probably all of them saying the same thing, I’m emcee NOBODY & I’m going to be the next to blow up BLAH BLAH BLAH & those same aspiring acts u talk about aren’t even know in their city. I agree with MEKA to an extent, if you haven’t did a show or I can ask around your city & nobody has even heard of you, your not gonna be the next Jay-z, Drake, or whoever… GET A JOB!

  • G Dub

    First of I understand what you are saying as a whole but I’m going to have to disagree with you on the Drake comparison.

    Besides the fact that “Best I Ever Had” was his second solo video, and was part of the biggest tour 2009, Drake has proven his self as a viable commodity. How many other artist are you seeing in commercials? (very few) How many rappers do you know can give a way a cd, then re-package it and in turn sell it, and out sell 50 Cent? Not that many..

  • PhantomOfTheDopehouse

    @G-Dub true, but what has Drake done since then? His buzz to me is decreasing & once “Thank Me Later” drops it’s either put up or shut up… I compare the anticipation of his album to that of “Kush & OJ” which to many was a major bust… I hope Drake’s album lives up to the hype

  • 11111
  • Steve

    really? you seriously expect me to believe that?

    Damn, Meka, has the current state of the industry led you to believe that every rapper is out there doing it for a buck or to become famous?

  • Very well written. A lot of people are misconstruing the comparison I think. You’re trying to say that regardless of one’s success in this pass/fail rap game people will still be inspired due to the fact that you can have a buzz as large as Drizzy or a buzzy ass voice like lack-luster Po… Right?

    Shredded wheat kneecaps are no good..

  • “Oh hai Lil Twist.”
    hahaha. funny shit.

  • PhantomOfTheDopehouse

    @Meka I don’t think every rapper is in it for the money, but they consciously have to know that in order to live they have to have a steady income & know every emcee that emails you can’t be terrible, because honestly sometimes the Dopeboyz post some garbage acts, example: Sam Adams. I believe in some way you should incorporate an upcoming acts or new talent post into your blog. Could be big…

  • Big_E

    lol at the dude in the XXL comments calling Meka a hipster…

  • Steve

    Also, the formula for being a success in 2010 is simple:
    1) Get noticed by someone, doesn’t have to be big, but someone important…either that or have connections
    2) Make a song about/appealing to women. However, you should already have this because this is pretty much a pre-requisite for step number 1.
    3) ???
    4) Profit

  • London

    Antoine Medina @ have to cosign
    dunno wat email shake n meka gets they are most likely to get alot of contact from ppl who do wanna get rich n famous off this. but not every person who picks up the cello/violin wants be come the next ennio morricone,not evey kid who plays on the bball team wants to be like mike, and not all ppl who choose to rap/make beats wanna be the next dr dre.

    “shredded wheat kneecaps” loooooooooooool *cries*

    btw Meka are u gonna b writing everyday? cos i can see overkill coming.

  • Coco Cordero

    Come on people, 80% of rappers do it for the money. Lets be real.

  • That shit was on point.

  • help1

    You said at least one of them will fail. Grow a pair and take a stance. Any idiot blogger can say that Shyne will fail, but it takes some premonition to say Drake will fail.

    On the note of Drake failing, him pushing his album back to June 15th will prevent him from blowing up as big as he could have. People are starting to turn on him, demonstrating that he is past the peak of the success he rode from his mixtape and young money joints. IF he released his album a little earlier, people would have eaten it up even if it wasn’t that good. Now that the rose-tinted sunglasses are being lifted from peoples eyes, people are expecting a lot more from his album, and from what I have heard so far, it doesn’t seem like he is delivering anything exceptionally revolutionary from his previous songs on this new album (which also happens to be the main criticism that people have against his music).

    Which brings me back to my main point. Will Drake fail? No. Not at all. He has the backing of Lil Wayne, who despite being an idiot, has a ton of idiot fans. He also has the support of all women interested in listening to rap. He will have 2-3 okay/good albums which will grossly outsell quality albums like BoB’s, and then fade into a acting career.

  • Plus, The internet has also played an ENORMOUS role in any & everybody thinkin’ they can rhyme!

  • shane

    Guess I wont ever send music to you guys knowing it will end up in the trash. Honestly I have been recently making music with a friend just makin beats, using instrumentals, and just kicking writing raps, freestyling and recording, and man we are having fucking fun. We might release something eventually and if Meka and/or a lot of people dont like it fuck it, its fun.

  • dubcyde

    I LOLd so bad at that “shredded wheat kneecaps” remark, so funny.

  • Steve

    Come on people, 80% of rappers do it for the money. Lets be real.

    80 =/= 100

  • LV

    This nigga Mek had me crying while I was reading this lmfao!! And the funniest part is that all of this is so damn true!!

  • Teddy

    I agree with Meka 100%. Drake needs to open up more lyrical boundaries. Open up more topics and stop spitting one flow. On Comeback Seasons he had more than one flow he could spit on multiple beats. Now Drake has been only been spittin on one beat. Its formula for disaster. He needs to get away from Young Money. Luckly unlike most on Young Money he has that option.

    As for Shyne. Im actualy liking what he’s doing. In the booth and he is training himself. I know these arent official tracks for an album. He needs to get used to society and train himself lyrically to get back in lyrical shape. I like that he is trying more up to date beats. I like that he is trying different subjects other than hood shit. I think he should continue putting out unofficial tracks and keep training himself and getting himself back in shape.

    As for up and comers. I agree. Most of you just have to quite. you cant rely on Rap. Most of you are going to have to either go to college or get a job cause most cats dont make it. Most dont even make it underground. Its great doing it for fun and for the love but if your doing it mostly for money, the odds are against you. If your doing it for the love you should still go to college or get a job cause the odds of getting more fans and what not is also against you. And this isnt just Hip-Hop its music in general.

    You have too many dudes who drop out of school or waste their life away on dream that never came true. You have to keep your options open. Or else you’ll just be another dude who never made it with no career options. And the worst place to be is a where you have no real career options.

  • amen brother. amen

  • I rap for fun and because the majority of the feedback I get is positive,,,I don’t got a passion for it tho and could careless if it gets me anywhere,,not every rapper is from the “hood”/projects nd feels the need to use rap to make it out of their situation, some our educated and would be fine with pursuin a career and gettin a 9 to 5 job

  • A “Psssssst” Stan fka Answer Me!

    daps @Teddy

  • A “Psssssst” Stan fka Answer Me!

    “I rap for fun and because the majority of the feedback I get is positive”

    Seriously? Do you really believe that?

    A well-wisher!

  • All too true. Stay in school kids.

  • Bill Clinton

    Meka so does that mean ur that bitch u were talking about in the previous article?

  • shyne needs to listen music of this whole 10 years ,nobody thinks about this fact,shyne didn’t live the revolution of t-pain and more things like u ,and u ,and he,and she ,and me. and drake…go without young money..simpl

  • PhantomOfTheDopehouse

    I mean let’s face it, today music & being famous in general is all about WHO YOU KNOW… half of it has nothing to do with talent…

  • G Dub

    @PhantomOfTheDopehouse the mixtape was just out last year. Yes, not only does Thank Me Later have to sell over a mil, it has to an overall dope album or its going to be a major disappointment. I think the machine thats behind him, won’t let the project fail. As long as the music is dope Drake will be considered a sucess. SN: from what i’m hearing from Shyne lately he needs to stop all together. Never was really a fan, but his first joint had a few cuts I liked.

  • NasLost

    What do they have in common? They won’t sell, lack charisma. Not even average on the lyrical front. They don’t have their “own” sound. Drake straight jacked his flow from other dudes. Basically copy and pasted that shit from various other rappers out there. Shyne is better off not being involved in the world of music. Dude will NEVER be good. He was never good to begin with. Straight jacked Bigs flow when he first came out. Both lack originality.

  • LOL

    Chino says:

    XXL fell the fuck off. You just lost one loyal reader by putting this tight jean wearing clown on the site.

  • Pssssst

    can the nigga that takes paypalola please shut the fuck up. if it wasnt for all these corny niggas trying to be rapper you would have nothing but tumbleweeds rolling thru up in this bitch. wheres max b?

  • @Psst….you’d b suprised young fella,,,i don’t kno how u could “well-wish” or make-believe positive feedback either but watever it is wat it is

  • Marseille

    I stopped reading after you said ” like Drake and Shyne to multi-million dollar deals, despite the fact they truly haven’t proven themselves as a viable commodity.” Because clearly you’ve forgotten about So Far Gone and how “Best I ever had” was a number one single.

  • Damn

    “Chino says:

    XXL fell the fuck off. You just lost one loyal reader by putting this tight jean wearing clown on the site.”

    Fuckin’ second this.
    Some good ass fuckin arab writing blogs about rap

  • Damn


  • NasLost

    Lot of Drake/Shyne stans in here with false hope for their heroes. Dreams of their favorite rapper becoming viable and shit. Won’t happen.

  • there both jewish

  • read my comment not my name

    they both fuckin suck and need to retire before they end up performin at local birthday parties for 10 year olds

  • shane

    rapping for a hobby right now and going to production school after this summer, well see what happens.

  • S.d.b.

    2dopeboyz officially a hater site :)
    get ya own money n stop hatin on the niggas who got it bitch niggas

  • loser202

    10 years later….meka stil bitchin…..drake with selling his 6 platinum album….fuck meka name it 1dopeboy and let shake do his thing

  • Cashmare

    Meka keeps dropping garbage editorials and XXL pays him for it. Only in America…

  • terrible entry you’ve own