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B.o.B – Bet I Bust f. Playboy Tre & T.I. (Video)

blame it on Shake April 27, 2010


With The Adventures of Bobby Ray hitting shelves (and iTunes) today, B.o.B releases some more visuals.

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  • a

    b.o.b is doing big things

  • barney

    damn this video is SICK!!!! and this song has really grown on me.

  • ck47

    Is that Lacey duvalle in the video lol

  • jacobm15

    awesome!!!! b.o.b always has cool videos

  • song would be crazy just take away that awful playboy tre verse. t.i. killed it tho. video is nice as hell.

  • damnright

    waaay better than “nothin on you” video

  • Jarvo

    Ima b.o.b fan love the song and the album, but the video is too fuckin bright ithought the power rangers was gonna come out for a second there.

  • Big_E

    im guessing he used the same director that does the YM videos… and anybody kno what he means by ‘bust’? for real just wondering lol

  • Solroc21

    just got the cd and this video is ill!
    also B.o.B is #1 on itunes…congrats!

  • Big_E

    he shouldve had Killer Mike on this… Playboy Tre is his dude but god he’s horrible

  • bet i bust. bet i fail. :P

  • holla if ya swalla

    haha is it me or is T.I. lookin like a genius for signin this dude? t.i. is breakin the bank now (as if he already wasn’t before jail)

  • DiggySimmons

    Big [email protected] pb tre was dope on this. dope. relisten my nigg.

    ok this vid was shock considereing the airplanes stuff bob released this ghetto lookin video but i guess thats a testament to his realness n versatility one minute with paramore next minute with t.i n playboy tre (someone beiber boppers prolly aint heard off) thats was good.

  • iHateHaters

    this has nothing to do with this video it just came to mind.
    sorry if im late or some shit like that but did vizzy zone ever drop?

  • B.O.B.’s_mirror

    Video is fucking GREAT! FUCKING GREAT VDEO MAN!

  • yeah great song and video. they just dont make them like this anymore. B.O.B you da man

  • T.C. The Prince

    dope vid and all 3 of them ripped it and really Big E come on listenin to the lyrics son bust in this song means many things bust a crazy flow/sick rhyme, but I become somethin big, bet I get ya girl etc.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Fucking crazy video!

  • lupethekiller

    Am I the only one who’s not feeling this vid? Thought it was pretty whack imo, his only really street track on the album gets stylized as ish. I do like the song alot so its just disappointing

  • Dude, this video BLOWS. Can you say fucking bubblegum? I thought this song was about weed, looks like they made the damn thing to appeal to 12 year olds.

  • This video is fresh!

  • marcus

    wack. where’s the Airplanes video

  • JaneIsBlazin

    Y is every1 hatin on bob album? Me likey.

  • Tango Down…..Hoorah

    Can’t get enough of that verse from Tip. Shit was fire.

  • Geez

    Well B.o.B. is pretty awesome lol

  • I Nick All Week

    Anyone hating on Playboy Tre is a daaaaamn fool

  • Concerned Rap Fan

    this shit is sick

  • K-TO

    lol at the flying liquids everywhere

  • T.I saved this song, very week chorus!! Crisp video!

  • I love B.O.B put this video is shit. I don’t see how ya’ll say this video is dope. It look pop for no reason, dancin and shit? Most yall was hatin on that CB and tyga joint but you like this video. For real tho Ima true head, and only fucks with the real but I don’t get some of my fellow hip hop heads. Stop dick ridin everything a nigga do. why are we putting niggas on a level that they haven’t reached yet regardless of current success.

  • Byaahman

    ^^I hate that song because it blows donkey on a hot day
    BTW awesome song and video

  • Steve

    Holy shit this is whack. No lies.

  • HippaToDaHoppa

    lol, that dude playboy tre don’t look how he sounds. Him and Shyne need to switch bodies or trade voices or somethin lol

  • JaySole

    This is so garbage. This is like a Hurricane Chris song….

  • B.E.H

    lmao BOB had to keep get the niggas to like this…and this is smart first he did the lady song then he did the mainstream rap gucci/wacka flocka shit….he doin his thing even though i hate this song

  • Man it feels good 2 see Magoo again…

  • B.o.B has the greatest formula in hip-hop music right now. Him and Drake…but something is telling me his plan is slightly smarter than Drake’s.

    This is the joint to appeal to the ‘106 and Park’ crowd. “Nothin’ On You” was the universal/female crowd.

    “Airplanes” is the rock/alternative/universal crowd.

    I’m telling you. His debut album is generally, musically and strategically crazy and dope and it will redefine how these next couple years of hip-hop and urban music will go.

  • mmkayy


  • AskAboutMe

    good shyt chuxilla

  • Yatti

    when this nigga came out no one care or even cared for this guy. once eminem was co-signing him, giving him his props, all of a sudden everyone starts liking him. stop being a bandwagon.

    i still don’t like this guy. his only song that i would ever listen to is airplanes.

  • T.P.


  • GR

    hahahaha i loved this video, don’t know what u guys are talking bout.

  • A berger

    tightass song, vid’s a lil on the strange side.
    playboy tre gave me a giggle