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Cam’ron & Vado – Ur Killin’ Me f. KiD CuDi (prod. Alchemist) [CDQ]

blame it on Shake April 27, 2010

A radio rip surfaced last night, and now Miss Info hits us with the CDQ. I’m not sure what people were saying yesterday but this shit is dope. Killa! UPDATE: CuDi reveals that he laid the hook awhile ago without any knowledge of who was gonna end up on it. He’s fucking with the final product though. And there you have it…

DOWNLOAD: Cam’ron & Vado – Ur Killin’ Me f. KiD CuDi (prod. Alchemist) | Medaifire
BONUS: Vado – OnDaSpot Freestyle

  • holla if ya swalla

    the music just ain’t stoppin today. gotta love it

  • djayare

    music is no joke today.

  • uzi


  • DiggySimmons

    today has been a goodday for music. chea

  • this….is….DOPE!

  • I’d love to hear a Cam song without this other guy

  • you guys ain’t lieing…the good music just keeps coming…i feel spoiled

  • DiggySimmons

    Brandan < trust me vado is dope. check "different cloth" "talk to em" and "fed story" then u can really decide if dude can spit.

  • Martin

    Yeah some serious shit droppin today/yesterday!
    Killa is a killer like as always, and Vado is spittin heat also. But still, what a random collaboration.. I mean, Kid Cudi? No hate on him, i love the dudes music it is just one weird feat. But dope yeah!

  • Brocho Cinco

    I was just listening to the radio rip and was dying to hear the CDQ and here it is. Alchemist never disappoints

  • DiggySimmons

    Brandan <also check vado-land of the dealers trust me hes dope.

  • markaveli

    i love alc….but am i the only one that cant stand cam, jim jones, or jeulz?????

  • White Mike

    markaveli, Juelz is dope IMO.

  • Marcus B.

    Yeeeeaaahhh boi! I’m loving today.

  • HeartAnemic


  • JonesDeini

    Heard both Boss of All Bosses tapes…They would’ve been better w/o Vado/the rest of his U.N. Jobber Squad

  • come on son! vado is a rookie and almost everytime you hear him hes on a track with cam and even tho the beats and subject matter dont change much you gotta acknowlegde that hes talented.

  • AHatersHater

    so dope

  • Im(mortal)

    Alchemists bass-line gives me multiple orgasms.

  • Virginia_Rhymer

    wow everything is just workin’ for this track, beat is crazy, cudi on the hook and cam’ron and vado’s rhymes are not bad at all, track is 2dope

  • cmon now

    whasgood with these blogsites not allowing freedom of speech. my comment gets deleted cuz i wasnt feelin vado??? dude sucks hes not bring in nething to the table just another street rapper talkin about nothin with weak punchlines

  • Busy

    Alchemist FTW!

  • vlado


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