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Game - Shake (Video)

blame it on Shake April 27, 2010

Stacey Dash makes another cameo as she joins Jayceon in his latest video. I also included some behind-the-scenes footage of his 400 Bars video (yea... he made a video for some reason) after the jump.

MORE IMPORTANT: Stacey Dash in Smooth Magazine


Yes... I'm aware that the full video is out there but it was given to that lame ass site and we don't support that shit around here. I'll post when it's released the way it should be. Boom.

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  • RichieLitt

    smh game nobody wants of video of this song..this is one of the worst songs he has ever made

  • DJ122

    Ha i find this song hilarious

  • RichyRico

    http://usershare.net/oub1w5z4hlht Armageddon – It’s Over Remix (Ft.Fat Joe,N.O.R.E.) Finally DIRTY VERSION ;)

  • uzi

    pusha and mal in there niceeee

  • JohnDank

    that is not his fuckin closet is it. at 1:16

  • sterling

    shout out to the CLIPSE. nice cameo. didn really feel the song but the video was done good so it grew on me. game make me laugh. shout out to jordan, fuck lebron,GET EM KOBE! and shout out to Artest. shouldve been reppin purple an yellow tho, not blue ha

  • JamesG

    video aight but does anybody have the mp3 the travis barker rmx is on the red room

  • OnTheRun

    Music at the beginning > song

  • b

    stacey's lookin' good... game has got to stop mentioning G-Unit in his songs

  • will4real

    This song is hot;I don't think it's meant to be taken too seriously so...I don't. BTW, Travis kills it as always on his remix.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    It must be bumb as VladTV

  • chicken0maha

    i f**ks with this lloyd banks is my favortie artist but i always have messed with game that was a simple song thats hot keep it up Game but quit dissing my GUNIT niggas its getting old yo!

  • 123

    "t was given to that lame ass site and we don’t support that shit around here."

    *searches 'game 400 bars video'*
    *clicks XXL Mag link*
    *sees it's a WSHH embed*


  • sean “I killed Rick” cameron

    R.E.D. is gonna flop. Game “had a spark when he started but now he’s just garbage."

  • jacobm15

    damn, wasnt expecting to see ron artest in that vid haha

  • Jdiddy381

    Was that Ashy Larry as the Mcdonald's manager?

  • Gram

    dope vid, dope song

  • james

    Dope video. Dope song. Better than the Red Room.

  • BlogsInMyPotHole

    Who's the chick at 1:40 and the one at 1:47? Someone answer. We must know!

  • ITS ME ;)


  • finallyFamous(GotnikeMoney)

    was that mystikal driving that LMABO LMFAO dope vid tho the shits mad funny good first single game

  • finallyFamous(GotnikeMoney)

    was that mystikal driving that LAMBO LMFAO dope vid tho the shits mad funny good first single game

  • sean

    mehhhhh idk

  • bd

    yea really if that was his closet then damn shit looks like a fuckin footlocker and i actually like this song, one of his few newer ones i can stand

  • OB_5

    this shits dope, naysayers chill...

  • is game a real blood¿¿

  • ck47


  • Montalvo

    Yo pretty sick video.

  • t

    dude is on the RED LINE metro. hahaha sick he goin downtown r hollywood

  • Musikfiend

    So Stacey's back to video ho'n now huh, lol. She in between rich white dudes right now, lol.

  • guest

    whos the guy driving the ferrari's

  • WoW

    50 diss lol

  • B1RdM4N5150

    I like the song with the vid; without... eh...not so much. shit is hilarious. and 400 Bars?? God damn!!!

  • datboijon

    vid was kool the song has been growing on me since the first time i heard it and stacey can still get it. and damn thats ugly mofo driving has gotta be flava flav's son. looks liek a damn roach with dreds

  • Chuck

    hahaha why would he have lil bow wow in his video

  • yeahright

    oh man ... whole video, let alone that mc donalds scene is so fresh prince of bel air

  • 360 > 430

  • 9

    Hahaha this chick cant get a job to save her life so she's a new Old video hoe now? Damn, Those checks musta been fat to be letting Gayme and Officer Ricky and his greasy cheeseburger hands be all over that ass.

  • Uh......

  • Impulse

    I wonder if he realizes hes a rapper and NOT ONE OF THOSE LINES EVEN RHYME. Song is horrible.

  • trickal

    yo this video is fresh, is one of the better i seen among the rest shitty ass greenscreen

  • LB

    f*(< the song. it's stacey. i love that ireallymissmyhomie-emotional-allfallsdown-favoritegirl-shake video vixen.

  • Dia

    song is actually creative, i can cosign that im sick or these lame rappers having the same nicki minaj flow and shooting vids in front of green screens

  • Seif

    @JohnDank it's his closet as far as I know.
    @Dia co-sign
    it's not a bad song, but it's not really a song that you'd bump all the time. It's fun to listen to though.

  • jv

    song is actually creative, i can cosign that im sick or these lame rappers having the same nicki minaj flow and shooting vids in front of green screens

    word up

  • D


  • yeah

    nice..i like this.. but shit he putting out right now, dont sound like game.. he is usually raw on the beats.. HOPE RED bring old Game back.

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