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Game – Ain’t No Doubt About It f. Justin Timberlake & Pharrell [Tags]

blame it on Shake April 27, 2010

Geez, the leaks don’t seem to stop today! Let’s keep it going… as DJ Skee just let loose of Game’s single off The R.E.D. Album, scheduled to drop on June 15th.

DOWNLOAD: Game – Ain’t No Doubt About It f. Justin Timberlake & Pharrell | Mediafire

  • gangster

    OMG WTF IS THIS ?!?!?!?!? It Must Be Me is like 400 times better… come on game…

  • siiiick

  • sean cameron

    Typical goofy Neptunes beat…

  • cot damn all this new music to digest.. and there is still more to come!

  • uzi

    its coo

  • kinda weak

  • Game’s_mirror

    HAHAHA is this nigga high? wtf was this? The last person in years who did justice to a Neptunes beat was Luda on his sexting.

  • Shawn

    Sigh.. ah well, not what I expected.. shit is aiight..not all that. Generic Neptunes beat.

  • boston

    shit is horrible….what the fuck happened to pharrell?….his beats lately are garbage…..where’s CHAD HUGO when pharrell needs him…..

  • G

    typical neptunes beat and that’s not good.. it sounds more like a justin song.. word

  • Martin

    this shit stinks.

    I would rather have Fiddy Cents balls in my mouth (no homo)> Ain’t No Doubt About It

  • John

    Has anyone else noticed that he talks about freddy and jason in a lot of his songs?

  • s1oop

    there is no way interscope drops games album on same day as drake. called it

  • Sounds like a Neptunes/Justin Timberlake beat from his first album…a throwaway

    Or a Philly’s most wanted throwaway beat…Either way…this album is gonna be awful

  • Jones

    I dont hear any tags on this? anyone else?

  • U.K


  • Martin


  • Manxter

    Game’s latest shit has definitely not been up to par with The Documentary. That album was fucking sick but this new shit is pretty lame..

  • Brocho Cinco

    I think that this song is smooth and it should get radio airplay b/c of J.T. Game’s verses were decent, but weren’t at the same level as his mixtape that just dropped. I hope that the album doesn’t get pushed back but it prolly will

  • Meezy

    I want some west coast/gfunk beat. Not this pop beat shit. It’s OK but it’s not great and it seems like it would be out of place The RED Album. That first single was a lot better. Game got some better beats.

  • Polka

    This song is okay, but I want some shit like Krazy. That shit is dope.


    laaaame… damn game.. wheres the 1500 tracks ?

  • TE

    pooooooooor effort game. poor.

  • caliweed

    Game one of my favorite artist to listen to but someone close to him needs to step up to him and be like “NO More Neptunes, No more Gucci, No more fat joe, No more diddy…keep it WEST”

  • streetsonfire

    what the fuck is that music like some mario game god damn it game
    you have realesed garbage

  • Game

    Awfull beat… almost as bad as that gucci track…

  • Snagz

    I heard the first few seconds of the beat and stopped it. I don’t even need to hear the rest to know it’s wack. Game needs to stop messing with Skateboard P and get back to that grimey shit. This is not his lane.

  • Skateboard P

    this is kinda summery n smooth. yea does sound like mario lol
    game isnt really needed on this track.

  • freddy and jason

    This nigga Game all over the place…he dont know which style to stick with cuz none of em that hot….BISHOP NEEDS TO DROP SMTIN HARD THATLL SMASH ON ALL THIS LAME SHIT GAME DROPPIN..

  • GZA

    Pharell is maad corny for making this beat, he was probly groovin to it in the studio ..lmao!

    come on dog re invet.. INOVATE

  • Taylor Rogers

    This shit is fresh..i mean damn u can obviously tell this is a summer joint..his album is droppin in the summer I mean its only right P lace him with a summer joint..this is gonna get hella spins…R.E.D gonna b a best of both worlds album..can’t wait to ride out to this joint

  • lakeshow

    this song is nice…but the game is not the guy for it. that’s why it doesn’t work…anyone down to cut out the game’s vocals and send me a version.

  • Jay Cole

    garbage!!!! this nigga is wack nowadays, and pharell is corny indeed

  • JohnDank

    I want some west coast/gfunk beat. <<<<<<<<< co motherfucking sign

  • This should have been a Justin Timberlake song. Not really feeling Game’s new single.

  • RichieLitt

    What the fuck Game…Bout to give up on this dude

  • luca

    50´s ayo better than this one.

  • Snagz

    Real talk this sounds like a throw away beat I can’t believe this is a real single.

  • Lu

    I am so scared this albums gonna suck and everyone gonna start telling me they told me so cuz it seems to me like hes a sellout but we havent any dr dre produced songs so I still have an ounce of hope that this album will be good ps this is one of the worst songs ive heard from any of games albums

  • ol

    i want to snap my game cds if this is on the album. it is terrible. game peaked way to early. the only way this album can be saved if he drops timberlake and goes back to dre

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Based on what I have heard I don’t expect Game’s album to have more than three dope songs.

  • ian

    Skateboard P needs to skate off a cliff for making this damn Tetris beat.

    What’s the point of linking back up wit Dre if you gonna let Pharrell ruin the entire album. So disappointed in Game.

  • Detox


  • SilkCityP

    LMAO… everybody has the same response to this record… What Is This???? What this is… is Game’s attempt to get radio play and nothing else… I doubt you will see any other records like this on his album. He did this song to get Timberlake fans!

  • menadmygirljustbrokeup

    soft like skinemax.

  • no perfect,not a 10
    but yes a 6’5 or 7

  • Game, WTF???
    This is trash.
    Go back to the west coast G shit please

  • Mike

    JT needs a lil more signing and so does Pharrell I feel that the song can extend , It Must Be is a HIT!!!!!

  • Shawn

    On second listen.. this shit is garbage.

  • laker


  • Estrad

    Game WTF

  • Geez

    Yo. This song is nice. Stop trying to be hip-hop heads and imagine yourself just listening to music.
    I agree it’s weird for Game but still.

  • Onederin

    …weird. Doesn’t fit Game at all. It’s cool if you want to try and get some radio play, but not on a Neptunes throwaway beat. He needs something powerful rap on to fit his voice. Not a bunch of beeps and blips.

  • mmkayy

    very boring.. im startin to hate beats by pharrell

  • slutskydakid

    mundane. pharrell fell off hard

  • mme

    hell yeah. this is what the rap game has been missing. game brought the fire 110% on this. 10 out of 10. FIRE and a half.

  • AskAboutMe

    ^^^ Finally a positive comment. I was feelin this track. Now I ain’t gon call the majority of u ninjas “haters” cuz dat’s sum sucka shyt, but besides the beat, can one of y’all tell me wut u don’t like about this song. I know it ain’t perfect, i actually think JT is doin too much singin, escpecially over Game’s verses but oh well. What y’all thinkin?


    7/10 for the effort and JT feature… but damn Game, “Camera Phone” was waaaaay bettah than this ish!

  • ANTH0

    great track. RED Jun 15th cant wait

  • DonnieBrasco

    Why’s everyone so quick to hate on Pharrell? He makes the beats, the artists chooses them. He doesn’t shove them down anyone’s throat. The artist is free to say no. And he’s made some excellent beats recently, most notably Lupe’s ‘I’m Beamin’. He’s not that producer he used to be, but the same goes for a lot of great producers. Dre’s nowhere near how he used to be and most of his new stuff is dull, neither’s Primo, Pete Rock, etc. Eventually producers run out of steam, but I don’t know why everyone seems to hate on Pharrell so much.

  • DonnieBrasco

    And why’s everyone so up in arms about the sound of the song? It’s not that far from ‘Wouldn’t Get Far’, which was a total pop song.And although I don’t think the sound works for Game, at least he’s doing something different. Do we really want another album of boring boasts about slapping bitches and being from Compton over Dre’s half-arsed, phoned-in beats? No. Well, I don’t anyway.

  • Manxter

    i take back what i said about this track sucking. after a few more listens this song is actually pretty dope and i’m liking the beat.