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Rick Ross – Super High BTS (Video)

blame it on Shake April 27, 2010

Just look at the screen shot. Officer Ricky won with this shit.

MORE IMPORTANT: Stacey Dash in Smooth Magazine

  • 23kid

    Lets See Stacey
    Jets & Taylor Gang

  • F.Gary Gray has only done 3 videos in over 10 years? Has to be something special to bring that man out. Looks like the video is gonna be crazy. Oh yeah remember that sound you hear is coming from PATCHWERK RECORDING STUDIOS(ATL,GA.) Salute the Boss!

  • snowman

    he looks happy… not very often you see a gangster rapper just smiling

  • Yeee

    Dash is 44?! Definitely didn’t know that. She’s amazing

  • ShimmyHendrix

    2:32-2:40 loolz.

  • You know this is gonna be something special, lol @ ne-yo though *sigh*

  • mmkayy

    look at Rick’s face in that video pic.. priceless

  • Boromir

    So what’s the big deal he has Stacy Dash in the video? Game has her too in the Shake video, wich is supposed to drop sometime next week.

  • stussy_kid

    “the eva so beaitiful STACEY DASH truly a dream come true” i wish ya cud hear me imitae rosses voice LMAO

  • kariba

    ^^she’s a video bitch, what do you think it’s her job? she’s too hot for a 40+ though.

  • mC

    lol @ “MORE IMPORTANT: link”


    Ross won..again

  • Tre

    Ross been winnin… its the niggas that hate em, that’s losing.

  • LMAO @ 3:50 to 4:00… that video chick looks all happy n nervous, ross points to the girl/his homie in the hoodie, and completely blocks her hahahahahah, model walks awkwardly off camera

  • ShimmyHendrix

    that mosley maywether gladiator ad up top is a true raof. and this video is filled with gifs waitin to happen.lolz.

  • YoDaddyBrother

    Rick Ross stays winning….Super High is an excellent single choice too…smooth for da summer….Stacy Dash is Stacy Dash, F. Gary Gray

  • w00t

    dude is to fat to ride a bike

  • jojoba

    Yo! Looks like this video is going to be like the fat black version of Wild Hogs!

  • Yeah Ross definitely erased a few of his Ls with this shit

  • boston

    stacey dash = MILF!!!

  • AE

    lmao at ross face in the pic

  • Jabari Manwarring


  • WSHarpysDE

    corny ass bikes