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Nas & Damian Marley – Africa Must Wake Up f. K’naan

blame it on Meka April 27, 2010

One more banger before the night is done? Why not. Thanks, Semtex.

DOWNLOAD: Nas & Damian Marley – Africa Must Wake Up f. K’naan | Mediafire
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  • kal

    Dopeness!!! Did not see this coming haha didn’t see anything coming today good ass day in music. props Meka

  • sg

    one of the candidates for best song of the year

  • Hell Naw I Didn’t See This Shit Coming Either…All 3 Of Them Is Dope Artist…Great Collab By The Way…

  • prk

    i lovin everything from the album so far.

  • and goodnight

    THAnnk you!

  • Brown Bear

    Man this is what i was kinda expecting from these two. That smooth, chilld out hip hop!!

  • bOx_iLLa

    boy what an epic track

  • BAunique

    This shit here?! Damn can’t wait for this CD drop soon

  • FS_Jet

    Day just started for me.. with all this good ass music, thx 2DBZ
    Too bad Don’t Mention It coming only tomorrow..

  • A.I.

    I’m definitely buying 2 copies… After listening to the whole album, I have to go out and support Nas… Fuck Kelis!!!

  • kay


  • Rick

    Damn this is smooth, gon have to twist one to this when i get home later. That album sounding sick, ima def cop.

  • K to the [email protected]*CKIN NAAN!!!!! watch out this dude is bout to take over-
    – intelligentRebelLion-

  • KC_Mafioso

    This > Who dat

  • George Aquino


  • SoupIsForHobos

    May 18th is fucking Christmas day with releases. Distant Relatives, Brothers by The Black Keys, Red Dead Redemption. I’m jizzing in my pants here.

  • Digitek

    2DBYZ hold it down ….thank you so much.

  • Digitek

    K’Naan ..he is only involved in good music …this is bliss to the ears

  • Digitek

    oh and Nas destroys this …good music.

  • This Song is really dope. K’naan does his thing on it too.
    Huge Props Meka!

  • wow. this could actually be a classic album. everything i’ve heard so far is amazing. uncompromised hip hop with meaning

  • hippahoppa

    please say who prod. this song

  • JohnDank

    wow. really deep shit. track is excellent

  • @hippahoppa It was Nas,Damian and Stephen Marley. According to the production credits.

  • LLCoolD

    what a great track! lovin’ everything about it! bumpin’ it the whole evening!

  • kdubfrmcali

    LINKS not working!!!…grrrr…lol

  • ShimmyHendrix

    whoever said this is epic i co sign tht.

  • timeless

    mmnnnmm….sounds great.
    doesnt sound new but who gives a fuuk.
    its simply gooooood music!!!!

    jr.gong persona for firefox user yall.

  • Google

    This song is a big tune dat! Gong and the whole Marley clan are true music Royalty.

  • Boomerang Slang

    def the best leak so far. shit is epic!

  • 2nd
    Thx Meka i needed some new nas & damian joint!!!!!

  • Ben

    im buying this album TWICE!!!

  • that just made history w/ this record! Inspired too hit the studio today!

  • My_Pops_Son

    Each song that has leaked has been a little better than the one before. This album will truly be a classic. I don’t mean one of these so-called “classics” that come out a few times a year (according to some people). I’m talking about a TRUE once-every-15 or 20-years CLASSIC!

  • sift

    songs aight

  • Iamthenewblack

    this song is crazy

  • SmokeXIntellect

    great music, great message! Time to raise our mindstate, we have a great outlet called music but more times than not, we use it in negative ways. Love what these two are doing with this project.

  • nbrepresentative

    Smooth relaxing joint from to spiritual kats! Sounds NICE!

  • Dfrye

    This joint is SSSSMMOOOOOVVVVVVV as hell. That chorus is amazing….. I can’t wait for this shit to drop.


    ayo Nas finally did it for me lol..thumbs ALL DE WAY UP!!!

  • dee

    this is sooo smooth. damn.

  • ziggi

    Nas finna hvae fuck around drop two straight classics (Yes people, Untitled was most DEFINITELY a classic and the best mainstream relaese of 2008) this is shit is pure soul music and so damn inspirational

  • Steve

    Wow. This is epic.

    Sick as fuck.

  • Steve

    Best hook of 2010 so far too.

  • and

    beautiful music

  • Mohammed

    One word to desrcibe this track. Beautiful. This is epic music.

  • NOLAIS504(uptown)

    the lyrics sound like it’s ripped right out of some book….

  • YoungCosby

    This track is making my conscience ears warm with ecstacy lol.

  • H


  • Augustus

    Can’t wait for this album

  • Yessir, K’naan on deck & bringin’ it correct.


  • Big_E

    REAL good music in this bitch! Distant Relatives FTW…

    man Damian is gonna surpass his dad one day…

  • africanboy

    aahhh I was hoping K’naan would drop a verse I could actually understand.. Song is still dope though..

  • YoungCosby

    @ Big_E ^^^ Never in a million years could Damian outdo the King of Reggae music.

  • Raptorsarefriends

    The guitar at the end is sick. Good song

  • Jesus Cereceres

    This is magic!


    my somalian brother K’naan went off In SOMALI and killed everyone on the track wat u nigguhs know about that nuttin WARYA!

  • MrBoomBox

    Aiyo Nas! Your The Man!!! I love this, everyone should have this in there ears! -one.

  • guest

    put one in the air while playing this beautiful track

  • jobie

    Great song! Good Music! Hip-hop artists are all stepping up and creating Good music.


    GREAT track.

  • moon1483

    was k’naan in this track? I didnt even catch him, no bars?

  • BBB

    2 fucking dope!

  • Goose

    K’naan’s verse on the live version was my favorite part of the song. The somolian verse was cool, but his verse was soooo great on the live version, i wish they wouldve kept it.

    great song though.

  • cooloFF

    yo…judging from these generic responses sound like Nas got his people on the blogs hypin up his tracks

    not to say this track ain’t dope…but the way ppl respondin making it sound like this is on some hip hop Mozart junk

  • who dat

    mm i dont kno about all this african shit..

  • Jabari Manwarring

    dope best song of the year so far

  • wow

    why are people so against an artist talking about Africa?

  • BBB

    I can just imagine this being done live in some open air venue in johannesburg.

  • Estrad


  • dopeeee!!!

  • A “Psssssst” Stan fka Answer Me!

    This IS dope!

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