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Slang Editorial: We Don’t Need Your “Tribute To” Anything, Thanks

blame it on Meka April 23, 2010

On this edition of “Slang Editorial,” I talk about why getting bludgeoned to death with Guru dedications isn’t necessarily the best thing needed right now. Per usual, talk your expletive-laden, homophobic grease talk in the c-section below.

READ: Slang Editorial: We Don’t Need Your “Tribute To” Anything, Thanks

  • Kiso

    Let’s check this out.

  • is true, and the truth hurts
    the dj premier solo adventures was/are better,i thinks,just ,and guru,,simply, I think he thought it was okay with solar,because with premier,, ,u can never be a producer,and i dont know wtff but guru was a lil angry because,dj premier is undisputed and there are few in his field.

    but,one thing is clearly,guru,one of the greatest,one of the teachers. descansa en paz

  • (and,i hate homophobics,meka i support u)

  • Sam Sneed

    Meka defines narcissism, sitting on an imaginary, ignorant high horse.

    The term narcissism refers to the personality trait of egotism, which includes the set of character traits concerned with self-image ego. The terms narcissism, narcissistic, and narcissist are often used as pejoratives, denoting vanity, conceit, egotism or simple selfishness. Applied to a social group, it is sometimes used to denote elitism or an indifference to the plight of others.

    Oh, and pejorative means disparaging or belittling.

    Good day.

  • Love that shit mek

  • Bill Clinton

    “talk your expletive-laden, homophobic grease talk in the c-section below.”

    I for one am cool with you and shakes homosexual relationship.

  • truthtella

    i will talk shit.. you suck dick meka. go die

  • @Sam Sneed…I kinda think Meka puts on a front by acting Narcissistic only because he knows it works for him

  • Steve

    I think this article is kind of over doing the “Let’s be a dick because it works” thing.

  • Ryuk

    Good read Meka.

  • THE41ummm2

    Your a good writer, Mek.

    I understand the content, but your starting to come off as an angry dude. Don’t wanna sound like i’m trying to tell you how to do your job but maybe write an optimistic piece about some act right now that your diggin or something.

  • Matt

    Cynicism and a backbone are good in a writer. I’m gonna keep reading, Mek.

  • You’re* a good writer, Meka. I find it impressive that you write a new piece everyday. The hip-hop community needs more people, such as ourselves, that can sustain a high literary output.

  • I didnt even read the article


  • I wholeheartedly agree. Once he passed i expected my GReader to be bombarded with Guru tribs. Fortunately the blogs i follow didn’t do what those rappers did and rush it out to the public just to have something out… because honestly, even if there are all these rappers that give some half-ass song, it’s on these media outlets that push it to the forefront.

    Only tribute i’ve been fuckin’ with IS Mr. Cee’s.


    You chose to write an article about why we shouldn’t have a any tribute rap to Guru?

    Aren’t u a waste of fuckin’ time…

    You could have saved your and our time and just went with that statement.

    Were u under some deadline to committ to an article and polished off a half baked idea as a story?

    To me, I never was a fan of Guru’s.
    His rhyme schemes always seemed boring at best , amateurish at other times.

    Kinda like your writing.

    If it wasn’t for what’s known as “hip hop journalism”, you wouldn’t have anything on your resume but a jack site to write about.

    Your lazy attempt at some type of literary pros in condemning “Guru worship’ makes true writers and journalist cringe.

    Stick to the sloppy 3 to 4 line criticisms you lay under images here.

    That’s about the extent to which you’re allowed to be called a writer.


    F*ckin’ weekend d.j… lol

  • 123342

    i will talk shit.. you suck dick meka. COSIGN

  • b gale

    everyone needs to leave this site my man meka is an idiot with no class to deface a legends legacy like this right after his passing is a disgrace and i bet that preemo would agree.
    FACTS you look out for preem and christina aguillera and terryaki boyz more then jazzmataz or any guru solo work. and to pick fav when this man just died I cant understand why you would do that but I am done with this website and i would hope some respectable artist would do the same i dont think your dumb ass even knows the level of respect this man deserves with or without preemo his lyrics are gospel!!!!! I dare you say preemo has a better album without guru or that he ever will!!!!!

  • Toady

    Meka, you can think you’re top shit or whatever. But fuck you for writing an article like this, you piece of worthless shit.

  • robertTHEallen

    umm according to this psychology textbook in my lap some of you folks have the wrong definition of narcissism.
    meka could be deemed arguably snide, rude, or condescending, but its not like hes acting like the world should be drooling over him.
    fuck, dudes got an opinion and in this case (and most others) i for one agree with it. its lame as fuck for people to ride gurus nuts wiil.i.am to obama style after he died when he wasnt getting seen like that last week when he was still here

  • Toady

    Oh yeah, and its funny how you consider yourself a writer or whatever, but you can’t seem to write an article without some kind of curse words littered throughout. REEEEAALLY intelligent……

  • PhantomOfTheDopehouse

    OUCH! I see a lot of ppl caught feelings behind this lol… honestly I wasn’t a GURU fan & I probably can’t name one of his songs, however, I do have respect for anybody that has passed away & touched somebody while he walked amongst the land of the living… I think some of you guys are taking this a little too seriously & after reading about the fuckery surrounding Guru’s death, I have to somewhat agree with Meka… how his family was treated was just wrong & his will smh… I say until we know the true story we all should just leave this subject alone

  • Dedrick

    I’m convinced robertTHEallen is Meka

  • b gale

    meka is to much of a bitch to write shit he should put a apology and there should be a fucking memorial on this faggots site
    theres no where to go when you dont know where your going youdont know where your goin when your lost my man is busy listening to teriyaki boys

  • freshyboi

    im not gonna read this but i cant get enough guru tributes! anyone who has sirius or xm throw on backspin because they are playing atleast 2 gang starr/ guru songs every hour! dj premier did an amazing “salute” to guru last night as he was asked not to do a tribute.

  • robertTHEallen

    I’m convinced robertTHEallen is Meka
    Dedrick said this on April 23rd

    youre an idiot.

  • First of all he’s not Disrespecting Guru, He’s Simply saying stop Ridding every dead rappers dick like a Gay Rodeo. Damn yall are sensitive, really an apology. He even stated (If you Herpes even really read the Article) said that the Good Tributes, are been stoped out like Yung berg by the attention grabbing “thought he was dead Rappers”. Good Read @MEKA. We did a battel with Ignorance and Ignorance won! R.I.P GURU no dick ridding see simple.

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