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A.T (of Language Artz) – Year Of The Artz

blame it on Meka April 26, 2010

Today we bring you a face you might be more familar with, A.T. His contributions include Bermuda Triangle, Raw Rap Shit: The Menu and his solo project Random Thoughts. He’s teamed up with Thr33zy McFly for the Fusion Technique coming in the near future.

DOWNLOAD: A.T (of Language Artz) – Year Of The Artz | Mediafire
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  • lonestar_playa

    awready! shoutz 2 lauguage artz yall doin yall thang!

  • shit was hot

  • Just My Thoughts

    I can’t help but laugh at the whole concept of this whole “Year of The Artz” thing being posted on here, considering how Shake & Meka are constantly talking shit about people jumping on the same beat over and over.

    Just make a posse cut with everyone on the track and call it a day. No need to draw it out like it’s some epic event. If that was the plan, it’s failing miserably based on the number of views these posts are getting.

    I will say that this dude is the nicest of the crew so far, from what I’ve heard.

  • Big Kejuan

    ^^^^^^^ Yeah I agree . If its gonna be the same beat over and over again at least get a good beat. but with that said, he sounds like Wiz Khalifa.

  • villian

    he did this.. lol @ dude saying he sounds like wiz this guy sounds NOTHING like him. I read a meka slang editorial and it was called “rap fans: more of a bitch than a bitch”. Its real obvious that these guys have problems with rappers that arent getting posted from the comments the post been getting. I think the beat is dope and have found myself listening to these everyday. I didnt like that thr33zy guy tho lol. @ just my thougts How can U see how many times a person clicks the play button?

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