• George Clooney

    Anybody else remember when this dude was being touted as the next Nas? Now he just sounds like a slightly less impressive Cory Gunz.

  • http://www.39parkave.com lala sugafoot

    Ali was big......the really first internet buzz MC.
    The hook is nice...he look 17.

  • fenell

    shits fire to me

  • komplexx904

    vids dope. where's the tape?

  • http://. chuuuch

    lol.. talk of new york. T O N Y. tony yayo. Take over New York.. damn.. i just got that shit. i been sleepin for like 8 years now haha

  • http://www.makersoftrouble.com Trouble Maker

    Yea Ali vegas was the next nas until he caught that L from that white kid eyedea at blaze battle and 4 some reason every battles on youtube but that particular one....

  • Hak

    Cyne - evolution fight did this beat better. shits wack