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Sene – Reality Bites (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka April 27, 2010

The Mister Magic Rap Attack is proud to present…

Brooklyn buzzmaker Sene has hooked up with DJBooth.net, 2DopeBoyz, Kevin Nottingham and RubyHornet.com to bring us his latest street release, Reality Bites. The long-awaited, highly-anticipated project features 13 tracks of all-new material, including previously-featured, reader-approved leaks “Options” and “Follow Leaders.” Making guest appearances throughout the mixtape are Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan), Co$$, Tunji and Outasight. Beats come courtesy of Hannibal King, Transzformer, Jay Forbes, Terem, Insightful, Blu and Cook Classics.

Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Sene – Reality Bites (Mixtape)

  • ProjectZero

    Pac Div Know this Holy Shit DopeBoyz Slow Down LOL!!! PEACE !!

  • Harper

    shake can you make some new artwork? this one is kind of terrible

  • Rezo


  • hybreezy

    Word i been waitin for this!!

  • i waited for this forever. dope! this and pac div in a day my nexy week is taken care of musically..then depending how much i like both my next year might have these in rotay.

  • DynamiK

    yo shake can u post up an alternate link to like mediashare or something? djbooth.net’s site doesn’t let me download the mixtape.

  • skratchbazz

    His album with Blu was nice. Going to check this.

  • JaneIsBlazin

    Bleeping nasty! Loving the intro!

  • ice cubes

    What a good day for music!! I’ve been waiting on this!

  • JoJoThePieMan

    This is dope because I’ve been on a big Sene kick lately, listening to his Elevator Music and Maltas & Music mixtapes. When it comes down to it, flow, lyrics – he’s got it all. It’s just sometimes he will get overshadowed by the beat and his voice will get lost. I don’t think his delivery is bad, he’s got his own laid back style, but when he has the right production behind him he really shines. Looking forward to listening to this.

  • JoJoThePieMan

    To hear what I’m talking about listen to some of his songs like ShadesUVGray, WinDoeDaily, Impromptu, These Days…, Stride Rite — boy can go hard

  • Coss

    Leimert Park in this mawfucka foe the 2010, givin much respect to Sene reppin BROOKLYN!!!!!!…

  • intheA

    Been waiting for this one!! So far so dope!

  • JaneIsBlazin

    Just got to and heard the cook classics song they did. Incredible.

  • KN to 2DBZ
    i fucks with Sene heavily
    best album ive reviewed

  • ramel

    mixedTape http://www.mediafire.com/?wnmgodm53jf productions by GODlee Barnes

  • JuanNIto

    This is going to get so overlooked with all this dope music coming out

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Dope shit.

  • moon1483

    I hope this shit is fire like his album, though its sene who always comes on point. instant dl

  • Coco Cordero

    How that fuck do I download this? It keeps opening the same page again and again.

  • Still Cool Though.

    this whatever you call it is classic. ep, album, whatever the fuck.