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J. Cole – Who Dat (prod. Elite & J. Cole) [Dirty/Mastered]

blame it on Shake April 27, 2010

As promised, here goes the final/explicit version of Jermaine’s first single off his debut album Cole World. Shouts to Illy.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Who Dat (prod. Elite & J. Cole) | Mediafire

  • gap


  • j


  • battle3

    who’s j. cole?

  • they see me trollin


  • OnTheRun

    Simba runs 2010!

  • Brocho Cinco

    J. Cole is that nigga. This song is a straight banger

  • Im A Chair

    @ battle3
    the rapper your mom has been talkin
    bout for the past year

  • JaneIsBlazin

    Mm. This was dissapointing

  • california boy

    mmmm i wanted the soul intro from the live version sucks

  • battle3

    lol i knew i would piss a j. cole stan off by saying that. but anyways the explicit is 10000X better

  • holla if ya swalla

    hip hop has a bright future………..COLE, BOB, WALE, CUDI, FASHAWN, GIBBS ETCCCC

  • Fro

    fuck. i refresh and theres like 5 new songs. shit is crazy today.

  • All _About_Me

    Where’s the Mediafire link? C’Mon Son!!

  • ricky rank

    Cole World!!!

  • Rezo

    Damn I am disappointed. This is your first single my dude? This song is boring and his delivery into the first verse was awful.

    The Warm Up > This

  • holla if ya swalla

    go to 2:29 he kinda sounded like kanye a lil haha

  • Jay-Smooth

    the link isn’t working for me?

  • mk121

    sounds like a drizzy diss in the third verse…

  • Ziggyfly

    Now who else wanna fuck wit’ Hollywood Cole?

    Song of the year.

  • DiggySimmmons

    Is this 34th street? weve had, new cam n cudi, new b.o.b , new em, currensy, nas and dmarley and, g.o.d jewels . fair nuff. thanks dopeboyz.

  • why does it sound ten times better mastered. this shit bumps harder than anything on the radio but we all no it wont be a huge single.

  • dope…as expected

  • Game Over!

  • Mohammed

    Beat knocks. Love this song.

  • mR

    WHO DAT. looking for that soul intro, but this shit GOES

  • vlado

    YESSS!!! dope song…



  • This shit goes.

    Slow down hip-hop! You killin us!

  • bbs

    very much appreciated

  • s1oop

    haha who’s j.cole, that was good.

    great day honestly

  • Jarvo


  • Lee Bahlmann

    the download shit is not working for me.

    ill try again later

  • Snagz

    Best new dude and it’s not even close! His album needs to drop right now!

  • Steve


  • Mac Mic

    “Bitch, I got that flame!”

  • nice

    Who dat! Who dat! Very good, Jermaine.

    J & Drizzy on top. Finger fuck whoever hate it.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Maaaan, Mediafire is buggin. It let me download the Camron-Cudi track & it won’t let me download this.

  • Snagz

    This beat is ridiculous!!!

  • smokeythebear

    Damn dis is nice

  • js

    he wouldn’t diss drake, they both have respect for each other. collab coming soon too!

  • Steve

    I told ya’ll motherfuckers the album would be called Cole World.

  • holla if ya swalla

    how is it this dude didn’t even put out an album yet hes prolly one of my favorite if not my favorite rapper in the game right now.

  • Mac Mic

    I can’t download the track on either site….first time that’s happened to me. I just tried both links on 3 different browsers….must be overloaded

  • Dfrye

    Fuckin wicked slow dl but sick ass song.

  • Mac Mic

    Usershare finally let me through, but at a rate of 4kb/s, haha

  • Song sounds a lot better mastered but it’s still missing something. Seems it’s lacking that raw energy/tenacity he has.

  • lasean

    FUCKING DOPE let the drake dickriders commence the hating

  • bv

    this aint his best but its still fire

  • Strange Famous

    usershare dl speed has finally kicked in!

    This is genius music.

  • b wet

    Bitch I got dat flame. It’s a Cole World no blanket

  • The G

    This song kills. Cole has got the flow to blow your mind.

  • ck47

    Cole World

  • MithritadesHD

    @Shake wtf happened to the music player under the photos?…C’mon son!

    Dope J.Cole track by the way! Elite! Elite! Elite!!!!!

  • TE

    I JUST DIED IN MY HEAD. shits tooooooooooo dope.


    LMAO @ the sheep comments. yall going wet pussy for this overrated bum ass rapper. sounds like everyone of you will let A. Hole place his dick in your mouth. this shit is corny.

  • lasean

    @YaBoyRampz you crazy he got hella raw energy in this songs better get your ears checked

  • Tango Down…..Hoorah

    The fuck is up with the links??? Mediafire won’t give me the file and Usershare says the site is down.

  • lupe

    J. Cole pwns this shit.

  • Snagz

    I hope Hov gets on this for a remix that way this song will spread to a larger mass of people because this shit is stupid dope. Hov needs to start campaigning for Cole the way Wayne does for Drake. Cole is the future.

  • lasean


    oh look a hater ole lame ass nigga

  • Al

    Its only 1:12 seconds.


  • Tango Down…..Hoorah

    Nvm, Usershare finally let me download

  • Just finished downloading. I’m a huge J. Cole fan but this song doesn’t compare to Simba/Dollar & A Dream/Lights Please

  • Martin

    LMAO @ the sheep comments. yall going wet pussy for this overrated bum ass rapper. sounds like everyone of you will let A. Hole place his dick in your mouth. this shit is corny.

    NYC/BROOKLYN said this on April 27th, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Haters gonna hate. This is in my Top 3 of 2010 so far.

  • shaun carter

    damn niggas crashed the fukken server i tried to download and it said the server is down didnt even know niggas liked j. cole like i do he’s a fukken beast

  • Boomerang Slang

    “first single off his debut album Cole World.” so its official now, thats the title?

  • THEdopeboy


  • Solroc21

    Cole World maneeeeeeee….
    J. Cole>>>

  • Jarvo

    “Now Ah Nigga Hot Enuff To Fuck With 0ne 0f Satan Hoes”

    BEST RAPPER IN THE GAME. POINT BLANK! Quote after quote he’s bringin hip hop back.

  • that’s funny. He put the 2-6 on the board. That’s where we’re from in fayetteville.

  • Shoestring


    I agree. Dude gets signed to Roc Nation and people instantly swangin from his nuts. Ridiculous. Dudes over-hyped.

  • JuanNIto

    dont worry about the fuckn name!!!

  • Te’

    Who Dat, Who Dat… NC!

  • unquestionable

  • hhhh


  • J-Dub

    128kbps..wtf is this shitty quality

  • Jarvo

    SMMFH @ Niggas sayin J. Cole is ova hyped he’s one of the rappers that deserves all the hype he gets. Unlike drake dude is a pop artist and niggas think he’s the hip hop jesus or the best thing since sliced bread GTFOH!

  • Rod

    I want to thank Allah for the Pac Div Tape. All I need now is something new from The Cool Kids.

  • johnnypancakes

    j. cole shreds man.. WHO DAT WHO DAT

  • Jarvo

    This shit sound get 500+ comments str8 up. This nigga neva fails he cant make a wack song

  • Jarvo


  • blackadon

    cosign NYC/BROOKLYN and Shoestring

  • Quint

    WHO DAT? fuckin’ dope!

  • DP

    shoestring??? Who dat?

  • D easy

    J. Cole is about to drop a CLASSIC

  • Tango Down…..Hoorah

    Who dat, who dat. NC got that flame!!!

  • j

    This is dope. In other new Lupe’s Im Beamin’ video drops tomorrow! unreal couple days for hiphop fans

  • j


  • Snagz

    Now who will be the first rapper to remix this??

  • Bowser

    I wonder how many rappers are in here commenting. Everyone is a critic or an emcee nowadays.

    This is a dope song, nice little warm up before he releases something more official. Shit is fresh, stop with the mindless hate.

    Man you fuckers kills me.

  • Mohammed

    Co-sign with Bowser.

  • Dreano

    its hiphop christmas today, Eminem, J. Cole, Curren$y, Charles Hamilton, Nas & Marley, and B.o.B finally droped.. WOW

  • Big_E

    I can say that most of the songs on The Warm Up>>>>this but i can kinda see why he chose this song as the first single…


  • gap

    now let’s hope this gets promoted

  • blackadon

    the whole point of a comment section is to post ur opinion on the shit tards. if theres one person who doesnt like it then hes automatically labelled a ‘hater’ smh

    therefore i’ve realized the average age of posters on 2dbz is like 14-16

  • You people act like you want to marry the fucking guy. Jesus.

  • smitthy


  • YourMomsVagina

    Uhhhh sigh. Songs lame. J Cole is the new Drake. Chris Sand the rappin cowboy >>>>>>>> mold >>>>>>> favorite rapper.

  • lol

    lol at everyone hating now. Yall gonna soon be bumpin this shit like u did with Over

  • Jarvo

    Niggas gettin all touchy feely lol sensitive ass niggas.

  • BSnyd3

    J. Cole goes hard..love when people put out “singles” like this rather than taking the Game route and trying to put out that mainstream bullshit…

    Anyone who makes hot beats and then raps well on there own beats gets approval from me..Looking forward to this album no doubt.


  • Snagz

    Not everybody is going to like the same song or artist but if you say this is wack you are a hater. I understand not feeling it but to say it’s wack is just pure hate. There is some songs that really are terrible and this is very very far from that.

  • This shit ill and anybody who say this nigga is anything similar to Drake is a fuckin retard! J.Cole waaaaaaaaay more lyrical

  • truth

    no sample in the beginning?

  • Jarvo

    But all jokes aside J. cole >>>>>>>> _________ (insert rapper)

  • hhhh

    lets make sure this gets more comments than the wack ass eminem freestyle

  • hhhh


  • Strange Famous

    J. Cole said in an interview that the hold up to releasing this officially was sample clearence. So maybe they scrapped the soul sample at the start that we heard at the beginning of the song when he performed it live.

  • Lil George

    J. Cole = best young rapper alive

  • hahaha i love how ppl who was on drakes dick, now wanna get on cole’s!!! LMAO yall LATELATELATE!! WHODAT WHODAT!!

  • Snagz

    @Strange Famous I agree I think that is what happened and instead of making a big deal about it they just left it out.

  • It’s not a bad song, but I don’t know about first single material…

  • Jay Cole

    Shit is BANGIN!!!! Cole all day

  • cozer

    it usually goes first single, then a follow up probably before the summer. you act like this song is terrible. ehhh maybe not first single make a name type single, but god damn you cant tell me he doesnt kill it!

  • Fuck a radio friendly single, this shit goes hard. Period

  • Yo anyone know where i could get that hat!?!?! I need that hat bad!!!! *BITCH I GOT DAT FLAME*

  • truth

    where is the confirmation for Cole World as the album title?

  • Im A Chair


  • cmonmang

    idk if i can listen to this nigga say cole world on every track

  • lyric

    this was fucking dope but man i wish he had the soul intro to it…like the youtube version

  • jammin

    its “COLD WORLD” not cole world

  • Jabari Manwarring

    WHO DAT WHO DAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    No, it’s Cole World.

  • Snagz

    It’s COLE World not COLD World. Naming his album Cold World would make no sense at all..smh

  • OnTheRun

    i’m a huge Cole fan, but i think this track is OK, i think most tracks on the Warm Up are better than, this. Regardless, i still like the track and i’m gonna cop the album the day it drops

  • smh at folks screaming its “colD world”. sorry… use your head… colE works just fine.

  • zany blunts

    word to ontherun…

    “i’m a huge Cole fan, but i think this track is OK, i think most tracks on the Warm Up are better than, this. Regardless, i still like the track”

  • FortApacheGeneral

    He was dissing Punk ass Gay Millz on the 3rd verse….. Song is aight, more like a B side.

  • 19times

    I don’t like this as a single, the “who dat” part is wack city

  • Cole is a beast!!! Other than Lupe I’m more anxious to hear his debut than any other album, but this track is good……not great.

  • DK

    I wasn’t feeling the unmastered version, but this is pretty dope still doesn’t touch most tracks of the Warm Up tho

  • Tone

    I glad to hear & see J. Cole drop a single for his debut album. But really with the shit they play on the radio. And all the bullshit at the top of the charts. This isn’t a strong enuff song I just don’t want to see J. Cole get over looked. Like Wale did with his cd & kid cudi good rappers but there cd’s kind off floped.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    ^not cudi’s thought didn’t flop^

  • umm, cudi didn’t flop, he did pretty good considering the numbers he was expected to do

  • Natah

    J.Cole is nice ‘n all, but he’s for the kiddies.

    I’ve yet to hear a track that doesn’t include the cheese.

    And you groupies who catch feelings about my opinion can proactively eat a dick.

  • Tone

    ^ Cudi’s dope but that album to me was weak I take his mixtape stuff anyday. But do anybody know cudi exact numbers for his album??? I just don’t see to many ppl buy that album but hey I could be wrong.

  • $pence

    songs dope. if you dont like it, go pop in your lil flip cd.

  • Tone

    @ Natah I know J. Cole isn’t for the kids I’m a Lupe fan a Nas fan I like smart rap. I’m not trying to learn a new dance or try to figure out what gucci mane is saying. I like good music real hip hop I just want to see J do good & get his but that song isn’t it. Maybe he should of did something like wale pretty girls or bob notin on you. Those dope lyrics are just going to get over looked.

  • dimples

    j. fuckin cole!!
    my niggaaa!!!
    this song is the shit!!!
    ‘now who else wanna fuck with hollywood cole??’

  • They didn’t get the clearance for the soul sample in time, with it already being leaked they had to get something out.

    Im only bugged out b/c who dat is that g^y fvckin chant I had to hear all these saint fans chant, vikings had that shit in the bag, same shit as 98.

    But quality song, even if your asses don’t think it can be on the radio yall gotta represent and call em up, if anything drop the jay-z line.. worked for drizzy. Lets just hope he doesn’t turn into a wonderboy like the canadian.

  • Concerned Rap Fan

    this is lame and overrated. Im tired of hearing this dude on depressing lame ass beats

  • Rocky

    The beat was good but the lyrics – meh.

    Then again I never really liked the dude. He sounds like Talib Kewli (spelling) but with a different voice and less boring. Shoot me if your mad

    Cudi’s album did the opposite of flop. over 100,000 his first week and I think he is still in the top ten billboard hip-hop albums in sales right now.

  • Haters gon’ hate. J. Cole keeps spitting.

  • j

    Anyone got lyrics for this joint?

  • Estrad

    The Warm UP> New Shit i dont feel his passion any more, it’s like he feels he already made it…

  • DP

    ^Nah we not hearing the same cole then partna. Dude still sounds hungry as fuck to me. I hope people won’t start hatin on him because more people will start to like him. Some fans still want this guy to be underground. selfish fuckers

  • its iight

    who dat who dat, that nigga you been waitin fo’
    i mean the shit was all bad jus a week ago
    rappers was bullshittin fuck it i aint hatin tho
    now a nigga hot enough to fuck wit one of satan hoes
    and she cant tell the difference, i been thru hell conditions
    wishin for air conditionin, fearin God was never listenin
    now im on television, and did i fail to mention?
    ya bitch is tired of missionary boy you failed the mission
    speakin of positions jus witness how i elevated
    real niggas celebratin, finger fuck whoever hate it
    my life accelerated, but had to wait my turn
    then i re-decorated, that mean my tables turned
    live life might as well, only way to learn
    its try n fail clientel only way to earn
    so if you sellin crack, or if u sellin rap
    make sure its mean so them fiends keep on trailin back

    the mindstate of a winner
    when you thinkin bout summer time im thinkin bout the winter
    when u tihinkin bout breakfast im heatin up my dinner
    i was plottin this moment back when yall was ridin spinners
    now im a menace
    God as my witness, wit this pen im insane YEA
    hungry like a nigga who ain’t got the taste of fame yet
    clowns ask me ain’t you Roc then where the fuck yo chain at?
    guess its somethin like ya girl, niggga it ain’t came yet
    the mane make the chain chain don’t make the mane
    how many niggas do we know wit hella ice n yet they lame?
    the cloth from which we came, me n them we not the same
    its like we all headed to spain they took the boat i took the plane
    that boy sick hoes on his joystick
    heatin up like May-weather dog im on that Floyd shit
    boy stick to ya day job, said you was hot but they lied
    is that ya gal? well, i jus G’d her, no A-Rod

    “now who else wana fuck wit Hollywood Cole”
    the lil engine that could this lil nigga is good
    rapper claimin they sick, i heal niggas for good
    a couple y’all aint take a field trip to the hood
    ay me? im fresh prince i’m Will Smith to the hood
    baby, ain’t sayin names but we not the same
    all that money n the fame dont change the fact that you lame
    might wana grab u a chain, wana tip up ya hat
    might wana purchase some game homie ya shit is so wack
    i got my finger on the trigga told that nigga hold that
    boy im picture perfect baby you can check the Kodak
    ay so anything you can do i can do better
    and any chick you can screw i can get wetter
    im young black gifted live my life on the run
    better ya bottom dolla before im done
    they say that im the one….. yea nigga im the one…..

  • Lol @ people saying Cudi’s album flopped. Moving over 100k units your first week, on your first album, in the todays music industry is far from flopping.

    This is a cool song, I just don’t see it getting any radio play, if it is indeed his first single.

  • gottagetitgottagetit

    ^ signed to roc nation. appeared on blueprint 3, attention deficit, revolutions per minute. currently on your girl’s ipod… sounds like he made it. he’ll sell well too… being jay’s man and all…

  • its iight

    bet ya bottom dollar**

  • Snagz

    Shake, Cole posted on twitter that the album work you posted isn’t official the “JC” on the hat is actually “NC” on the hat in the real one. I guess somebody posted up a photoshopped version of the real one. He is asking blogs to change it that’s why I am even saying it.

  • cole

    this should be a filler at best

  • the verses are crazy…that hook is TERRIBLE

  • the hook is for the mainstream I think. I can see kids walking around school saying “Who Dat Who Dat” all day. Smart move by Cole IMO

  • Verses are fire as always…I’m not really feeling the hood/instrumental though.

  • frank





    it never cease to amaze me that every time someone gives an opinion of A. Hole, the retard sheeps defend A. Hole with the he’s better than Drake (corn flake) shit. both them niggaz is equally wack. fuck a wack mc! if I see two wack mcs, the last thing I’m gonna do is compare them to each other. waste of fuckin’ time to go through that shit. yall niggaz sound gay as hell out here, it sounds more like yall wanna suck A. Hole’s dick more than listen to his music. that bullshit about he sounds hungry is wack and tired. he sound like the same cornball trying to figure how to be in between the studio and the streets. A. Hole is being controlled by business, and they gonna dictate how he will be marketed to you fools. there’s no more soul controllers in the game, just puppets.

  • OnTheRun

    ^ finger fuck the haters

  • JT

    Cole mufucka!

    What spitters are you reppin’ then with all this wack mc shit? Listen to the fuckin’ music, like it or dislike it, and keep it movin’. You are a front st. ass fanboy, following the comments on a ‘wack mc.’

    & name callin’?? A. Hole?? well…no recess for you then young man.

    “ya fuckin’ fruit”

  • how is j. cole a puppet??

  • james

    man, the mastered kills that fucking rough track I hear earlier…

  • R

    ya for real, the mastered version def made a huge difference, shit sounds crazy dope, specially at that truck volume (c) Busta Rhymes

  • OB_5

    real South shit, please listen..

  • Cloud 9

    wow of course its not gonna be as good as his other shit its still tight plus its for radio play niggaz use ur fuckin head. he did dis shit for people who listin to gucci and waka flocka. when those people hear dis shit there gonna throw all dat weak shit in tha trash. just becuz yall dnt like dis track dnt down tha album its gonna be hot. ROC!!

  • Grundz

    Heatin’ up like May-weather, Dog I’m on that Floyd shit..

    Dudes got at least one quotable every track, you’re bullshittin if you call this shit trash, he’s done better but this aint’ bad. Who the fuck you haters listenin to if you think J. Cole is wack? Like for real..

  • ciroc obama

    This shit is fire. Hope it blows up but like I read someone say somewhere that Hov needs to start helping promote Cole a little bit. Hov jumping on the remix might be what it takes to get all the slow people to start paying attention. Shit is a perfect first single by an artist trying to introduce himself to the world.

  • All I got to say is “now im Hot enough to fuck with one of satin hoes” j cole is the truth

  • nice

    Heatin’ up like May-weather, Dog I’m on that Floyd shit..

    yeah man, that shit was incredible. it’s an amazing song, a lot of crazy lines in it, just listen to it…

  • sigh..

    Cole World? Is that the best he can come up with?

  • Drake > J Cole
    shit is ridiculous


    J. Cole is talented, but as far as singles go… IDK why he went with this. I’m not hating because it’s pretty good, but for a single? Not so much…

  • Rezo

    I think this song is dope but not for his first single. This is his first real single and his album is dropping in a couple months so I think he should have went with a radio friendly first single. I’m not saying he had to sell out but he could have used less explicit lyrics therefore radio wouldn’t have to edit out 70% of the song. That is why this song won’t get regular radio spins. I have noticed that Cole loves the word “nigga” it seems like he uses it about 20 times in every song and radio hates that.I have a feeling this won’t end up being his official single and they will consider this his first official street single. I don’t think Hov would be dumb enough to try to get Cole hype off of a song that radio won’t play.

  • Astarisborn

    I agree with Rezo, the song is great but unless he’s making a radio friendly version then most of the song is gonna get censored.

  • the radio friendly version dropped first – still not super radio friendly but F the radio – COLE WORLD out there – intelREBELlion

  • illWill


  • haHAA

    for the record, there is ZERO confirmation that the album is called Cole World. So stop referring to his album as Cole World, morons

  • IDIOTS!!!!!

    stop talkin about how this wont get airplay…


    Hot97 owes all their success to JAY-Z

    THE NIGGA WILL GET AIRPLAY ONE WAY OR ANOTHER and if not stop bein cheap ass mothafukas and invest in some satellite radio, fools

    P.S. @haHAA……. your right, idk why all these blogs are referrin to the album as Cole World there hasn’t even been an announcement yet.

  • Woody

    Honestly, who listens to the radio?

  • JuanNIto

    loosing my balance and lights please should have been MASSIVE HITS!!! but got no radio play

  • “who dat” = new orleans… j.cole is not

  • LiL BiT


  • LiL BiT

    ^^ 3rd Verse

  • DatGuy

    This song is better than 99% of hip hop out today, but its definitely not Cole at his best. I’m hopin’ this is just one of them crowd hype songs to get people excited for the CD. If he been saving music for this I really expect more… But the album is gone be a classic. WHO DAT… I still fucks with it though.

  • nice..nice.

    its just a street single im guessing? not the one that will get on the most airplay.

  • nyc

    cole said in an interview that the title isnt cole world or the blow up


  • lil george

    Who dat who dat, the nigga you been waitin 4.
    I mean the shit was all bad just a week ago.
    Rappers is bull shittin. fuck it,
    I ain’t hatin though
    Cuz Now a nigga hot enough to
    fuck with one of satin’s hoes/
    & She cant tell the difference.
    I been through hell conditions.
    Wishin for air conditions
    feelin God was never listenin.
    Now I’m on television
    And did I fail to mention?
    Your bitche is tired of missionary,
    boy you failed the mission.
    Speakin of positions Just witness
    how i elevated. Real niggas celebrate it, finger-fuck
    whoever hate it. My life accelerated,
    but had to wait my turn. But then i redecorated,
    that means my tables turn. Live life, might as well,
    only way to learn. is try and fail clientele
    the only way to earn. so if you’re sellin crack..
    or if you’re sellin rap. make sure it’s mean
    so them fiends keep on trailin back.
    who dat who dat bitch i got the flame (x3)
    so dont worry bout no muthafuckin name
    [verse 2]

    The Mind state of a winner.
    When you thinkin bout summertime
    i’m thinkin bout the winter.
    When you thinkin bout breakfast,
    I’m heatin up my dinner. I was plottin this
    moment back when yall was ridin spinners.
    Now I’m a menace. God as my witness, with this pen I’m insane, yup.
    Hungry like the nigga who ain’t got the taste of fame yet.
    Cloud told me “ain’t you roc? well where the fuck yo chain at?”
    Guess it’s somethin like your girl, it aint came yet.
    The man make the chain chain dont make the man
    how many niggas do we know with hella ice but yet they lame
    the cloth from which we came me and them is not the same
    Like we all headed to spain, they took the boat i took the plane.Dang
    That boy sick.Now Hoes on his joystick. Heatin up like may weather dog
    i’m on that floyyd shyt.
    Boy stick, to ya day job.
    Said you was hot but they lied.
    Is that ya girl? Well I just g’d her/jeter no a rod.
    (Andre 3000)
    Now who else wanna **** with hollywood cole
    [verse 3]
    The lil engine that could
    this lil nigga is good
    rappers claiming they sick i heal niggas for good
    a couple of yall aint took a field trip to the hood
    ay me im fresh prince im will smith to the hood Baby!
    aint sayin names but we not the same
    all that money and the fame dont change the fact that u lame
    might wanna grab you a chain wanna tip up your hat
    might wanna purchase some game homie your shit is so wack!!!
    i got my finger on the trigger tell that nigga hold datt
    boy im picture perfect baby you can check the Kodak
    hey so anything you can do i can do better
    and any chick you can screw i can get wetter
    im young black get to live my life on the run!
    bet ya bottom dollar before im done
    they im the oneeeeeee
    yeah nigga im the onee HA!!

  • DatGuy

    Heatin’ up like May weather, dogg I’m on my Floyd shit…. DAMN!!!

  • jdmartinez08

    Can someone re-upload this track?

  • y’all are wrong.it’s WHO ELSE WANNA FUCK HOLLA AT COLE

  • Reupload anyone?