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ArtOfficial – The Payback (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake April 23, 2010

ArtOfficial – Grand Design

After numerous Jam Sessions and a few choice leaks, the Miami based group finally release their free project. Featuring QuESt, Wrekonize, K. Sparks and more.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: ArtOfficial – The Payback [via DJBooth]

  • solking91


  • thanks to 2dopeboyz for the love!

  • dwayne

    can you put this on usershare or megaupload I can go on the other site

  • OnTheRun

    been waiting on this for a while! more people gotta open their minds and check this out. they remind me of the Roots how they’re a hip-hop band

  • MMjam
  • JL

    This is dope
    the Don’t sweat the Technique cover is sick and so is the rest

  • JL

    oh and theyre less like the roots and more like Heiruspecs with a little jazzier sound

  • Glad to see Quest on the tape, dude never disapoints.

  • bucknasty

    dope! one of my favorite jazz hop bands, and it’s free? i’m liking it.

  • Been waiting for this for a looong time, artofficial is definitely one of the greatest bands

  • WestCoastin420

    These guys are so dope, people are sleepin

  • fresh

    jesus christ this is OFF THE CHAIN PEOPLE. WAKE UP!

  • mikep

    first time listin to em, they dope as fuck!!!!

  • boombap

    oh wow….
    this is serious shit right here.
    where in the hell did these guys come from?!?!?!?

  • OGEazy

    This is smooth I like it.

  • is this just rhymin over a bunch of industry beats…? What is this project? I’m not really tryna waiste disk space for that but if its something other than that i’ll spin it a few times…

  • MMjam

    Look at the track listing. They’re a hiphop band, so they replayed all the songs from scratch…plus it has some original tracks

  • Doping

    Then you shouldn’t be listening in the first place, you lazy mothafucka.

  • @boombap
    They are from miami man, they are sick. They kind of remind me of a jazzer version of fort minor. :D

  • rizzle

    yo wuts up … people just wonderin who’s the better producer? sledro from khalifa and co or t-mos from k sparks’ party?

  • yaboy

    This shit is so fire. Love the jazz feel with tight flow rolling over it all.

  • dev


  • monroe

    @Rizzle id say T-Mos, sledgrens beats sound good but the difficulty level is very low. any average joe who buys a beat making program can make stuff that sounds like sledro

  • Just wanna say. Thanks to all the peeps that check this out. Mad love

    Danny perez
    Artoffici crew

  • fresh

    we got the artofficial crew up in HERRRREEE!

  • bean

    we got the artofficial crew up in HERRRREEE!

  • caro

    WOOOOOOOOOO! go artofficial
    It hasnt left my car’s CD player

  • ArtOfficial yall gonna take over the hiphop game!!!

  • ursulina

    @bLEH …. seriously….