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Curren$y – Role Model (prod. Ski Beatz)

blame it on Shake April 26, 2010

One of the (hopefully numerous) tracks that resulted from a recent studio session between Spitta and Ski Beatz. Shouts to OS.

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – Role Model (prod. Ski Beatz) | Mediafire

  • Jets x Taylor Gang

  • kingg


  • Dre

    Jets Fool!

  • Harper

    is this from 24 hour?

  • kal

    The dope is on some chill the f&#k out & listen type ish
    Kudos Ski haha lets get some more of this
    Spitta keep these bitches wide open, yeeeeah!

  • theskeep

    I’m guessing not, I’m pretty sure the tracklist was final.

  • JohnDank

    is this from 24 hour?

    i think its from pilot talk

  • MrCrockett

    where haven’t we been yet

  • theskeep

    Spitta nigga from the, the, the Jets.

  • Dre

    Spitta is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnnypancakes


  • This is dope, but I really need a full CDQ of Audio Dope Pt II

  • Braniak

    Fuck listening Ima DL
    Jets Fool!

  • theskeep

    I want How Fly 2.

  • JackDiesel

    I think this is just 1 of the tracks they did earlier today… don’t think this is going on 24 or Pilot Talk

  • stretch

    where the fuck is 24 hour?

  • timothycarter

    thank gawd he left gay money, THANK GAWD!

  • Ayo

    Eminem>>Curren$y.If your gonna have a song called “role model” make sure to atleast try to have it on the same caliber as em’s,SMH,bring the hate Im bored at work lol

  • kal

    Can’t hate on Spitta lmao
    Shake nice 2dope-shoppin that pic haha looks mad better with color

  • CannonsMcFly

    stfu faggot ^^

  • jigantous

    curren$y doin it lately, esp after downladin smokee robinson

  • i appreciate spitta as an artist cause he’s been dope. from the no limit days to now.

  • Braniak

    Yeah I want that How Fly 2 and why not that 24hr

  • according to creative control “Pilot Talk” is droppin tomorrow

  • Boomerang Slang

    ^^^^naw pimpin i think the first single King Kong is droppin 2morrow

  • FollowMyRuse

    this is the type of shit i like to hear curren$y spit. i know he has it in him. that nigga sometime be sounding/writing lazy as shit.


  • Damn been fiendin for some new Spitta

  • Boomerang Slang

    I wanna hear that Scailing the Building track with Spitta and Wiz off of 24hr. and wanna see the video.

  • jlhandy

    Where the Fuck is 24hr School?

  • BubbaC818

    Dope song, By the way check out Mibbs Twitter
    New Pac Div song!!! Don’t mention it

  • Deneire

    ^^^^^^^^ I 2nd that motion

  • @Boomerang Slang

    ^^^^naw pimpin i think the first single King Kong is droppin 2morrow/ i hope thas not the case..i really want this tape lol

    I wanna hear that Scailing the Building track with Spitta and Wiz off of 24hr. and wanna see the video./ that might be 1 of the best songs on 24hks…

  • Boomerang Slang


    I dont think pilot talk is a tape, im pretty sure its an album and comes out May 18th

  • tazzer

    2MB shake? Okay, that’s either very low quality or a supershort 320kbps song.

  • chikejusflo

    Jets Foooooooooo

  • @Boomerang Slang
    damn man..that sucks lol, but earlier he said he was gon be droppin a tape when 24 hour karate school drops…which was Muscle Car Chronicles, then he changed it to Pilot Talk…so i dont think its gon be an album

  • JETS

  • JohnDank

    jus asked spitta on ustream, role model will be on pilot talk

  • @Boomerang Slang
    you rite, it’s an album & its not droppin tomorrow

  • yeyeah


  • Ayo


    This shouldnt go on his album,not a good choice

  • kal

    But if it is damn new spitta, fresh Tip & hopefully I’m beamin drops then today will be a nice ass day if we get Who dat as well

  • lordy

    elite’s twitter says who dat is comin soon, prob tn or tomorrow?

  • Sal’s a fxckin homo

    SMD Sal

  • confirmed

    theres a third verse on Who Dat

  • Boomerang Slang

    this would be a nice edition to Pilot Talk only if this is a snippet or an unfinished version.

  • Fruurrrr

    ive really been looking forward to who dat dropping, probably more than anything

  • Fruurrrr

    new spitta too of course,love that nigga

  • confirmed


    third verse is CRAZY

  • WAGZ

    spitta for heisman

  • CMON!!!


  • spittajets

    dammmmm if Who dat drops tn that would be ridiculous

    … someone tell me Spitta doesn’t have one of the best ears for beats in the game

  • jaymalls

    this shit is cold garbage.. and the beat is trash 2. ski could have flipped this “reunited” sample way better.

  • My nigga stay droppin that heat.

    “You know what I claim Jets over everythang”

  • Andres

    He was On U Stream A Bit Back

  • Nigga dipped out quick as a bitch though…lol

  • DynamicduO

    boi 1da kilt this, but im really just askin spitta to up the pen game, please.

  • YES


  • Ayo


  • dmarks
  • stretch

    jus heard who dat @ hot97… dope shit

  • Fruurrrr

    fuck missed it

  • mayweather

    it’ll be up soon, Shake is usually on his shit

  • “2MB shake? Okay, that’s either very low quality or a supershort 320kbps song.”

    its exactly what they let loose. 2 minute song.

  • Maya

    does anyone know when how fly the movie is coming out????

  • Fruurrrr


  • damn they played Who Dat 3 times in a row and missed it

  • nyc

    haaa you know Shake be lollygaggin on the west coast, Who Dat already droppin on hot 97 n shit, niggas be slackin!!! might be the first time hiphopgame beat 2dopeboyz to a track since…… forever ever?

  • Jarvo

    Ohh noooo ihope he adds 2 more verses to this that beat is too fuckin smoove. Str8 crack mannnn JETS F00! got this on repeat!



  • shane

    pilot talk is an album may 18th, the single king kong will be released tomorrow…and hopefully the video as well….this song was recording this morning he said on his twitter..along with others.

  • bklyn
  • AnT

    JEEEEEEEEEETS F00000000000L.
    Niggas aint fuckin with spitta. fk wat you heard.

  • Rush

    Pilot Talk…..nufff said, May 18th FOOooooOOOolLLLlLLlLLl!!!!

  • Els

    Someone said King Kong dropped, not sure where

  • CloudKicka


  • Claf

    Spitta delivered some goods on this

  • dopeSir

    WHY WOULD CURRENCY GET THIS BEAT?!?! WHYYYYYY!!! dude is alright, but give it to mos, or someone with mad creativity/better voice/lines PLEASE.

  • West coast swagger, down south accent. Cool shit… Currensy found his lane. The funny thing is I used to really not like his nasally ass flow when he was being unnatural. Probably the No Limit/Cash Money pressure tho.

  • Marco G.

    Real dope.

  • DP

    cuz curren$y is fucking dope, dopesir. his flow is hella smooth and he spits that real shit.

  • high_s0ciety

    SHOUT OUT to my brutha spitta man.. he’s come a looooong way!!
    from no limit to young money to THE MUUUFUCKIN JETS!!!
    U already know Pilot Talk will be on repeat this summer, believe dat

  • kal

    Blasting I’m Just Dope & this on repeat until King Kong drops haha

  • We fux with Curren$y

  • AirRaid

    King Kong just dropped and I have no 67 cents in my iTunes account. Fuck iTunes for not accepting debit. Gotta wait til later.

  • RayRay

    Yup, King Kong is on iTunes. Sounds hella nice.

  • RayRay

    ^ I use debit for iTunes…??

  • kal

    Damn! haha

  • JohnDank

    someone should post a link

  • AirRaid


    Word? How did you do it? They said it was against their policy or some shit like that last time I tried. I’m gonna try again.

  • JackDiesel

    u should be able to set up ur debit card under ur iTunes account. That’s all u ever use… Just enter ur password and instant DL

    on another note, Spitta got a track qut Snoop on Pilot Talk?… dat nigga ain’t playin

  • JackDiesel

    *Excuse me all I ever use

  • this is fresh.

  • vlado

    JETS fool!

  • JohnDank

    yee i heard about that snoop track on his twitter

  • Jarvo

    They need to put King Kong on this bissshh ASAP. But yo wat is the name of the song in the intro of pilot talk!?!? Someone help a nigga out cuz that beat to ill.

  • ZAR The LA Zombie

    Dope track.
    Respect to currensy.
    But that nigga is a groach.
    Keep at it hot spitta….gain some content soon.

  • eddyp21

    hot spitta is fukn dope!

  • the savage baker

    good ass track

  • hoop

    spitta is that nigga

  • badonkadonk

    spitta and wiz making how fly 2 : the motion picture.

  • Rob