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Eminem – Despicable Freestyle

blame it on Shake April 27, 2010

Nope… it’s not his single (which is now said to be produced by Boi-1da). But that won’t stop Em’s fans from going crazy as he does his thing over Drake’s Over and Banks’ Beamer, Benz Or Bentley instrumentals. Spotted at RR.

DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Despicable Freestyle | Mediafire

  • TXM

    killed it.

  • Battle3


  • R.I.P

    kinda wack. He needs to stop screaming and stop with the fast flow

  • Pc

    He put his fucking foot through the beats assholes.

  • Rezo

    That fucking bitch in the ushershare ads won’t shut the fuck up! smh

  • iHateHaters

    dope x 100

  • yesplzz

    Damn, Em murked that shit!!! Waiting for the single now. GOAT!

  • bbs

    190+ comments coming?

  • Eks

    Eh, its decent. Slightly better than Relapse stuff but nowhere near as good as his old stuff.

  • gap

    “kinda wack. He needs to stop screaming and stop with the fast flow”


  • ck47

    holy shit

  • Fantum

    Well it’s better than Relapse and Encore. I kinda like this new style he has but he’s been better. Doubt he’ll ever go back to sounding like he used to though.

  • hopefull

    dude he fuckin mentions bamboozle @ the 1:55 mark. i’m goin to that this weekend. that would be fuckin sick if he was the special guest or comes on stage during drakeee

  • Rafae Sheikh


  • Rezo

    ^^ Anything Em does from this point on will be better than Relapse. That album was pure garbage.

  • Mohammed

    OMG!! Em killed it. Lol at the end though.

  • Iceyjesse

    i swear to god i’ll shit myself if he releases a mixtape

  • tom

    This is the farthest from wack.

  • he fucking spazzes.
    rediculous flow. especially at the beginning of the beamer beat.

  • blap11

    pretty pretty good

  • Gh3i

    Man, some of you are nut. Nas won’t ever touch Illmatic again, Jay the Blueprint, and Em his earlier work. That said, they still put out dope music and Em’s recent stuff (including this track) makes me hyped for Recovery.

  • he fuckin smacked the shit outta these beats. especially Beamer, Benz, or bentley…

  • LK


    “I reign supreme in this honkey shit!”

    Eminem is back…seriously though, this freestyle is fucking crazy! So hyped for recovery

  • lupe

    i like his flow over the beamer beat better.

  • I Like Em Just As Much As Everyone Else Do…But Just Stop With The GOAT Shit…That Just Makes His Fanbase Seem Like Dickriders…But He Is Tops On My List…

  • But He Did His Thing…

  • TXM

    lmao if you can’t admit he killed it something is wrong with you ..

  • D easy


  • Evan292

    wow. GOAT

  • Z


  • tom

    Dude its not dickriding if he really is approaching GOAT status. I mean shit I don’t think any one person is the GOAT but if anyone has credentials its him. oh must i list them?

    A) top selling artist of past decade
    B) keeps it lyrically intense entire career
    C) simply murders tracks

  • b.

    plays his old slim shady ep.

  • Big_E

    this was aight… all he ever does now is that fast flow now and ppl go crazy over it… nice thou

  • gap

    lmao @ Eminem being the GOAT.

  • :|

    Holy fuck, Hip Hop needed this.

  • damnright

    are there REALLY people on here saying this was wack?! are you fucking kidding me? this is the best freestyle i’ve heard in months. he said something about a damn square chicken and referenced that to “cock block”! that shit is more out there than most of Wayne’s metaphors

  • gangster

    that’s the whole point of a freestyle… to break the song in two with the flow… songs on Recovery will be just perfect…i’m sure of that

  • @hopefull…..you gotta be stupid…he said “he’ll make you look stupid and bamboozled”…..just another word for looking dumb…..doesnt say anything about the actual concert…..you got all hyped for nothing lol.

  • R.I.P

    Eminems fanatic stans dont do him any favours. He (was) dope, but the GOAT talk is ridiculous

  • Gh3i

    “are there REALLY people on here saying this was wack?! are you fucking kidding me?”

    Yeah, unreal.

  • Holy Fuck

    can anyone ever be happy with eminem hes the best rapper/lyracist/songwriter doing it right now but hey lets rup on his new flow which he changed beacause ungratful annoying ass fans ripped on his last flow/voice shut the fuck up and listen to this cuz this is that shit

  • southside

    He killed it, but I agree he needs to stop screaming.

  • Holy Fuck


  • Coroner

    Heee’s the beeee(a)st!!

  • gooddrinksowassup

    No doubt Eminem is great rapper, but this wasn’t that good….

  • b_lett

    God damn, Eminem kills it over that Beamer, Benz or Bentley beat.

  • yesplzz

    Eminem > EVERYTHING

  • Nate

    Calm down, Marshall. You’re all worked up.

  • This goes hard. I wanna hear him on some grimey beats tho..

  • Kaynok

    Em, calm the fuck down. Okay, it was pretty dope. He had some nice lines in that shit, but DAMN! He tried fitting what normally would be a 5 minute freestyle in two minutes. Good gracious.

  • The white boy is baaack! Detroit snitches! This is for all the haters who said he was done! Michigan stand up!

  • holla if ya swalla

    how the fuck can you even say this is wack? he needs to stop with his fast flow or do you just need to catch up? get the fuck outta here haters. you don’t like his fast flow you don’t like when he raps with an accent just stfu. damn smh

  • ANT

    If your not doing back flips over this your a retard!
    Eminem > everyone else

  • holla if ya swalla

    btw cosign @ holy fuck

  • Scott

    this guy is incredible

  • bbs

    @holla if ya swalla

    smh…sorry ass nigga

  • RIKO


  • Kingmerv326


  • holla if ya swalla

    your a sorry ass nigga if your not feelin this

  • Spencer Hinson

    wish he would’ve just spit over “beamer, benz, or bentley” for the entire time…flow was unreal on that

  • Risawt

    god dammit

  • DiggySimmons

    eminem cant please everyone hes really good so people always expect 100% even if he provides 80% (which is still better than 97% of was out there anyway) people are gonna complain.

  • @ R I P

    He’s Still Dope To This Day…
    When The Fuck Has Em Never Been Dope…
    And Don’t Give Me That Encore Shit Cause
    He Actually Had Some Dope Tracks On There…

    @ Holla…Cosign..

  • Nitto

    unbelievable how amazing this was…

  • i got a feeling eminem is gna take over the fucking rap world .. murder it bring it back to life bend it over and fuck it upside down hes fast ass flows are killer man

  • boston

    RAKIM is the G.O.A.T……not sayin that em isn’t…..but we’ll see how “recovery” goes……

  • Big_E

    listened to it a couple more times and that nigga came correct lol… dude is monster

  • People who think considering Eminem the Greatest of All Time is ridiculous must not understand Hip Hop at all. Cant even begin to name statistical records (highest selling ARTIST in a decade which he only released music for half of decade). But lyrically he’s been undeniable and no one…man fuck this


  • Tre Diggz

    Man i got chills from this shit… ppl neeed to find something else to hate on you dont like leave for real bc this shit is ill and got me hyped for friday non the less

  • Evan292

    There can never be one GOAT guys so stop arguing over it. Eminem is one of the GOATS. So is Rakim, Jay-Z, NaS, KRS-One, etc

  • Em is decent, and so is this song, but…..


  • Em is decent, and so is this song, but……

  • Em is decent, and so is this song, but……..

  • C

    Em is great don’t get me wrong but everytime this nigga drops somethin yall can’t keep his nuts out your mouth but shut everybody else down who come out. Homie can have a 10 sec snippet and you’ll say he’s the greatest..not hatin just sayin

  • Martin

    Man, you peeps need to STOP hatin’, how the fuck can you possibly hate on this!?!?! Thats simply bullshit…

    This is dope for real. Em is doing his thing, and his supersonic flow how can that be bad!?!?! Anywho, I think this is awesome. Recovery will be the shiznit.
    Recovery > Relapse > Random-troll-hatin-sons-of-bitches (no dickridin on Em, but admit that he is spittin heat again and again, and also right here

  • It amazes me with all the bullshit that’s out there on the radio, when an EMCEE actually comes and bless yall with a hot track, yall STILL call it wack. I’m truly wondering what the hell it is yall really like (for those who think it’s wack)??? You fake ass purist make me sick with your unsubstantiated arguments and comments.

  • MisterCharisma

    I’d like one album of this, to go.

  • I think that is true…when he drops somthin that the ppl dont like you notice somthin else that bugs you lol..cuz iM a big as Em Fan…but idk it just seems that hes Forcing that serious tone to much..But hey IMa shut the Fuck up cuz atleast he dropped the accent lol

  • DiggySimmons

    TheFuckingTruth<shut up sit down n stop spamming. slap yo self.
    People who think considering Eminem the Greatest of All Time is ridiculous must not understand Hip Hop at all <<i agree with that part.

    I swear ud think some of these comments were written by a retarded goat. sheesh.

  • DiggySimmons


    It amazes me with all the bullshit that’s out there on the radio, when an EMCEE actually comes and bless yall with a hot track, yall STILL call it wack. I’m truly wondering what the hell it is yall really like (for those who think it’s wack)??? You fake ass purist make me sick with your unsubstantiated arguments and comments.

    YoungCosby said this on April 27th, 2010 at 3:51 pm



    recovery baby!!!!!!!

  • Curtis75Black

    Straight rips this shit !! Props given.

  • John

    lol what the hell does G.O.A.T even mean ؟

  • Jay Cole

    Top 5 Dead Or Alive!! If you dont believe me, ask Jay-Z or Nas
    they said it too!

  • t

    wish he had subject matter tho. dude can rap tho

  • mozz

    They shouldn’t have doubled his voice over, but the verses are fire. The angry voice was stupid here but perhaps he doesn’t want to shit on recovery before it even comes out. I hope this isn’t the newest shitty accent he will have to come back from.

    Damnit, just rap. Quit playing with your voice. It’s like seeing a great violinist using the bow to beat on the violin like a drum and make music that way. Yeah you could make it sound dope, but if you use the shit the way you’re supposed to, it would already be fire.

    I hope recovery doesn’t sound like this, or else he just moved from one annoying accent to the other. damnit, just RAP.

  • Rezo

    ^^^ G.O.A.T = Greatest of All Time

  • Meezy

    he fucking killed that beat. One of the few who freestyled Over and did the beat justice.

  • kmann

    you think you ball well i palm it, i throw up bombs when i vomit
    i throw down in the kitchen might hit your mum with my omlete
    but you got egg on your face, now watch me drop it atomic
    i should be strapped to the chest of a kamikaze bitch
    im as bat shit as ozzy it’s obvious you can tell right off the bat
    no pun intended but come any closer i’ll bite off your head
    trying to give me the finger’s like giving a spider the web
    I’m just gonna spin it and try to use it to my advantage

  • Unxpekted

    Cant even listen to this, this beat is so fucking aweful. Theres all these 9th Wonder, Premier, Buckwild, Alchemist, Lee Bannon, Pete Rock, Stoupe, ect, etc, etc beats and you rock on this garbage? The second beat was tight

  • Unxpekted

    Eminem Alchemist Freestyle > this

  • Rezo

    It would have been better if he went for 2 mins just on the Beamer, Benz, or Bentley beat with that flow. I wasn’t feeling the Over part of this.

  • DiggySimmons


    lol what the hell does G.O.A.T even mean ؟

    John said this on April 27th, 2010 at 3:56 pm

  • @Diggy

    No need to get your panties in a bunch. Nobody’s spamming, it was a joke. If you knew who Dr Octagon was, you’d get it.

  • @ Diggy Simmons…

    I Wonder Too Now…What The Fuck Is It Gonna Take For You Guys To Quit Bitching & Moaning??? I Mean You Guys Want Certain People To Put Out Certain Type Or Better Yet Go Back To Their Old Style And Yet You Guys Dissect Everything About The Shit…Just Accept Getting Good Music And Shut The Fuck Up…Yet You Guys Complain About Albums Being Wack,Yet These Guys Put Out Free Music And Work Hard On Making The Shit To Give To You…”FOR FREE”…So Stop Crying,Complaining & Hating…..This Site Is Starting To Feel Like RealTalkNy…Deadass…Ain’t Nothing But Haters Over There…

  • JamesFinnaGet

    that was pretty crazy..dude sounds mad angry.

  • Shawn

    You guys are fucking retarded. He straight murked this and the flow is stupid ill. I take the angry flow over that accent bullshit anyday.

  • John

    OK. Thx Rezo and DiggySimmons.
    So For me he actually IS. No Hate !

  • pmoney
  • omfgbewbz

    wow yes i like. best shit since “the warning”. seriously. this is the em i like. his airplanes and drop the world verses were wack.

  • Jacob


  • not2beaprick

    em killed this

  • johnnypancakes

    wow his flow is crazy!

  • DiggySimmmons

    John <want aimin anyshots at u btw.
    TheFuckingTruth<*gives tft a hug*

  • Ringstr0m

    OOOOOHHHHH SHIIIIIIITTT OMG this was dope as fuck

  • Apple’ G-Unit Shady ‘City

    All Ya Bitchez around here talkin to everybody in here

    the last time i’m hear em like this is the slim shady ep or lp

    his hungry like a mothafucka watch what you say bitchez

    everybody is now victim recovery he don’t jus that name for nothin okay

    let’s see his first single is NOT AFRAID!!!! Let’s see what you bitchez then have too say okay

    SHADY IZ BACK !!!!!! RECOVERY 22JUNE OUT IN STORES EUROPA IZ 18JUNE LET’s Be real His Back again !!!!!!!!!!!


    Everybody suck a dick or get some pussy mothafucka !!!!!

  • Tre Diggz

    anyone here that possible detox snippet???
    lol probably not real

  • im an eminem dickrider and this was wack to me..the fast flow doesnt work and the lyrics are pretty lame most of the time


  • @Diggy

    Like I said, no hard feelings here.

    @Tre Diggz

    I heard that shit, but it seemed really sketch.

  • White Mike

    I like the BBBentley part better than the first part.

  • Unxpekted

    It would have been better if he went for 2 mins just on the Beamer, Benz, or Bentley beat with that flow. I wasn’t feeling the Over part of this.

    Thats very true. I feel Em is trying to be another Drake, very disappointing.

    EMINEM ROCKING OVER CLASSIC GANGTARR AS A TRIBUTE > this over the wack over beat…

  • Man is still a fuckin beast!!!

  • Listener AnonyMUSE

    He still has the old flow in his back pocket… I just think he’s trying to reinvent himself… Comparing this to some old battles he’s way overhyped on the mic

  • Tre Diggz

    Yea i hear ya there well see i just think today is a good day for music n’ all we got a B.o.B album, Pac Div mixtape, J. Cole and Curre$y single, this and a whole bunch of other shit and ppl still got to complain about something when there so much they have fuck come one ppl

  • Vince

    I come around like what goes around
    What goes up must come down, anyone who comes up must go down
    Might aswell go for the gusto now
    Better not let up, better not let them breathe
    Last shot, give it all you got
    Try to turn me down bitch, get fucked with a volume knob
    Fuck all you snobs, hoes now i hope all you rot
    2 bottles of lupiderm and a box of condoms is that all you brought
    And you want a Ménage à trois you twats
    Fuck that i’d rather turn this club to a ballroom brawl
    Get rowdy as roethlisberger in a bathroom stall
    Like a leaf stuck in a vacuum ya’ll
    ain’t nuttin but a whole lotta suckin’ going on in rap
    Yeah but I’m home, bad to the bone, back in the zone
    leave him alone you don’t wanna go eggin him on
    It’ll never be my chair that you own
    crown so tight that it cuts all circulation
    to the brain no oxygen other words there’s no heir to the throne
    When i die so does hip-hop
    hitchcock did a shit bitch ass doc got his zip locked in a bag
    you fags ain’t been able to fade me since kid rock had a hi-top
    keep bloggin while i’m mind boggling i zone like im in the twilight dog
    get off my bone, this is my mic dog and i like hoggin it
    flow so wet ima take this beat tabboggoning, im water loggin it, im soggin it
    pull your verse out the beat and stomp on it
    suplexing it on cement like im on some straight outta compton shit
    take this dick and chomp on it, im so bad i could bitch slap a back handed compliment
    jackass, eat a donkey dick, the game i just about conquered it
    like donkey kong, im bonkers bitch im the king of this honkey shit
    i reign supreme in this honkey shit
    no sense screaming] and arguin makes no difference whether a benz or a bentley or a beamer’s the car you in
    you think you ball well i bomb it, i throw up bombs when i vomit
    i throw down in the kitchen might hit your mum with my omlete
    but you got egg on your face, now watch me drop it atomic
    i should be strapped to the chest of a kamikaze bitch
    im as bat shit as ozzy it’s obvious you can tell right off the bat
    no pun intended but come any closer i’ll bite off your head
    trying to give me the finger’s like giving a spider the web
    I’m just gonna spin it and use it to my advantage
    i catch a fly in that bitch, you think you fly, you just food
    i give as much of a flying fuck as that superman dude
    Guess I just do what you can’t do, i make you look stupid and bamboozled
    confused as usual and you can ripped she can open a can too
    you better hope you can handle the heat or stay the fuck outta hells kitchen
    i came to cock block like a square, fucking male chicken
    Yeah, it’s shady slut the rest can suck on a big one
    Im as despicable as daffy duck when im spittin’

  • I_love_it_in_my_butt

    STOP DICKRIDING. Half lines were boring half were good. Flow is good. not the most creative, but skillfull. one-liners – 2,5/5, flow – 4,5/5 average – 3,5/5

  • flip illson

    i’m the king of this honkey shit.

    —a dying metaphor—

  • latic

    FUCK YOU HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK FUCK AND FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!
    this is pure fire,this is pure mmlp flow and you hate on it ?I dont get it,really.This are the dopest flow since eminem show.And my opnion is if you dont like it,you are just a hater or a drake fan xD

  • John

    Those of you who call this wack or not impressive might wanna sit down and ask yourself if you really are a fan of Rap after all. I swear some of you are damn near impossible to please. Maybe you are bored of this genre in general and should move on to something else, cause Em MURDERED this beat. He displayed a great showcase of the artform and the skill it takes to pull it off. What else does he have to do?! You didn’t pay a damn penny for this either you ungrateful pricks.

    2010 music consumers are so spoiled.

  • Seif

    Lol @ comments

  • BSnyd3


  • Edward Nygma

    Em is the only person that can flow over a beat like that while screamin his head off. this is some Eminem Show-level anger/craziness. if you dont like this or Relapse then you probly just dont like Eminem,if you only like Slim Shady LP-type Em then go away and listen to it cause he’ll never sound like that again.

    not a huge Hov fan but this is fitting: “Niggas want my old shit/ buy my old albums.”

  • :O(


  • cya

    Best track I’ve heard from Em in like 5 years. Unfuckinbelievable.

  • F A Detox

    *places nipple on screen*

  • Nigga Please

    niggas swear like their opinion is fact. smh this was hot

  • latic

    em killed drake lol,i am a bit sry for drake he doesnt deserve it xD lol

  • 313’s A-Train

    …Em killed it. yall worried about his old flow? it’s called evolving. and what’s this shit about an accent? check the lyrics folks. definitely eight out of ten. check that Royce, he killed “Over” too. 313 all day…

  • Dreano

    “im dispicable, its daffy duck when im spittin” thats the besting ending ive heard in……_____________ Long of time.

  • AbT

    I don’t get how him raising his voice is a bad thing, or a “new wack accent” =S he’s adding intensity to the track, it works great. And whoever thinks rappers shouldn’t use and work with their own voice for effect must be joking, would you rather him completely lack personality when he rhymes?

    And i’m not being a stan by saying that this is very good.

  • Rios

    better than drakes……………………….

  • Trick


  • Grundz

    This shit is fucking awesome, not even on some stannery, GotDAMN EM is back for real this time, SHADY2010, J. Cole’s the only one who will have as good of an album as Recovery.

  • BBoldt

    “pull your verse out the beat and stomp on it”

  • Dale Kinkaid

    This is how it should be right here: http://adjix.com/ysr8

  • DocVile

    Gotta virus tryin to listen to this shit!! Usershare Fail

  • Royce was better over “Over” (lol), but both of them MURKED Drake’s shit…but DAMN! MOTHERFUCKER IS B-A-C-K 110%

  • omfgbewbz

    EMinem show was my fave, and em is best when he is agressive/crazy with a touch of disgusting humour. THIS is a return to form. Recovery? Cant fucking wait. Good job Em!

  • This nigga Em is Un FuckWitAble!

  • I belong to an Em fansite and even thought that was average.


    yall be thinking wayne is the goat, so what the fuck yall know? em murder these beats, fast and slow , i’m diggin the fast em, i’m from the chi after all!!

  • DynamiK

    after hearing this i think eminem should stop rapping.

  • And what!

    My nigga Eminem killed this shit!!! Real Hip Hop fans feel this freestyle! Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane fans hate this lol. Believe me there’s no Hip Hop fan that respects dope lyrics hating on this right here! Eminem is a fucking MONSTER on the mic & i bet this is killing u haters, that’s why ya’ll are talking shit on here looool.

  • Knarf_

    em is not the goat. stop son. stop

  • And what!

    Lol @ the haters tryna fuck with peoples heads! I c wat ya’ll are tryna do, ya’ll don’t really hate it, u jus want people to respond to ur pointless comments lol sad fuckers, ha!

  • Geebz

    ^ greatest of all time will not and can not be decided until the end of the genre, which won’t happen. you’re lying to yourself if you don’t believe he is the greatest and biggest rapper alive though my brah.

  • zany blunts

    whoa……….nuff said

  • aaron

    royce went harder

  • juno40

    Em killed it. My only thing is he sound kinda Bizzy Bone-ish at times. Other than that shit is ill… RECOVERY!!!!!!!

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    I’m laughing at people saying this is wack.

  • ????

    Geebz… Ur trippin. He’s definitely top 10 but not number 1. On my list he would b 5 or 6. Anyway he MURKED this. juno I hear watchu sayin. Some parts he sounds like Bizzy. Just slightly.

  • sempai

    hly shit!

  • Pixel

    ^ LOL I started to notice it on my 4th listen. Flow was a lil Bizzy but the words is AAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL EM! lol

  • Jesus Cereceres

    He’s not coming back.. Hopefully he comes harder next time in a song that’s not a freestyle, he’s just barging about himself the whole way thro this song.. THAT IS NOT HIP HOP!

  • E.T.Beats

    If that is just a freestyle imagine the album

  • Grundz

    To the dude who said Em can rap but he wish he had substance, you’re a fucking idiot. All of his albums are full of substance filled lyrics, he’s clearly just rapping his ass off on this one for a purpose. Smh.

  • mark

    Get rowdy as roethlisberger in a bathroom stall


  • johnappleseed

    R.I.P. “kinda wack. He needs to stop screaming and stop with the fast flow”

    you want less screaming and slow flow go listen to new Shyne you faggot. Em killed this

  • who cares

    hahahahahhahahahhahaha the king just killed it!!!!!

  • who cares

    @RIP u are a dumbass go listen to Lil Wayne if you want slow flow

  • who cares

    already on my 4th listen. it’s awesome XD

  • who cares

    haha “fuck an intro man let’s just go..”

  • Yes man

    he didnt have to raped those songs like this???? Why hedid dat shit!!!!???? What those poor beats ever did to him???? DDAAAAAMMMMNNNN!!!!!

  • Eminem is the fucking truth. Great day for hip hop fans.

  • who cares

    lmfao @yes man

  • pmoney
  • Emthegreatest

    Highest selling artist of the decade!!! For a fact…The truth try and catch up on your knowledge…until someone spits it like him dont speak up…You dont know hip hop…

  • mmkayy

    nicee.. he spittin like on the re-up tho which i dont really like… but new eminem ? how many times can u have that ??? not many

  • melosz

    anyone who said relapse was bad slit ur wrists. hes a lyrical mionster

  • lizord


  • not saying Relapse was bad but it’d be nice if he did some Slim Shady LP/EP & Marshall Matters shyt

    put some of that crazy “Stan” shit out lol
    And new shyt out

  • 5FingerDiscount

    GAWD DAMN THE HATERS ARE OUT TONIGHT!!! Em has spoiled all you bitches to the point that you rip apart every breath on the mic. I’m not gonna say he hasn’t made his fair share of duds (Encore, The Re-Up, allowing 50 Cent to drop The Massacre and Curtis) but come the fuck on, whos spit game is on his level? Name someone so I can laugh…. Wayne? Drake? Beuller? Sorry, nope. I’m a huge Jay-Z and Nas fan and I still don’t think they can kick a delivery like this…. But that’s my opinion

  • 5FingerDiscount

    Also, I love how you people without a tenth of Em’s skill or tallent comment, like Johnny Ciphe…. what the fuck r u trying to say? “put some of that crazy “Stan” shit out lol
    And new shyt out” WTF????

  • Kingmerv326


  • Bezze


  • leutrim rexhaj

    relapse had good parts but too many bad parts to make it a good album, this is ridiculous though omg i cant wait for recovery

  • james

    dope shit

    recovery’s going to be a problem

  • SideShow

    this is some good shit ;) and any one who say anything else is fucking retard….he spit fire,i can feel the action in the freestyle,and this is just a freestyle i like to here the crazy shit i know he will spit for the recovery album.


    lmao @ Eminem being the GOAT.

    gap said



    TheTruth: Umm. Selling records has nothing to do with being the greatest. If that was the case the Beastie Boys would be the greatest rap group ever.

    I guess Puffy is one of the greatest also. How about Hammer.

    Nas and Jay went head to head. Only an idiot would say Jay is better than Nas.

    Even though Jay sold more. Maybe you should learn something about rap.

  • I_love_it_in_my_butt

    Relapse was NOT a lyrical monster, it was a lyrical DUMPSTER. This shit is dope though. I still think Luda’s flow is better. He has some nice one-liners here, sth I hear quite rarely from him.

  • BigTam

    *Shits his pants*…maaaaan FDDLLLUUUUCKKK a Drake!! (in budden voice) This dude is back!!

  • rodney jackson

    i like this aggressive style on his songs lately better than the voice he was using on alot of relapse, but his flow is too fast/hectic for my tastes

    one of my favorite parts of classic eminem is learning the lyrics and rapping his songs myself

    the structure of his verses varies so much now from bar to bar that its less accessible… the lyrics are sick but i cant rap with it anymo

  • rodney jackson

    I hope recovery has more songs like criminal/drug ballad/mockingbird/etc where the flow is consistent through the whole song and not sounding like the dude just had 10 LBS of sugar IVed into his bloodstream

  • J Kelly

    i thought this was going to be over that Pharell Despicable Me beat…

    Relapse was an awesome album with crazy story telling..baffles me that people can go as far as to call it wack…

  • Krhyme

    Wow. Just Wow.

  • Nerd

    I got excited when I saw the title cause I thought he was going to be rhyming over Pharrell’s Despicable Me beat… this is good to tho

  • diggah

    i was mad into this, then he spit that daffey duck at the end to finish it off and it made me laugh :)

  • Uno

    No..this honestly wack to me. I’m pretty sure 40% of the track he was actually talking about anything.

  • jreezy

    First off, someone on here said Eminem trying be like Drake. YOU ARE FUCKING DUMB! Two different rapping styles dumbass! Second, someone said if you don’t like this freestyle your a “hater or a Drake fan”. That’s one of the most dumbest comments I’ve heard recently. What your basically saying is, “If you like Drake you don’t like Eminem.” Fucking ignorant bastard. I’m a Drake fan and Eminem fan. Eminem was a straight monster on this. I been listening to Em for 12yrs and flow still crazy as hell. He’s faltered with a few songs but he still has a crazy flow. And fuck people that hate Drake without good reason. He’s a great artist and a welcome addition to this industry.

  • NKR


    I said it 8-)

  • jreezy

    Not to hate on what 2Pac brought to Hip-Hop or whatever words you wanna use to describe this genre of music but comments like “Hip-Hop died when 2pac died” are fucking stupid. I’m going to assume people that say shit like that only listen to 2Pac music. Stop holding this nigga in such high regard like he’s a fucking messiah of rap or something. In my opinion 2Pac was good but he ain’t nowhere near as good as Eminem. An intelligent lyricist like Lupe Fiasco, who is better than Pac in my opinion, said he can’t fuck with Eminem.

  • jreezy

    Also, I’m pretty sure people that hate on Drake have become so accustomed to listening to artist talking about killing each other, hoes, drug use, money and other violent shit that they just can’t stand an artist that doesn’t have a “gangsta” image. Maybe a person that can deliver some intelligent lyrics without talking about blowing somebody’s brains out just scares you guys.

  • hiphopjudge


  • Mike1978

    co-sign @ jreezy

    I like Eminem but not everything he tocuhes is classic like people make it to be. It’s like he can say absolutely nothing and people would act like he’s the second coming or some shit.

    As far as being the GOAT, we can debate that. I think Jay-Z is the GOAT simply by his influence and impact on music and abroad. The sales are there, the lyrics are there, the classic albums are there etc…Eminem is a great rapper but take away his white skin and Dr. Dre association and I highly doubt he would be where he is today. Eminem even admitted this countless times.

  • AnT

    l0l0l @ the daffy duck part.

  • Holy Fuck

    someone needs to mix this and royces over freestyle

  • N0toriousRamb0


  • @Holyfuck

    Trackstar did.. http://usershare.net/uu71lao145mo

  • Cupcakesss


  • twocents

    THIS is the Eminem i need to hear

  • ziplockp

    get rowdy as roethlisberger in a bathroom stall.

  • blakblak

    “When i die so does hip-hop”. word?

  • d
  • Corsico

    This is FAR from wack. Go buy some q-tips and clean out ya friggin’ ears…

  • spazzio

    eww. bruh said he qon shit himself if eminem make ah mixtape. lol qo to thatcrack.com or datpiff.com to download hiz mixtapes bt anyways woooow he really did kill it up here lol

  • sneakaholic011

    i fail to see the wack in this…

  • Sy

    THA SYLINSIR, LINO, & YUNG CUE “My Hometown” (Prod. By Sy) !!!! Spread da word !!!!!! Follow me on twitter @THASYLINSIR http://www.zshare.net/audio/75798934e9fb2351/

  • john

    Ppl who say they don’t like this are fuckin stupid and only like that nigga this and nigga that imma blow ur brains out shit. Honestly how many times can we re-write the same songs…? This new style for Em is absolutely awesome. But like previous threads have said, ppl didn’t like his previous style (I liked it) so he changed it up and u still don’t like it. I mean wtf is he supposed to do? Go back 10 years and record shit like the marshall mathers lp? Don’t get me wrong great album and 1 of my fav’s, but he’s older now. Can’t keep the same style or people would get bored with it. I love the fast paced rhymes. Really shows he can rap in ne rhythm.
    For those who say Jayz and Nas are the “GOAT” need to shut the fuck up! I’ll give u 1 reason why. Nobody and I mean NOBODY fucks with Em. Y? Bcuz he will Drop the Bomb On ‘Em! Artists beef with nas and jay esp those 2 about eachother. Ppl don’t fuck with Em bcuz they kno they will get it 10 or better yet 100 times worse than they dish it out. Fuck the rap game nowadays. Em bringin sum change to it

  • etew

    lmfao son get a clue..nobody scared of someone whos top beefs are benzino, icp, ja rule and mariah carey…not to mention Ja killed Eminem


  • Agthe1

    what !!!! Ja did not kill em.. where is ja at anywayz ?? smh

  • john

    When the hell was the last time Em said shit bout icp benzino or ja??? Not recently that’s for sure. He’s already done smashed on them and where the fuck are they now? Haven’t heard shit from them for a looong time cuz they suck dick! Ja did not kill Em. He wrote that shit bout hayley and Em came back wit fire and murdered him. Go back and listen to the hail mary remix with 50 and busta rhymes. Prob the reason ja ain’t around nemore. Mariah tried to dog on Em with obsessed then he came back with the warning and tore her a new asshole along with that bitch nick cannon. Ur a fuckin dumbass who don’t deserve to write threads on here. Kill urself!