• ProjectZero

    Pac Div Know this Holy Shit DopeBoyz Slow Down LOL!!! PEACE !!

  • Harper

    shake can you make some new artwork? this one is kind of terrible

  • Rezo


  • hybreezy

    Word i been waitin for this!!

  • http://checkmeout.comingsoon.com Climb it

    i waited for this forever. dope! this and pac div in a day my nexy week is taken care of musically..then depending how much i like both my next year might have these in rotay.

  • DynamiK

    yo shake can u post up an alternate link to like mediashare or something? djbooth.net's site doesn't let me download the mixtape.

  • skratchbazz

    His album with Blu was nice. Going to check this.

  • JaneIsBlazin

    Bleeping nasty! Loving the intro!

  • ice cubes

    What a good day for music!! I've been waiting on this!

  • JoJoThePieMan

    This is dope because I've been on a big Sene kick lately, listening to his Elevator Music and Maltas & Music mixtapes. When it comes down to it, flow, lyrics - he's got it all. It's just sometimes he will get overshadowed by the beat and his voice will get lost. I don't think his delivery is bad, he's got his own laid back style, but when he has the right production behind him he really shines. Looking forward to listening to this.

  • JoJoThePieMan

    To hear what I'm talking about listen to some of his songs like ShadesUVGray, WinDoeDaily, Impromptu, These Days..., Stride Rite -- boy can go hard

  • Coss

    Leimert Park in this mawfucka foe the 2010, givin much respect to Sene reppin BROOKLYN!!!!!!...

  • intheA

    Been waiting for this one!! So far so dope!

  • JaneIsBlazin

    Just got to and heard the cook classics song they did. Incredible.

  • http://kevinnottingham.com Jon Garcia

    KN to 2DBZ
    i fucks with Sene heavily
    best album ive reviewed

  • ramel

    mixedTape http://www.mediafire.com/?wnmgodm53jf productions by GODlee Barnes

  • JuanNIto

    This is going to get so overlooked with all this dope music coming out

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Dope shit.

  • moon1483

    I hope this shit is fire like his album, though its sene who always comes on point. instant dl

  • Coco Cordero

    How that fuck do I download this? It keeps opening the same page again and again.

  • Still Cool Though.

    this whatever you call it is classic. ep, album, whatever the fuck.