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Rich Hil – Limosa Nostra v.1 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake April 23, 2010

After a pretty fresh track with the Gym Class Heroes front man, Rich Hil lets loose of his latest mixtape. I’m still undecided on my overall thoughts on the kid, so I’ll ask the dopeboyz/girlz what they think? Hit the c-section with your thoughts.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01. Right Or Wrong ft. Tatu
02. The Most Beautiful Song
03. Hollywood Freestyle Ft. Boo Bonic
04. I Can’t Stay Longer
05. Pushing Colors (prod. by Delivery Boy) Ft. Nero
06. Let Me Breathe
07. When Im Crazy
08. Bad Ft Travie McCoy
09. Love Like Mine (prod. by avenue) w/ Boo Bonic
10. Midnight Request Line Ft. Less
11. Low and Behold
12. The Front Or The Weed
13. Maybe All Our Lows Are High

DOWNLOAD: Rich Hil – Limosa Nostra v.1 (Mixtape)

  • 1ssssssssssst …This Limo’s Movement Is Something SERIOUS That I’ve Been On For Quite AWHILE NOW, Hippies Unite…STL Stand Up TaylorGang Or DIE x Jets FOOL x Limos x Angry School Kids x Kids Of Leisure…LETZ GO ..!!!

  • w21r


  • w21r


  • haha pretty much, i think he’s a loser.

  • however, his song with cudi goes..

  • CannonsMcFly

    Wiggity-Wiggity-Wiggity WACK!

    (Kriss Kross Voice)

  • this budget > wale + cudi + xxl freshman class 09’s album budgets. wow.

    some songs are ok. gonna check it out.

  • Rocky

    He is very 50/50 with his songs. Every song you listen to – It either gonna suck or be great.

    Does it matter who he is as long as he is trying to make music It shouldn’t really matter.

  • “when you pay a dj/artist to host your mixtape or get on a song with you..it’s not a cosign”

    just something i heard today. like i said some of his songs are dope

  • jjones

    “He is very 50/50 with his songs. Every song you listen to – It either gonna suck or be great.”

    basically. he should just do the harmonizing shit he tryin to do because he really cant rap

  • jacob.

    i think he’s pretty dope most of the time.

  • i agree with jjones. i think that’s why him and cudi work well. similar. but cudi is at least ok at rapping.

  • byahbyah

    money begets money so naturally/especially when you get from dad-dy

  • neeKz23

    Tommy Hilfiger?

  • k-rino

    nero is on pushing colors, shake!

    and less is on midnight request line!

  • tbf

    he absolutely sucks. follows every single trend in the hopes of getting noticed. can’t rap. bet he does this because hip hop has been the latest fashion and he figured he’d “become a superstar” since he got his dad’s money, which is basically what you need to play this game nowadays. what I mean is, he’s a rich kid doing this out of boredom while trying to overcome his deepest “existential feelings”… kinda like what justin bieber is going to do when he grows up

  • I think Rich is dope in his own way but at the same time like someone said up above its kinda 50/50 with him…sometimes he comes up with some really dope concepts and dope lyrics but other times he just says some really simple, stupid shit so idk ill give this a listen though


  • tbf

    btw you’d think I’m a hater. I’m not, really. it’s just a good dose of sarcasm running in my veins

  • Rocky

    Listened to the whole thing.

    Not bad at all. Pretty good.

  • My_Pops_Son

    Dude is a poser to the extreme. Grew his hair out and got some tattoos and all of a sudden he’s got a whole new image and people are supposed to just give him a pass because he buys a couple dope features? No sir.

  • Rush

    I neva listenin to dis Rich hill, tryin to figure if hes worth checkin out…..any help??? (prolly gonna download anyway)

  • “Limos Were Cool In The 90s” was a dope tape except for Cannon’s drops every 5 seconds…Hil did his thing on that shit


  • Priest

    I like his part in Bad better than Mr.McCoys.

  • Priest

    Rush, for sure man, its free music. Give it a spin, if you dont like it then toss it.

  • Rush

    Yea u rite Priest, ima bout to check dis shit out.

  • NO! dude sucks

  • maybe if he was Ralph Laurens son, he would have talent

  • Antone

    “Pimp C, PA trill nigga…”

    just to be fair, i’ll give it a listen before i finish the line lol.

  • DK

    Didn’t like it at all what annoyed me the most was him trying to do that lazy/mumbling type voice like Lil Wayne does.

  • und.

    before i even knew he was tommy hilfiger’s son i thought he was wack. after knowing thats his son makes me think hes even more wack

  • LOL, i HATE Rappers. This kid is sick. you guys are too stupid to like him. Cause he’s not sum nigg rappin about his riches or cars u dont like it. Maybe if NEYO was on the hook u’d like it more??? Fags.

    SO what if he’s a rich kid. he makes dope music. Go listen to DJ KHALED u dick-riding faggits.

    ANd speaking of the Limo’s movement, why doesnt this site post BONIC’s new mixtape? SHIT IS SICK>>>but u dick licks wouldnt like that either.


  • hey DK, ur mother makes that same sound when my hairy cock is jammed down her throat u dick lick.

  • cptlFRESH

    took me longer to DL then it did to listen and delete

  • MDtheFuture

    He actually did a song with my artist Bobby Capri. The hook rich hil did on that was nothing mind blowing, actually it was done before. But check out this new track that Bobby Capri just laid down. What do y’all think?

  • MDtheFuture
  • shane

    didnt hate it

  • brandonG

    this kid is a poser. not feeling this and the song with Cudi should have been just Cudi not a hater just a guy with an opinion

  • JJ


  • jjones

    after listening to a few more of his songs. hes not that bad when he just doin the harmonizing(i will not call it singing). sounds pretty good over some dungeon family beats. i think its the kind of music u have to zone out too. just my opinion since i defiantly know this isn’t for everybody

  • dolla BILLZ

    this guy is a genius. so fresh u cant handle it.

  • LegendKiller

    this shit is dope as fuck. fuck a hater. only songs i didnt like were the 1s with Boobonic. his beat selection is always 100/100

  • LegendKiller

    favorite songs: Maybe all our lows, Low and Behold, Bad, Let me Breathe, The Most Beautiful song, When I’m crazy. How can you listen to any of these songs and say this kid isnt good.

  • EndoftheWeak

    Little birdy told me, that homie doesn’t write his own shit. Would just throw down stacks in the studio for him to write hiss shit. And the sad thing is, the guy barely “raps”….. oh well

  • dubbs

    ive actually been in the studio with rich as he records a few times. he deos indeed write his own shit mostly, most artists build a rhyme with thier homie here n there but for the most part its all him, but heres the kicker, i dont really like him as a rapper as much as a singer/ harmonizer & all that stuff is freestyle off the top… he does ill unwritten records & as a friend & a fan i hope he would go back towards that style, its where his true talent lays & he probably knows that. the other stuff is gimmicky. the singin stuff has longevity!

  • MelancholyGypsy!

    its a shame the instrumentals are so catchy and often well-produced, yet they are wasted on this talentless hippie-wannabe/ imitation cudi/ bum ass rapper. AND, he still cant rap.

  • earlzhammon

    WACKKKKKKKKKKKKK Meka is a bitch, take this shit down

  • chachi

    Man, I can’t believe some of you. Ignorant bullshit over and over again. Kid has talent. grow the fuck up

  • what’s crazy is the comments are half “it’s terrible” and half “it’s dope.” so the crowd is half hip hop head and half hippie lol.

    i wouldn’t call it talent. he does however has his own niche. some of his hooks are pretty dope, especially EPS. he just can’t rap. so i think if he were to exploit the singing he’d have a better chance at being accepted

  • Maya

    i tried to keep an open mind about this kid but after listening to a few tracks, it sounds to me like he buys dope beats and features… his voice is REALLY annoying and he doesn’t really have much to say

  • TeTo

    Cudi makes the track. Rich Hill kills it. He needs to quit music, and look for a real job.

  • crap


  • chachi


    I agree, I think his rapping abilities are definitely lacking but he does have the potential to make some legit tracks if he just lays down vocals. I think Limos Were Cool in the 90’s is worth a listen if anyone wants to get a real idea of what he’s about.

  • Onederin


  • every1sAcritic

    they can tell you how to do it, they never did it. rich hil is dope. he’s young, rich, and has talent. i don’t give a fuck who his daddy is. talent speaks for itself.

  • breezy

    i dig his style but he sounds like a wining baby

  • shesolovely

    wait a minute. ya’ll hatin on a 20 year old? hmmmmm….. ya’ll need to grow up! i’ve been watchin this kid for over a year now, kids grow, they change, and experiment with new things. shit, if his head was still shaved with nerdy glasses and a big cap i’d hate on him myself! fortunately, i think he is growing into an artist that will have a loyal following regardless of what direction he chooses in his music because that is what is all about. reinventing yourself.

  • @chachi

    yeah I agree. i personally don’t like the guy much, but he does have potential as far as the hooks go. his voice is pretty annoying at times,

  • dolla BILLZ


  • money-mic

    hmm…smoke weed and make music all day? not every song will be a banger but i’m pretty sure EVERYONE would do it if they could. haters!

  • heatstroke

    he has talent. he is gonna deal with adversity for sure. but hell, how much music has this guy put out? most of the shit i’ve heard is surprisingly good. keep working hard homie, its all you can do. fuck what anyone says, do your thang.

  • http://www.snopes.com/racial/business/hilfiger.asp

    that shit about him not writing his songs is TRUE, BUT NO ONE ELSE WRITES THEM EITHER. he records punch style (all the time as far as i know), freestyling a few lines at a time, like how lil wayne does, without ever writing anything down. peep me on the beginning of track 10, midnight request line. hit me on twitter. limosssssssssssss

  • Not bad…

  • dmv

    cant rap very well, then when he sings he sounds like Mike Posner – anyone else notice that – yet mike posner can harmonize much better. not feelin it

  • kindbuddy

    Its ok… highest point though is Delivery Boy he’s a good producer. I hope I hear more from him.

  • GR

    good beats, not really impressed though.

  • DJ Gyrojoc

    BOOOOOO!!! he sounds like a whiney mike posner with no musical talent

  • sanjj

    he actually didnt pay for Cudi to be on any of his tracks, Cudi does it for the love… I like Rich Hil a lot, but i do agree with above posts he is really inconsistent, but when he has a good track its fire… if u aint a stoner i wouldnt expect u to understand his music anyway

  • Raaay

    It is what it is.
    No need for your negative shit hes making music your not and your all acting like a bitch.
    Jealousy is a female trait.