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PackFM – Nasty (prod. Domingo)

blame it on Shake April 23, 2010

Lead single off PackFM’s upcoming album, I F*cking Hate Rappers, which drops digitally on May 25th (with physical copies shipping out on June 15).

DOWNLOAD: PackFM – Nasty (prod. Domingo) | Mediafire

Do yourself a favor and pre-order now.

  • Sick art.

  • Goose

    that deluxe edition of the pre-order looks fucking aweseom!

  • Art and production are dope.

    FM is on point as well…proper track.

  • qwan

    same sample as that Fat Joe jawn off elephant in the room. Premo flipped the sample better tho (obviously)

  • Bill Clinton

    crazy beat n cover art.

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    I pre-ordered the Rage Edition the moment it was up. Dope shit.

  • el hombre


  • skeme

    DOPENESS..def gonna cop this

    the “nasty” sample is dope

  • Mars_is_Ded

    yo what is the the running trend of people blowing out their brains on the first page of 2dope? scroll down you see game, lil wayne, and mia.

  • sam sneako

    FM FTW . shit knocks like a mofffucka. coppin dat Rage Edition.


    ayo his art direction has been great..

  • AL-I

    i’m ordering the Rage Edition just for the shirt, gonna give this a listen now

  • Goose

    this is one of the best flows ive heard in a while. i cant wait for this album to come out.

  • random axe

    not impressed

  • sam sneako

    ^^^^ rapper.

  • markaveli

    premo did flip it better….but this is still siiiiiick and verses much better than fatboy joe…………….

  • el hombre

    primo barely used the sample. this is a better song overall. i just ordered that deluxe edition. props to the QN5 camp!

  • random axe

    no im not a rapper, just not a fan of his whole act, the whole i hate rappers thing is a gimmick and i dont think he is that good of a rapper, the beat was alright but kinda annoying. if you like him go ahead and bump his music. ill pass

  • sam sneako

    ^^^ how is it a gimmick? what exactly did he say or do that screams “gimmick”? As far as I can tell he’s had great points in his rhymes and makes solid ass music.

  • TM

    (2)Dope (wish it was longer though….)

  • random axe

    @sam theres a song on B.I.G.’s Life After Death, and on the track features the mad rapper and packfm reminds of the mad rapper, more focused on his hate of rappers than actually advancing the music. if you dont understand what i mean than lets agree to disagree but to me his music its just average and i will pass and i hope he drops this i hate rappers “gimmick” and just focus on music.

  • Goose


    have you ever heard dude’s music before? go and listen to whatdoesFMstand4?.

    i fucking hate rappers is the concept of his album, of course he’s going to come off as bitter or whatever, but thats not his whole steez.

  • el hombre

    does he HAVE to like rappers? maybe he really fucking hates em

  • yessir

    Yeah goose’s argument holds way more validity than random and anyone else criticizing dude for being a gimmik, simply for the fact that goose’s argument has evidence. Listen to his old ish. Being part of QN5 and ‘not advancing the game’ is an oxymoron. This concept project is just honest music after that ‘progressive honest’ music he was making before was slept on while Souljah Boy was the cool kid in town.

  • sam sneako

    @random axe

    i could understand your point more if you had more familiarity with pack’s music. his whutduzFMstand4? album was one of the best of 2006 and had mad concepts and dope production not much battle shit. i would definitely listen to his music before lunging out of the blue and doing a blanket critique of a record that isnt even out yet just because you dont like the title.

  • random axe

    @ sam yea you are right maybe i should dig deeper into his previous work but listen kick in the door and tell me that theres not some similarities between the mad rapper and the pack fm hating rappers act. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNwvHEme_JE …. also i really didnt like a interview he did with hiphopdx he came off as a dick, like damn why are you even a rapper.

    also i think its a larger point im trying to make. that I can’t stand the whole hip hop is dead talk and hating on other rappers just cuz they do different hip hop. theres alot of great hip hop being made on the mainstream level and on the underground level. no he doesnt have to like rappers but it goes to a point i heard kanye make one time. he said that he wouldnt ever say publicly who sucks cuz he wouldnt want to take away food from whomever table or money from whomever wallet. also im not really a fan of his flow, thats just my opinion. if you like him than by all means enjoy. ill say it one more time i’ll pass on packfm.

  • robertTHEallen

    that cover art was incredible

  • Kno

    “I can’t stand the whole hip hop is dead talk.”

    I think you have more in common with Pack’s approach than you think.

    Dope ass song, I’ve had it stuck in my brain for a year — and no, Primo didn’t “flip it better” as this is a perfect example of letting a sample breath. You don’t always have to obliterate the sample simply for the sake of “chopping it” — even though I know hip-hop heads are simply impressed by the technicalities of it for some reason.

  • platano slim

    I’ve never heard packfm say “……” is wack. I’ve heard him call out plenty of rappers for bullshit. But I never seen him take the generic underground vs mainstream wack mcs approach. if u listen to what packfm says its always on point. however if u don’t like his music, that’s a different story, but I fucking hate rappers is no more of a gimmick than any other artists angle

  • squijee

    I pre-ordered the Rage Edition cant wait for this to drop

  • Thatdood

    I need to know if shorty loves me or not.

  • Thatdood

    And yo, Random Axe, there isn’t really that much great music either way. I’m not some “hater” as you all love to call people, but for real. Hip-hop is lacking these days. Let’s all dress the same, spit battle lyrics, and describe ourselves as “ill, sick, dope, fly”.

  • Thatdood

    Punchline Rap. Do you bring the “OHHHHH” factor?

  • Can’t wait.

  • oohla vegas

    his rhyme scheme is like Jay z’s “my 1rst song”

  • Enrique Ponce

    This beat is “NASTY”. Cover art is DOPE.

  • yupisaidit
  • yupisaidit

    that album art looks mighty similar to this dudes shirt. still the music is more refreshing than a lot of the junk on here.

  • YoungCosby

    It amazes me how people can knock some real emcee shit when there is SOOOOO much garbage out there right now. Be thankful that someone is staying true to the art instead of destroying it and taking it back to slavery.

  • nasty

    @yupisaidit – it’s all jacks from garbage pail kids, cards in the 80s that kids collected