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Game – The R.E.D. Room (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka April 26, 2010

After countless delays and numerous promises of multiple mixtapes, Jayceon finally comes through with The R.E.D. Room with DJ Drama DJ Skee riding shotgun.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 400 Bars (Skeemix)
02 Ha Ha f. Nipsey Hussle
03 The Professionals f. Menace, Maad Maxx & Kanary Diamonds
04 Revolver Or The Semi f. Mysonne
05 Drop The World f. Kanary Diamonds
06 Never Stop Hustlin’ f. Fabolous
07 Gangsta
08 Gangs Of New York f. Jadakiss & Jim Jones
09 Trippin f. Kanary Diamonds
10 Everything Red f. Lil Wayne & ‘Shit
11 First Lady f. Kanary Diamonds
12 Lowrider f. Busta Rhymes
13 It Must Be Me f. Pharrell
14 Maad Maxxx Freestyle
15 Dopeman f. XO
16 Diamonds f. K-Young
17 Heartbreak Hotel f. Diddy
18 Slangin’ Rocks
19 Shake (TRV$ Remix)
20 Over (Juice & Mysonne) [Bonus Track]

DOWNLOAD: Game – The R.E.D. Room | YouSendIt | Mediafire | XXL

  • Coolassninja4life

    first yeya finnaly bump dis shit

  • dre3staxx

    Been waiting on this

  • TheCool


  • Chris

    Alt link? The XXL link is slow as hell. Cheers either way, looking forward to this after hearing Slangin’ Game and Ha Ha.

  • Gayme !!!

  • ck47


  • CamHerb

    hell yea

  • West Los Angeles

    Cool cool lets see whats up. 400 bars!!he just needs 600 more bars to top Canibus’ 1,000 bar song

  • GameElectronica

    Time to roll an L and listen to this shit on repeat all night!

  • Stephanie


  • gangster

    waiting for that second link cause that XXL is full… 2h 39m remaining :| wtf…

  • Drew

    Fuck I’m Gassed to listen to this….It will be on straight repeat R.E.D. Album Comin bitches

  • ziggi

    Shits at 78% for me…


  • prk

    im going to download this, but im sure i will regret it.

  • GameElectronica

    I’ll tell ya’ll whats funny so many haters for Game, but look theres two links out there to my knowledge both going slower then a mother, niggas checking for this ish!

  • Deneire

    I’ll wait to see if a No DJ version comes out cause I know Skee wild ass gonna be screamin all over this

  • Stephanie

    ^^ Right? Fucken annoying.

  • jlhandy

    I really hope this mixtape isn’t covered in tags

  • pure trash as expected

  • JamesFinnaGet

    XXL Link is working fine for me….just gotta wait till all the ppl who care about who listened to what first to back off.

  • uzi

    i needed sum new shit to bump

  • kesty

    @ fulltimeboss
    yeah, you sure heard the whole mixtape, 20 tracks, in less than 10 minutes :)

  • Tunechi


  • Game

    XXL Link is slow as fuck!! Cant wait to bang this tape though, been too long!!

  • kesty, u are stupid as fuck seeing as how only 14 of them are new, and it doesnt take more than a few minutes to scan through 14 songs of trash

  • gangster

    can someone up it somewhere else ? xxl is shit

  • wooow

    fulltimeboss get your faggot ass off of every game post. you envy him that much that you have to pretend to listen to his music then proceed to downplay it? get a fucking life.

  • Huh?

    Wait a sec, Game is signed to Aftermath AND Star Trak?

  • wooow are u mad?

  • YoungB

    28%, 17 minutes left…

  • ck47

    waits for mediafire link

  • wooow

    mad at what? a girl named fulltimeboss who spends her time hating on music she hasn’t heard? naa i’m good, but it’s pretty funny that someone would waste their time doing that.

  • Bigboi10

    Just bought Ice Cube I Rep That West and yes its the dirty version, so i thought id give u you all it as i put it in limelinx. Yes i did buy it nooo bootleg ea!
    Ice Cube has trully rep that west with this track……

  • JonnieHayward


    i never liked this gangsta wanna bee types BUT

    lot of tracks on here are BANGIN wit the beats also

    somethin to cruise too today LITE A BOWL


  • uzi

    20 kb/s u gots to be shittin mee

  • C old R eez



  • 11111

    y is the lil wayne track in auto tune and dj skeet skeet screaming skeet all over ? ?

  • slamyabitch

    i knw im gonna regret this dwnload…

  • seems like ur mad to me and trying to defend ur idol game the fake gangsta at any cost

    hop off me and games dicks faggot

  • Mike

    If it’s taking forever on other people’s computers, I shudder to think how long it’ll take on my piece-of-shit laptop.

  • Kenyas Only

    Shitts bout to be fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to bump this

  • Yeah it says the file is corrupted for me

  • fame

    yo fulltimeboss, why u just dont hop off this website and entire planet, faggot ? go hate on ur mama instead of game, will u ?

  • DJ LP

    File Corrupt for me also

  • Bigboi10
  • Patrick Chewing

    my shit just got corrupted at like 50%.. boooooooooo

  • wooow

    oh you have a dick? i thought for sure you were a female. you’ve shown all the traits of a female.
    “fulltimeboss will probably show up for the simple fact
    That tomorrow she can tell all of her friends it was whack”
    you have no dick to be on so why don’t you get your female ass of this game post if you’re not a fan of his music you little fat puerto rican cunt. go drink a milkshake with broken glass in it while you’re at it.

  • 421

    file is corrupt, brutal.


    Gayme !!!

    Hurricane said this on April 26th, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    damn nigga u gay? that

    and fulltimebusta dont be trying to play some shit off on anotha nigga u the hater point blank period son…why would someone get mad at someone over the internet?….u fuckin geek

  • my shit downloaded quick as any other download…couple minutes at most and i was listening…..get off the shoestring internet connections faggs


    Gayme !!!

    Hurricane said this on April 26th, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    damn nigga u gay?

    and fulltimebusta dont be trying to play some shit off on anotha nigga u the hater point blank period son…why would someone get mad at someone over the internet?….u fuckin geek

  • OnTheRun

    somone who has already downloaded this PLEASE post another link, mediafire, usershar, zshare, whatever

  • Serge


  • Game

    XXL keeps cutting off my download, useless

  • wooow

    fulltimeboss why haven’t you ended your life yet?

  • OGEazy

    I’m not a big Game fan but my boy is so we’ll have to smoke a bowl and see how this rides.

  • J-Dub

    Is there an alternate link? XXL link keeps [email protected]*ng up!!!

  • jada

    wuts the damn password?


    if its corrupted, im guessing its because it didnt download all the way. that happened to me and i just tried it again and it worked fine not even slow

  • OnTheRun

    ** I’m uploading it to DatPiff right now.. will be up in a few minutes **

  • backbackback

    yo fulltimeboss go fist yourself until your anus prolapses

  • MrCrockett

    Kush & orange juice>>>the red room

  • chief,wooow,backbackback = clearly mad

  • Iceyjesse

    mine’s at 33% right now can’t wait for this heat, this better be like 320kb quality for how much memory the DL is!


    i wish skee left some of that exhibit c beat on the skeemix……i think ima have to do some mixing so that shit is on it

  • backbackback

    fulltimeboss=an ass spelunker who swishes cum around his mouth like its listerine


    any got another link please? XXL currpting. I hope skee not going mad over these joints

  • Tango Down…..Hoorah

    Anybody got a link to that I Rep That West??? Earlier I only found a preview version.

  • It’s fuckd up, i can’t unRAR it, error shit

  • mk121

    “hit em wid a drake line: im hot… Tabasco’ — dopeness


    @fulltimebusta…… mad at what? u must be a confused little girl. how does it feel to be a complete retard?

  • Game

    XXL is crashing from demand heres an alternative DL Link for the Tape



    It’s fuckd up, i can’t unRAR it, error shit

    jones said this on April 26th, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    ay bruh its because it didnt finish the download all the way notice the mb




    sendspace link is still really slow

  • OGEazy

    Wiz Khalifa =/= The Game in any way, shape or form.

    And even if you look past that Burn After Rollin>Flight School>Star Power>Kush & OJ

    That’s not saying its bad because Wiz is easily in my top 3 favorite rappers, but all I know is that by the 8th song I was thinking, what happened to the music? Oh wait, its on and I don’t even realize it. Maybe I was too weeded, or maybe I wasn’t feeling it, but I have not played Kush & OJ once since 4/20.
    I probably need a second listen.

  • T-Dot



    in stead of sayimg mp3 ist says itune media player on SAVE AS TYPE

  • Crackk

    wow this mixtape is raw.. Lowrider is crazy with Busta


  • Tracklist looks decent and the tracks that have leaked sound pretty good. Hopefully this project lives up to the hype.

  • J

    Skee made 400 Bars SO MUCH BETTER…that exhibit c beat was mad annoying

  • iCon

    Yea it wont let me unzip it either.. I keep getting this error message.. WTF???

  • backbackback

    ^^word its not that the exhibit c beat was annoying cuz that beat is slammin but 20 min. of that shit is annoying the same sample over and over again

  • Ice Cube – I Rep That West


    banger biaaatch !

  • iCon

    It downloaded fast for me.. Like torrent speeds.. 1.8MB/s
    The fuckin thing just wont unzip for me..

  • ImAllure

    works fine through the link on djskee’s twitter…

  • Ralph

    Fuck You WinZip!!


    @actlikeyaknow Thanks bro 200kb/sec! Sweet!



  • ne~…


  • Tango Down…..Hoorah

    Downloaded with the quickness for me and unzipped just fine

  • Tango Down…..Hoorah

    400 bars sounds so much better

  • Sargewp

    OHHH no this nigga didn’t just rap over beamer benz, or bentley!!! LMAO #FAILLLLLLLLL
    even game thinks the shit is hot lol.

  • 50 cent

    Shit Even I’m bumping this shit word is bond, To be Honest i bump this than my own albums!

  • Sargewp

    lol ^^^ To be honest this sounds more like a wack BWS mixtape than a game one

  • Lol why do yall go back and forth with fulltimeboss?……he hates on everything and everyone, 99% of the comments I see him post are negative,,,I dont think he likes hip hop, and if there is a thread on a artist he does like,instead postin sumthin bout da song/artist he just hates on another nigga commenting

  • OnTheRun

    i only know how to upload individual songs on mediafire, if someone tells me how to upload a whole mixtape i’ll do it and post it here.

  • Rob

    Cool ass cover and OGEazy you cant Compare two mixtapes from different types of artist WIZ=Hip-Hop, The Game= Gangsta Rap
    so go shove a blunt in your eye and quit hating on WIZ
    and you obviously don’t know shit about hip-hop if you said B.A.R.
    was better than Kush&OJ and Flight School get off that Hoota and smoke some real shit

  • uzi

    wats the beat on the maad maxxx freestyle

  • DefyLogic

    damn the skeemix really does make 400 bars so much better and i don’t even fucks with skee at all

  • holla if ya swalla

    ok gettin a little off topic in here but the mixtape drastically exceeded my expectations. welcome back game

  • Freshhh

    y’all have slow ass computers

  • uzi

    forreal im not feelin it aside from like 4 tracks

  • T-Dot

    Thanks for the megaupload ‘ ne~.. ‘

  • holla if ya swalla

    @ uzi
    Jay Elec- exhibit a (transformations)

  • I like it when girls lick my asshole :)
    rizzle said this on April 26th, 2010 at 2:35 pm

  • “I like it when girls lick my asshole :)
    rizzle said this on April 26th, 2010 at 2:35 pm”

  • R-I-C

    it took less time to download than listening to 400 bars
    appreciate it

  • Kid VisionZ

    Shake Meka is this true, can u give any insight on this VV http://www.961kiss.com/pages/morningfreakshow.html?an=Eminem-Not-Afraid-premieres-Friday

  • Polka

    This and I rep that west, awesome shit.

  • Haven’t heard good game in a while…lets see

  • milkmedia

    This shit is wack.

  • shadow samurai

    how much tagging did Skee do on this album?…cause that’s what stops me from DLing it…

  • TE

    This is wack, just deleted it, no good tracks apart from It must be me, which i already had. poor effort game.

  • no dr beat¿

  • DefyLogic

    skee tags less than expected wouldn’t worry about that

  • I Rep That West > the new M.I.A. music video > Look Like Jesus > 80% of this mixtape

    Who the fuck still uses autotune anyway?

  • Are You Serious?

    @ TE shut the fuck up, your a dumb nigga.


    owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww DOPE!

  • Haterade

    TheFuckingTruth << hhahahahahaha

  • blahh

    how do you get the album artwork into your itunes?

  • The guest spots look highly questionable for a mixtape I’m excited about listening to. I guess it would be wrong to complain though since it’s a free release. Downloading.

  • roc

    shit is lame son, are we hearing the same thing im hearing?

  • Ricky

    I’m A Huge Game Fan But This Mixtape Was Weak
    I Hope He Saved The Good Tracks For The Album
    I Liked 8 Of The Songs But He Underachieved On This Tape
    RED June 15 Hopefully Its Dope

  • added a few mirror links. enjoy.

  • who cares

    FUCK YEA!!!

  • ON THE B


  • ON THE B


  • 421

    anyone have the Bonus Track Over Juice & Mysonne ???



  • who cares

    shit’s so slow

  • who cares

    waitr why does he only have 4 fuckin’ solo joints on dis bitch? and he aint even on 1 of em!! it looks like a fuckin dj khaled album. betta not dissapoint. and betta not have this much features on The R.E.D Album

  • OGEazy

    Rob i said you can’t compare them that’s what =/= means. They’re completely different styles.
    It sounds like you’re someone who just likes to get weeded out at the crib and chill to relaxing music. I’m more about smoking and drinking in a party atmosphere so I gotta have lots of upbeat music. There wasn’t that much party music (that I heard) on Kush & OJ so I wasn’t feeling it as much. It’s a matter of preference, I like Wiz when he’s making music like The Thrill, So High, or Never Ever.

  • Els

    whats the beat at 5:36 on 400 bars

  • Its fire!

  • Lincoln Park Blood San Diego

    This shit is FIRE blood. Real niggas do real things. And this some real shit.

  • who cares

    i hate when game uses auto tune he sounds like such a lil bitch wit it

  • coldkicknit

    i hope this bangs like the new Ice Cube joint!

  • brainstorm

    Not even sure why I downloaded this shit… Haven’t heard a decent Game track in quite some time. Dude fell the fuck off

  • J Kelly

    i hope a no dj version surfaces…TINC2 no dj version was like gold to me…

  • Estrad

    I like Game but wtf was this only listenable shit was leaked already next best song was from Lady Kanary First Lady WTF

  • downloading..
    06 Never Stop Hustlin’ f. Fabolous <– finally

  • tape21

    is it me or kush and orange juice got way more downloads the other day? im just sayin, dont believe me look at the stats!

  • LT

    RED!!!!! This shit is ON!!!!!

  • Ahkidagreat

    when did mysonne get down wit game?

  • yaboy

    @tape21 this tape has 4 different DL links. Stats are going to be spread out.

  • U.K


  • Juanka

    XO of Diamond District or XO from of BWS?

  • Rios

    i wonder what he’ll rap about? maybe sumn he’s never rapped about? *downloads*

  • Nice WEST COAST STAND UP!!!! WOW 2dopeboyz yall on your grind today for the west coast. The Game’s & Pac Div’s Mixtapes on 1 day!!!! Nice, keep your grind on!!!

  • braatt

    wow haters hanging of Game’s balls..Mixtape is nice man

  • Glitch

    anyone got another link cuz there all saying file is deleted