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Crooked I – Single Freestyle

blame it on Shake April 27, 2010

I’m gonna go ahead and ignore the first few seconds of this as that Young Money slore gives a shout out. Although, I guess it’s better to be on her “good” side right? Anyways, Crook takes Lil Wayne’s Single and does what he does best. PlanetC.O.B!

DOWNLOAD: Crooked I – Single Freestyle | Mediafire

  • MrCrockett

    he a suacka for that shit

  • the beginning hahaha

  • bbs


  • DOOM

    Latest April Fools joke ever.

  • Rezo

    Shake can you hack Elite’s computer please and get that Cole? lol

  • smh

    he caught a L for that shit smh…..

  • *kanye shrug*

    this bitch need to die in traffic……dead ass

  • Big_E

    …why nigga? why? That bitch?

  • Crooked’s_mirror

    Bad link. repost please

  • Kat_Stacks’s_mirror

    Good link. thanks for repost

  • Intellegence’s_mirror

    I think he enrolled Kat Stacks on this to trow a subliminal at young money? We all know that slaughterhouse (especially Royce) have a boner for wayne! (just listen to bar exam 2)

  • slaughterhouse would eat the young puppets..

  • uzi

    im feelin this shit

  • Game

    Man im gonna edit out that stupid dyke FAST!!!!

  • CrookedLostRespect

    why would he feed that ego…smh

  • Well Kat Stacks sucks literally and so did this freestyle

  • robertTHEallen

    wow this is the first crooked freestyle that i havent liked in a really long time

  • belz

    Slaughterhouse has a boner for wayne? are you fuckin retarded? you must be.

    Royce has been throwing subliminal jabs at wayne for YEARS now. catch up. “jay-z’s headache, lil waynes migraine touchin what the lead aint”

  • mozz

    “touchin what gillette (the razor) aint”

  • ne..~

    Seriously? kat stacks. Crooked I just went down the gutter, peace.

  • fiz7

    crooked i’s whack. his syllable game is horrid on this thing. i keep listening to give him a chance but he’s not proving anything

  • uzi

    ^ please jump off ya roof crooked would merk ya fav rapper

  • Crooked did his thing on this. I think he put Kat Stacks on this to piss Lil Twist and the others off too but hey it’s crooked’s thing.

    I Edited out Kat Stacks out for those that don’t like her:http://usershare.net/fxd8nd2baktn

  • Tponnik
  • Secrets of WAR

    crook didnt even say her name or shout her out or had her rap on it ..just a quick drop …smh @ these fools on here ..nice flow ..rock it better than lil wayne’s own shit

  • WAY better than lil weezy