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Plies – Look Like f. Young Jeezy & Fabolous

blame it on Shake April 26, 2010

Plies just let loose of a new joint off his upcoming album, Goon Affiliated, dropping on May 25th.

DOWNLOAD: Plies – Look Like f. Young Jeezy & Fabolous | Mediafire
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  • DEV

    Good Affiliated??


  • meh.

  • This is dope, Fab kill’d it

  • Que?

    Goon Affiliated as in Im on the Goonies the Movie Fan Club.

  • plies is whic whic WHACK

  • antihero


  • leprechaunmafia3

    Hate Plies, can’t say I like Jeezy much, fucks wit Fab sometimes, but for some reason I’m feelin’ this joint. Maybe ’cause that beat’s smooth as hell

  • Patrick Chewing

    I wish I had goons

  • Tango Down…..Hoorah

    I wish I had that I Rep That West right now. Premiered this morning at 8 on the west.

  • 2 solid features and Im lovin the beat.

  • MrCrockett

    coon affiliated fits him better

  • mkyp27

    why does everyone hate plies?

  • D

    The beat is nice

  • Big_E

    sooo anybody got the ‘Pliesless’ version of this song? lol

  • JD

    Honestly, on a hiphop site this dude doesn’t belong. Goon affiliated? No. Dork affiliated, yes! Dude’s a b*tch who can’t rap. He wouldn’t have stood a chance in a cypher. But now in 2010, you can film and record anything you want and release it, and some dickhead will actually think it’s hot.

  • Quint

    fuck plies and his stupid music

  • Rob

    SHAKE get off the DUST homie get back to kush and stop posting SHIT weezy can rap Lies can’t Rap he is FAR FAR FFFAAARRR from a goon LIES went to collage to be a NURSE the first time he was arrested was when he was 31 and it was for aN UNPAID SPEEDING TICKET so and Fabolous has been wack ever sence that Throw it in the bag garbage

  • The hood is still feeling Plies in Miami.

  • Can you really still (pretend to) be grimey when you drive a Hummer?

  • X

    what did he said begging of the song it sounded like “bibaBibabibol”

  • Marcus B.

    @ X Lmao it did too, I didn’t even notice that shit at first I blocked it out completely.