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B.o.B – Can I Fly

blame it on Shake April 27, 2010

Can I Fly was offered as a bonus track to those that pre-ordered the album. Now that The Adventures of Bobby Ray has finally hit shelves, pre-orders are no longer needed right? So here goes the track for those that didn’t support early. Shame, shame on you…

DOWNLOAD: B.o.B – Can I Fly | Mediafire

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  • DiggySimmons

    good lookin
    haha i can tell shake was dyin to put this out

  • John

    Eminem is the Best Lyrical Of All Times, Dawg………What the fuck is he doin with BoB

  • DiggySimmons

    for the record this song is super duper dope. yes the chorus and lyrics are kinda cleshay (bob does that) but its real nice n positive n uplifting!

  • 2Dope

    Question, are the bonus tracks different depending on where you purchase the album from, e.g., Best Buy, Target or iTunes?

  • Battle3

    nice! but this “Africa Must Wake Up” Is Truly Something Special

  • mo

    anyone have “Yesterday”??

  • 2Dope

    P.S. Usershare has gone downhill, the advertisements are ridiculous

  • daveg

    Bonus tracks so far are Satellite, Higher, Letters From Vietnam, Not Lost, Can I Fly…am I missing any

  • tom

    I think people who can’t appreciate B.O.B. are hilarious. Would you like hip-hop to stay the same forever? Are positive/up-beat themes always poppy? No, you are stupid

  • Big_E

    John because Em’s not a close minded fuck…

  • Big_E

    i need that ‘Yesterday’ trak too…



  • Eminem’s_mirror

    Big_E you suck kiss dicks for living, lick balls for food and suck toes for fun so what da fucc are you talkin bout?

  • Big_E

    ^^^damn John… u mad? and how does one “suck kiss” a dick lol? gotta get my girl to learn that one…

    maybe if you stopped thinking of niggas suck kissing dicks and licking balls you’d understand why Em worked with BoB

  • Tre

    Shake, i think this song is called “Don’t Wake Me Up”, B.o.B tweeted about it when he said “don’t overlook the bonus songs….”
    and please please please post Yesterday if you have it, everybody is going nuts about it thanks man

  • holla if ya swalla

    dude is gunna be around for a long, long time

  • yoattttt

    i bought the album today…12 tracks! can i get yesterday, higher, satellite, letters from vietnam… all the bonus songs! come on i know you guys wanna share

  • Narrow

    maaaaan… where’s yesterday and the complete version of higher? 2 super dope tracks that just got canceled? wtf?

    shake, pleeease… just tell us if you know what happened to those tracks? the higher leak is uncomplete, right? or is this the final thing? and yesterday? *cry*

  • DP

    somebody hook me up with that letters from vietnam and yesterday please!

  • Marcus B.

    I used to love usershare….now it’s the new zshare.

  • Dre

    ayyyyyyyyyyy wtf happen to the Stream bar??

  • who cares

    His album was a lil disappointing to me =/

  • chop76

    I have 9 bonus tracks, Higher, Satellite, Mellow Fellow (which is fire), Not Lost, Letters from Vietnam, I see ya, Can I fly, Paperboy, across the World. I cant find Yesterday at all anywhere but I really need that shit.

  • shane

    his album fell very short for me, mixtapes were better, maybe not enough b.o.b and too much bobby ray

  • waaaazzaa


  • dino


  • BubblegumWay

    Letters from Vietnam: http://bit.ly/a7zzHQ

  • Letters from Vietnam DOWNLOAD

    Letters from Vietnam:: http://bit.ly/a7zzHQ


  • OGEazy

    Does anyone have working links for the bonus songs?