• http://TRShady.com Coleon

    Fuck Solar....simple as that

  • RichyRico

    http://usershare.net/oub1w5z4hlht Armageddon – It’s Over Remix (Ft.Fat Joe,N.O.R.E.) Finally DIRTY VERSION ;)

  • sterling

    fuck solar. RIP GURU. legendary status. needs to be recognized and praised. just as big as biggie or tupac just like ROYCE said..... RIP. hold your head up Premier.

  • enjay.

    I think the Tasha Denham interview needs it's own post, cause I think it has really done more to illuminate what a fucking sleezeball Solar is than anything else I've read.

  • chris_meezy

    legendary gang starr ,no motherfucking solar

  • EvilBarz

    YO! Diddo @Coleon! R.I.P GURU! Aye..on another note...i saw this group ACTUAL PROOF perform at a DJ PREMIER / PETE ROCK TRIBUTE SHOW hosted by 9TH Wonder! These dudes are definitely hip hop! As long as HIP HOP is still live and well....so are all of it's pioneers.... BIG...PAC...GURU.....etc... R.I.P yall.... check these dudes ActProof out yo!


    Actual Proof- GENIUS http://vimeo.com/11194016

  • http://jonniehaywardyoungboy.blogspot.com JonnieHayward

    Props Meka...Flip The Script is my favorite Gang Starr cut of all time

  • http://www.wikipedia.org TheFuckingTruth
  • Steve

    Solar is a fraud. He will never get any respect from the hip hop community. Solar might as well crawl into a hole and die.

  • vP

    Fuck Solar!

  • BW

    that tasha article is crazy... FUCK Solar!

  • Mr843

    Can anyone who has been on Itunes recently tell me if they jacked up the prices for all the Gang Starr tracks before or after Guru died? If it was before, then cool, no problems wit it. But if they did it just because he died and the overlords of Itunes think they can make a quick buck off of this tragedy, then they all need to go eat a dick up til they hiccup.

  • Pete Rock

    Solar a jealous lil bitch. He gunna cry because nobody wanted to see him perform, oh well. RIP GURU

  • garrett

    Fuck a Solar. And fuck a iTunes, cop the hard copies

  • crackadon

    i read that interview Solar's baby mama did and it puts things out there. Solar would punch and beat Guru? why would Guru let him unless they were on the low? i did some research and this article is pretty eye-openning. Guru and Solar had a very suspect relationship and i had no idea about this whatsoever. i dont even know what to think, but it's all starting to make sense now. read her interview and peep this link: http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com/the-real-solar-guru-gang-starr-story-rip-guru/

  • http://www.myspace.com/thaprophetsageandoracle Tha Prophet

    "Scandalous, money greed and lust
    In this trife life, there ain`t nobody you can trust
    Plus there`s no justice, it`s just us
    In fact, watchin` yo back it be must
    And jealous "SO-CALLED FRIENDS"`ll try to set you up
    It`s called betrayal"-Keith Elam

    Too much bein' said without me seein' stuff first hand, what I will say is that Solar is rude for sure, not only for how hes treated the Elam family, but I've witnessed it personally in 2008 when he snubbed me in a KC parking lot. The guy gets no respect in the game from me, and he will never have the legacy of Gangstarr no matter how much he wants it. His career is over with the death of Guru, his days of riding his heels are over, I hope he falls hard. I like many other people are in touch with the Elam family to see what is doing to be done. If you wanna support the memory of Keithy E. give your love and support to his family they need it. Word is born!

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