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Pac Div – Shine f. Marz Lovejoy

blame it on Shake April 26, 2010

Marz Lovejoy (pictured above) recently put up a stream of Pac Div’s new single off their upcoming mixtape, Don’t Mention It. Which I then passed to the homie Legend to get an audio rip. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Pac Div – Shine f. Marz Lovejoy | Mediafire

  • stretch

    pac div is dope dont get me wrong i love their shit


  • Bolverk

    Dope as always YEEEEEE

  • neekz23

    Marz Lovejoy is my wifey.
    ’nuff said.

  • Dre

    I saw Pac div and just had listen too!!!!!!! follow me on twitter @Dre2you!!!!!!!

  • another nice track.
    [email protected]

  • DEV

    duck-looking lady

  • JohnDank

    wats with the who dat comments.

  • ShimmyHendrix

    1)pac div >>>>
    2) that girl is beautiful even doin the duck face lol its cute as hell.

  • huh

    this song is actually pretty fire

  • Rush

    Yo wen is dis mixtape comin out???!!!1?????

  • who dat coming in 5, 4, 3, 2….

  • T


    Pac Div…..Sick..



  • @Marz Lovejoy…*kiss*

  • bd

    come on shake dont mess with us like that haha and pac div always comes correct

  • stretch


  • ShimmyHendrix

    ^^^ mmm paTR0LLING.

  • ShimmyHendrix


  • What it is one time! Damn shawwwwty…I’d hit it.

  • ShimmyHendrix


    come on shake dont mess with us like that haha and pac div always comes correct

    bd said this on April 26th, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    THATS notshake its a stan. theres no avatar.



    stretch said this on April 26th, 2010 at 11:31 pm
    << u mad? let him hustle.

  • side booby for the win.

  • bucknasty

    damn…Pac Div at it again! if this is just one of the songs from the mixtape — i can’t wait to hear the rest.

  • Jarvo

    New pac div & spitta hot dam! Today was a good day.

  • This Song Dope- Pac Div Always deliver dope sh!t.. (No Coat tail Riddin)

  • Teddy

    Yo the beat goes so fucking hard. It sounds like a Jerking Song too. Now dont twist that can you listen to some Jerking beats and Jerkin beats be so fresh. Its like a combination of classic Hyphy and The Cool Kids style of beats. Im Jerkin to this shit.

  • AnT


  • DK


  • Teddy

    Yo I just went to Youtube to see who she is. Yo this chick mad ill. She can rap hella good. She got metaphors, messages, word play. She nice as shit. I sense a mixtape coming from her.

  • Bradley

    It’s impossible for them to make a wack track.

  • Jumpoffjoebeezy

    This shit right here!!!! Dope…need that mixtape asap

  • this shit cold mane!

  • “this was a Nice bounceback from “Broccoli” for me…that shit wasnt me. no hate.

  • capitalG

    not hittin me. like the hook on “Rollin” tho

  • jkcal44

    straight fire

  • slamyabitch

    wen did broccli drop??

  • Im feeling this. Like everyone else I searched for the chick after hearing the song. Why?
    BecauseIm a dude, and she is hot. And like someone said, “side booby for the win.”

    On a closing note, she reminds me of the chick from Digable Planets on this cut. Would you agree?

  • JohnDank

    tape might drop tomorro

  • Wesley

    If I remember correctly, she used to be with Stevie Crooks.

  • LOL @ PACDIV. still talkin about shoes and clothes? come on man.

    BLACKHIPPY is gonna kill the game. Actual real west coast cats, none of that corney [email protected]


    Sick as fuck, waiting on the CDQ though.

  • The shit is ill as fuck yo…Pac Div is 2dope!!

  • Chica_Melia


  • This isn’t bad, what’s up with that new Lupe & Pharrell joint “Horn Synth” though?

  • WEST WEST YALL thats what it is keepin it fresh – intelligentRebelLionDOTorg

  • lilpenny

    “Don’t Mention It” will be dropping later on today.

  • M*

    ” like a combination of classic Hyphy / (Jerking) and The Cool Kids style of beats ….” ….yup AND THAT CLASSIC PAC DIV home producer BIG BEAT!!

    i l00vve it .

    I ADORE THE HOOK with her female rap voice! makes the s0ng hotter

  • BrownGirlWonder

    The lady on the hook sounds exactly like Ladybug Mecca from Digable Planets which is dope..

    I always dig pac div…Can’t wait for a physical cd to drop from them tho

  • stussy_kid

    beat is sick “she lucky if she get a piece a chicken”

  • BrownGirlWonder

    I would take her ryhming over Nicki Minaj. I want to hear more of her spitting

  • JacquesMorel

    this shit is hot.

  • LB28

    This is Raw!!!

    She sounds like Lady Mecca of Digable Planets!

  • ZAR The LA Zombie

    Pac was coo. Dope beat. The homie Marz on the hook killin it.
    Niggas needa get wit dis.
    South Left.
    Im wogn.

  • derf72

    this is straight fiyyyya.

  • eddyp21

    cant hear it in class, fuck … but as soon as i get home imma go all crazy !

  • Rebecca

    if you’re going to rip an image from a legitimate photographer’s body of work, you should at least credit him. this one is courtesy of kasey stokes.

  • P. For Pariah

    I love this chick! She does sound a bit like Mecca… But she is ill in her OWN right. I think I might wife her!!!

    PAC DIV… ALWAYS DOPE! Those of you asking who dat?? … SHAME ON YOU! *Mayor? *Fat Boys??? You never heard those trax????

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