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B.o.B – Not Lost f. T.I. (prod. J.R. Rotem)

blame it on Shake April 23, 2010

With The Adventures of Bobby Ray release a weekend away (April 27th), I figured I’d let loose of this little gem that will not be featured on the disc. The internet has been buzzing for this as a Ustream rip has been floating around, but you know how WE do it right? Also, speaking of T.I… hit the jump for the second teaser clip of his upcoming video.

DOWNLOAD: B.o.B – Not Lost f. T.I. (prod. J.R. Rotem) | Mediafire


  • TOKS

    Nice nice



  • StatisticZ

    Idk why but this song reminds me a hell of a lot of Archie Eversoles – Keep Winning..


  • I guess he didn’t want two jacked melodies on his album

  • i’m sure you did get the record on your own but somoone posted this 2 hours ago. good lookin’ tho!

  • TOKS


    THE INSPERATION? Lol somebody give me a heads up because to me this is a STRAIGHT RIPOFF

  • ck47


  • pro-file

    this album might be about sumtn..

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  • TE

    not very original, ripping of a song that came out under a year ago… hi snew album has some good tracks on though, its too short though.

  • Mo

    It’s lost by coldplay smarty pants

  • guest

    hey shake, is an album cut of yesterday officially a bonus song? This song seems to be MIA

  • fft

    went and saw B.O.B and Lupe last night at ETSU they tore the stage up. It was crazy.

  • OnTheRun

    wow, i saw people saying it samples Coldplay’s Lost and was curious of how this would come out, but i like it, BoB’s first verse is nicer than most of his verses on the album

  • j

    yeah its coldplay but Jay-Z already smacked this track a long time ago though

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    This is a dope track, Coldplay are a real good band. Can’t go wrong if you follow one of their melodies.

  • Snagz

    No comment.

  • 1

    dope track
    anyway its jr thats samplin coldplay not b.o.b

  • thanks for this get my morning jump started -be easy-
    – intelligentRebelLion.org

  • Bill Clinton

    [email protected] yea kinda reminds me of the melody of “if i were a boy” and a whole bunch of other songs but then again they say most songs used simialr 4 chords.

    this song is nice n positive. but kinda feel like ive heard it before (not literally)

  • kazzo

    it samples so hard it sounds more like a mixtape jawn
    + jay z hit this shit on lost+ ages ago

  • bradsterb15

    does anyone have that bonus track “yesterday” or “don’t wake me up(can i fly”?

  • they spelled premiere wrong. lol

  • bradsterb15

    nevermind i got dont wake me up i just need yesterday now

  • Ripp290

    Does anybody have a link to Don’t wake me up? Props in advance

  • b_lett

    Here’s “Don’t Wake Me Up” on youtube. It’s actually the bonus song “Can I Fly” that comes with a pre-ordered CD.


  • Ripp290

    Thanks for the Youtube link. Atleast its something.

  • T.I. Bodied that shit.

  • MithritadesHD

    Anybody d/l the adventures of bobby ray yet?

  • Ripp290

    Props to both of Y’all. Thanks again

  • guest

    this song sucks

  • @MithritadesHD…yea i just listened to the album,,im impressed give it a 8 out of 10 only cuz the lyrics are kinda average at times but hes not tryin to be lyrical, kinda like Wiz Khalifa just straight up makes good songs

  • Musikfiend

    “yeah its coldplay but Jay-Z already smacked this track a long time ago though”


    Joe Budden’s Sidetracked>>>>>>

    This version is ill though.

  • Libby

    Damn…. Love this single. Thanks

  • Dreano

    i NEED “Yesterday”…. WTFFF

  • Ripp290

    Youtube link to Yesterday

  • Ripp290
  • Ripp290
  • This shit is about as unoriginal and corny as his album. Only song worth keeping is Past My Shades, everything else you might as well drop directly in the trash bin.

  • Dreano

    @Ripp290 thanks but that’s just the live version..

  • average and i’m glad it didnt make the album

  • lm_wfc

    fucking sick

  • — LISTENED to the whole album 2 days ago ,
    The only jamming song i will listen to in a month or so is the eminem song

    THE REST OF THE SONGS ARE PURE GARBAGE< and so it BOB , (over rated as in kid cudi and drake levels )

    He sounds like a chip munk his lyrics never take u anywhere nothing is RAW , the last 2 -3 days has been nothing but pure crap on the hip hop level


  • fenell

    haha wen i first heard the piano, i thought of “lost” ft Jay..witch is one of my fav songs

  • omfgbewbz

    Shite. B.o.B. has blown my mind with his upbeat stuff, which usually has substance (to an extent) and i really dig airplanes but THIS? its shit. I cant get behind this, thankfully it wont be on his album tho.



  • J Kelly

    “will not be featured on the disc.”

    How many people are actually still buying “discs”?

  • nappyjim

    SMH at how much close minded “rap” fans are still out there. I put it in quotes because you really aren’t a rap fan. You only like one type of rap and don’t give this “upbeat” rap a chance. Guess BoB should be talking about trappin and cappin, right?

    Ya’ll are the reason rap has been in state it has been for the past half decade. Supporting all these shit artists just perpetuating a stereotype, rapping about topics they only have had wet dreams about, while ignoring the ones who are trying to come with something fresh and move us forward.

  • MJD

    Get off your soapbox, music is subjective. People like what they like, so people make the music they want.

  • guest

    why is this put back at the top this song is garbage

  • Stiz

    Talked to B. Rich at a B.o.B show last May and he mentioned this track. Said it’d be B.o.B’s first single. Looks like that changed when the Nothin On You garbage took off.

  • @nappyjim

    You’re a dumb ass, just because someone doesn’t like B.o.B. (like me) doesn’t mean they only wanna hear trap music. B.o.b isn’t even that original, Cee-Lo and 3 Stacks have already done what he’s doing, and they did it a whole lot better.

  • I guess niggas still posin as my name frontin like they’re me sayin dumb shit,,Im flattered

  • ^^^^^^^^
    Get some braces and fix that gap in your front teeth. Rick Ross could walk through there with no problem

  • I see the haters are in full effect.

    I personally have been bumping the album all week and it’s incredibly incredible.

    Hate on it and miss out on a good life experience if you want. Everybody always seems to wanna knock down something positive. SMH at dude talking about if rap keeps going “this” way, we’ll need an Easy Listening Rap Station. If you’re a rapper still talking about some 2002 50 Cent type garbage, you should have Heath Ledgered yourself hours ago. This IS where hip-hop is headed to…REAL MUSIC. Universal, timeless-attempted joints.

    That’s all I have to say about it…

  • who cares

    both links don’t work

  • b_lett

    I’ve listened to every song on the album, and every bonus track, and I’m going to say, it’s not the album I wanted, but it’s the tracks I wanted. I don’t understand the 12 song album bullshit, when he has like 6-7 bonus songs which are all fire, and like 5 more old mixtape songs that didn’t make the cut that are also fire. B.o.B’s album should’ve been an 18 track wonder. Besides that, I love every song on the album, with the exception to Fame and Bet I Bust. How are you going to say B.o.B is boring lyrically? He might not be fitting 4-syllable words throughout each line, but the substance is there. He’s rapping about stuff relevant to the majority of each of us. We all can relate to feeling down, feeling like a ghost, needing a wish. We can’t all relate to pushing cocaine traffic and shooting pistols. And I don’t see anything wrong about rapping about drugs, just rap about the effects on your life, not the money you’re raking in by selling grams upon grams.

  • B1RdM4N5150

    holy shit this talks to me. My name is JR (and i know JR Rotem says that at the beginning of every songs but still…) I went through some shit exactly a year ago today. Thought i was gunna be locked up for years but God man… God saved me life. literally. I was the shit in my crew. we ran my streets and when shit went down they left me out to dry. fuck em. ive moved on cuz of it and hey i got into college and doing grown man shit and im about to show them all in front of they face that they cant get rid of me. i mean i got people out there that want me dead, real shit. they jealous cuz i had the connects from in and out of state. pussy ass bitches though. but now that im clear headed and realize whats real, now that i step back from it all, i grew up and graduated to a better life and can say im a better man. haha anyways. this a GREAT!!!!!!!!! song and it spoke me straight up

  • ^^^^^^^^^^
    Thanks for the life story. Nobody cares.

  • B1RdM4N5150

    actually its English 104 dumbass. and i see you little bitches. watch me get a degree and make money like no other. what are you doing with your life? oh thats right. shut the fuck up. anyways again GREAT fucking song!!!!!!!!!

  • ^^^^^^^
    Did the song really “speak you straight up”? Oh and “God saved me life” also.

  • B1RdM4N5150

    okay its 3 in the morning fucker. and you wanna know my grade in English? B+ that’s an 89. get off my dick ya dumbass. and what are you doing with your life? seems like you didn’t answer the question? so that means nothing right?

  • silence

    sharkbreath said:

    comment win. its pop rap and underground rap right now. And some of these undergrounder seem pretty quick to go pop.

  • If you’re still up in arms about hip hop going “pop”, you should cliff dive with no parachute. There’s nothing wrong with popular music. I only find it a problem if an artist sells out to obtain that mainstream success, and if you haven’t been paying attention, B.o.B’s is one of the most sincere and DIFFERENT type of artists out there right now.

    So I’m not understanding the hatred.

    Why WOULDN’T you want hip-hop to continue getting worldwide recognition and dominating the charts?

    All you underground enthusiasts and hip-hop purists need to take them “I wanna stay the same forever” mindsets somewhere else.

  • kal


  • Shake’s Mommy is the only 1 that hated he’s just posting as multiple names this whole time

  • Eric W.

    How you gonna hate on B.o.B about being commercial? I guess you’ve only heard nothin’ on you cause a lot of his other shit is real talk. “Hip Hop ain’t dead”, “Do you have the stamina”, “Down for y’all”, “Fuck the money”, Etc. Don’t you see it? B.o.B, J.Cole, Wale, Asher Roth, Lupe, & many other lyrically new rappers are bringing meaning back into the game. Bet, in 10 years NO ONE will remember Wacka Flacka, But J.Cole, B.o.B etc, will be remembered as the one’s who brought back Hip Hop.

  • I’m sure I’ll hear this on the album, so im not even going to listen to it here…not beacause I don’t like B.o.B, but because I can’t STAND J.R. Rotem’s stale ass Scott Storch rips man! LMAO no shade though, from the comments, I could tell its prolly a dope song.

  • @Jonnie

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I haven’t been posting as multiple names, I’ve posted multiple times though. You go to the orthodontist yet?

  • tkends

    dope shit

  • @Shake’s Mommy…y r u so concerned bout my teeth? ur da only person 2 ever say that i have a gap, congratulations,,the Rick Ross comment was corny if it was dat noticeable I’d hear bout it all da time but apparently that’s stuff u pay attention to, guess your into men with straight pearly whites, that’s pretty feminine buddy but watever gets you off

  • LukeIamYour….

    “guess your into men with straight pearly whites” <<Haha.

    the songs ok..just abit generic.

  • justinc

    for everyone that saying this is trash.. bob probably thinks that this wasn’t the best shit he could put out so thats why its not on the album

    adventures of bobby ray=dope

  • kingstar

    are those 3 bonus tracks iTunes exclusives or where can I get them? They’re not on the main CD… :-/

    I need yesterday and higher. They’re promising.

  • John

    shakes mommy, really feel the need to start shit with everyone? why not just drop it and be the bigger person?

  • crack

    since when is bobby ray an r&b artist apparently?

  • jc

    new links?

  • TY, great job! Exactly what I needed to get.

  • Thanks for the helpful info! I would never have found this by myself!

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