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    This post is a winner.

  • Lyriciss

    i am bout to beat off to this right quick for the entire DMV

  • 421


  • jaydeeIL

    best post in awhile shake...lol. damn!

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  • dee zee

    shes still got it, and would still get it.

  • http://2dopeboyz.com/ Meka

    *bites teeth all the way through bottom lip*


    I'll be in my bunk...

  • Stephon

    i still love you baby

  • Stephon

    i like how i said that as if she's gonna read this...but still

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/Lyriciss Lyriciss

    whoever posted that above comment under my name is a SUPER fag.
    and LMAO @ Meka makin' the Rich Boy face.


    Peace & Hip-Hop

  • iCon

    DAAAAMMMMMMNNN!!!!! Mmmm... Like a fine wine that get's better wit a little age.. She still look like she 20 years old.. My goodness... She's the most impregnatable female ever..

    *Right Click*.. *Save Image As*.. x4

  • Lowedwn

    I think I finally get why all the old heads were tripping on Pam Grier from the 70's straight into the 90's....good God...now this is what can easily get you through a Monday of work.

  • Polka

    I'll never forget how that ass bounced in slow mo in the "All Falls Down" video.




    Putting it back on the market hun. Must be s time for her to find another old white man to marry.

  • CRacck

    wow she still looks better then some of these video vixens.. That ass is soo fuckin sexxxy

  • thePrince

    she is still one of the baddest ...my goodness....hw u dont keep her is ridiculous ....i would wife that if i could lmao

  • 23kid

    I want that...
    All I can say

  • boston

    wow....alicia keys has some comp.......beautiful is not the word!!!!!!

  • ck47

    dat asssss

  • Solroc21

    Homina Homina Homina Homina Homina...*Faints*

  • My_Pops_Son

    I want to be on that.

  • brendan

    damn i thought she was hot before, but now she looks even better


    Here is her Playboy Photos from August 2006.


    The best photos EVER.

  • http://ineedm0ney.wordpress.com ineedm0ney

    how is it even possible that she looks better now then she did in clueless ten years ago

  • JonesDeini

    Forever the baddest!!!

  • http://ineedm0ney.wordpress.com ineedm0ney

    how does she look better now then she did ten years ago???

  • uzi


  • Big_E



    this required all caps lol



    It was in 06 when she did that.. It's the same ones I uploaded above.. But she is baaadddd none the less..

  • Big_E

    lol i put her in that 'Shecangeddit' post but yall niggas were fast asleep on this jaunt... 40+ with a 18 year old son and she can still definitely Geddit

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  • Big_E

    oh damn well i saw them last year so i thought they were new then

  • http://Shyguy Shyguy

    That ass is perfect

  • Dr. Dre

    If this bitch'll come through and gimmie a checkup....

    I'll release Detox.

    Dr. Dre

  • http://www.39parkave.com lala sugafoot

    Coming from a female...she is so pretty
    In the better words of Puffy..
    I would be saying "Take That, Take That"
    with a strap on. For Real


    All i know is Those Playboy pics are probably some of the most used pics when someone is beating off.. Especially after today.. Hahahahaha.. Damn they will forever stay as my wallpaper..

  • Haterade

    she doesnt age..shes a vampire i knew it. a mighty fine vampire at that.

  • jfalpha

    @polka those were the days

    she is fine as fuck


    why nobody said she in Rick Ross new video!! FUCKIN HATERZ

  • 421

    smh @ calling someone a "SUPER fag" your vocabulary sounds suspect

  • http://beselftitled.tumblr.com Cjae !

    The hot ones always make hot for me to keep my shoulders icey

    -Cjae !

  • MaaNi McFly

    Goooooooood Godddd
    on another note can someone email im an artist trying to start off and connects make the world go round.

  • Joe_So_Blunted

    "Good lord have mercy!,the lord is my shepard!, he know what I want!"

  • sean cameron

    What's a white girl?

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Seriously how the fuck hasn't she aged. Anyone here that says they wouldn't hit that is lying.

  • sammyswords

    what is the secret of her youth? She still looking like she stepped off the set of "Clueless" or "Mo Money" after all these years.

  • Dfrye

    God. Damn. I still remember watching All Falls Down over and over again for her.

  • shadow samurai


  • Haterade


    why nobody said she in Rick Ross new video!! FUCKIN HATERZ

    KAMUS said this on April 26th, 2010 at 2:16 pm


    Goooooooood Godddd
    on another note can someone email im an artist trying to start off and connects make the world go round.

    MaaNi McFly said this on April 26th, 2010 at 3:32 pm


    The hot ones always make hot for me to keep my shoulders icey

    -Cjae !

    Cjae ! said this on April 26th, 2010 at 3:16 pm


  • billie

    i would so eat her out!!!!

  • stussy_kid

    the post of the DAY

  • Patrick Chewing

    "If this bitch’ll come through and gimmie a checkup….

    I’ll release Detox.

    Dr. Dre"


    she fine

  • lm_wfc

    "how does she look better now then she did ten years ago???"

    One word:

  • DiggySimmons


  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2010/02/25/versis-all-in/ versis

    this makes my loins smile.

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  • http://beselftitled.tumblr.com Cjae !


    I meant " it's always the hot ones that make it hard for me to keep my shoulders icey"

  • http://www.shefskitchen.com ShefsKitchen

    I dont think this women has aged at all over the last 20 years, she looks just as good as she did in Mo Money with Damon wayans~!!


    click the name!

  • mmkayy

    good black dont crack..

  • BB


  • http://2ichard3rooks.wordpress.com RBTradition

    anyone know where Smooth Magazine is being distributed at? I need a hard copy of this.

  • http://defpenradio.com/ TS

    yep she still is fine

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