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Theophilus London – I Want You (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka April 28, 2010

Shortly before we got his third mixtape I WANT YOU, Theophilus London released a DIY promo video for the track “Life Of A Lover”. The record loops lazily to show us a new look: pretty girls dancing with each other at a show, young dudes headnodding, the crush of cameras and hard flash that now follows us everywhere we go, a cut to Theophilus in monochrome riding in a Vespa gang through Chinatown en route to Brooklyn and then back to the dance—a mic cord drifting slowly in and out of the frame and his hand reaching out to bring a girl on stage. That is all and this is it: inspired by Marvin Gaye’s self-imposed European exile and controversial performance of the national anthem at the 1983 NBA All Star game, I WANT YOU is a collection of dark jams that restlessly examines the promise of love beyond lifestyle. Touching on LA electrofunk, UK indie, tropical escapade and obscure afropop you never knew existed, these are stories from the way we live now: missed connections and misunderstandings, video chats and retweets, returns and deliverables. We know today is all black everything but more to the point: this is now noir as we know it. And this is Theophilus London.

Hosted by everybody’s favorite wifey prototype, Va$htie. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Theophilus London – I Want You (Mixtape)

  • hippahoppa

    oh, God!

  • Haight

    Dirtttty, hope this holds me over untill Str8 Killa No FIlla drops.

  • DiggySimmons

    The past couple days here been like christmas! *plays life of a lover till d/l finishes*

  • bd

    ive never really listen to this dude but i hear people raving about him all the time. im gonna start listening, would u guys say this is a good project to start off with or would u recommend something else?

  • Tone Ikasu

    I’ve never downloaded a tape from Theophilus London. I hope this tape does not disappoint on the first impression. Maybe I will check out his songs on youtube while it downloads. Any good ones that I should really listen to?

  • DreamOn

    meka could you pleeeeeeease!! bring back the link for “this charming mixtape.
    forgive me, i was sleeping on this dude back then.

  • lasean

    i hope this is dope cause “this charming mixtape” was hella dope

  • lasean

    @bd & Tone Ikasu

    “this charming mixtape” is dope its different but dope and it gets better as it goes along

  • Tone Ikasu

    ^^^ yeah I am downloading this charming mixtape now. I listened to Hundrum town and I like the soulful type of feel to it. Reminds me of mickey factz for some reason.

  • this is pretty fresh

  • DreamOn

    @tone Ikasu- link to this charming mixtape pleeease!

  • Tone Ikasu

    @ DreamOn. I go you man

    Its right under the cover art.

  • Tone Ikasu


  • d’Angelo

    I’m not feelin’ it, his charming mixtape was way better.

  • DreamOn

    THANKS HOMIE, downloading now!

  • Tone Ikasu

    So after some extensive listens to songs from all three of his mixtapes I have come to one conclusion…….Dope….. I like the songs I have listened to and I don’t see how it would be possible to listen to the only good songs on all three of his tapes. I will be checking for this dude from now on. Nice feel good music.

  • LocksnChucks

    this is excellent listening rite now..on track three and im VIBING.
    Tone Ikasu @thanks also for the old mixtape

  • london stop the madness. dopehouse put a reg link up

    ..wtf is that?? y is the dl process for ths shit sooo diffcult?

  • Chuckie

    london stop the madness. dopehouse put a reg link up <<
    1)just click the link dopeboyz put up.
    2)then click the "i want you" in big red letters , all capital letters then the tape will download for you.

  • midnightkat

    Man the boys done it again!!!!!!

  • HeSpeaksTheTruth

    Man the boys done it again!!!!!!
    midnightkat said this on April 28th, 2010 at 1:11 pm

  • JaneIsBlazin

    Basically this guy is horrible. I saw him live and was embarrased for him.
    He has no rhyming abilities whatsoever just ronson-esque production.. Which we learned with Wale…means nothing. I was so eager to hear him too. Major let down.
    File under wale stunt double and Mickey factz sidekick.

  • DayO

    ^that was dumb.

  • shane

    every one of his releases is bomb beeen listening to him since JAM!

  • Teddy

    Yo 2010 is that year.

  • Chuck

    sendspace is so wack…. taking forever to download

  • Love this so far. My thoughts on it:

    Only complaints tracks are out of order in my iTunes, and he used a sendspace link. How are you the future of indie music using sendspace!?! He’s uber dope though.

  • ezzie

    cudi killa!

  • pure genius!

  • shane

    listened all the way throug, blew my mind. mans a genious.

  • JJ

    this link fucking sucks

  • Damn, the Lupe video dropped today and now this. Sweet.

  • ace*

    love theo’s style and this charming mixtape. i’m at school, can’t wait to get home and dl this shieeet.

  • stussy_kid

    The past couple days here been like christmas! *plays life of a lover till d/l finishes*<<<<< so tru cant wait to listen to this

  • southside

    I just listened to the whole mixtape, it’s fresh. He has a style similar to Cudi, maybe better…

  • Igneous

    This shit is Dope.

  • mYc

    sendspace does not work on my comp for some reason….someone help please!

  • steve spliffler

    dude me too…..i need this tape what’s the deal

  • 2Fairy

    Someone got another link? Shits gone missing on send space..

  • someguy

    someone please reup this to something else. sendspace is failing.

  • GR

    need alt link, file mustve got removed

  • josh

    yoooo someone hook up a new link for this pleaseee

  • alldayclassic

    heres the link over to the usershare. shouts to Complex http://usershare.net/ea861i4alqin

  • mYc

    Thank you Mr. Classic!

  • GR

    Holy shit, this is the one of the best things i’ve listened to all year. No fucking joke, his best mixtape out by far.

  • this shit is sooooo refreshing… i fucks wit it and if you don’t, the only genre u listen to is probably hip hop

  • yupisaidit

    theophilus london= shitty hipster hop.

  • jeeaaah

    he seems pretentious as hell haha…like the type of guy that writes a haiku on a mickey D’s cup or some shit (ooo high art!)…lol cool music though

  • carbyne

    ^^^Lmao dats funny as hell…idk what to think about that., but…lets see what all the hype is about.

  • AreEn

    good shit

  • dopeSir

    who produced this shit! crazy as fuck. on some psychadelic shit.

  • i cant believc i missed out on this for like a whole month…

  • Blackaristocrat

    I was a narcoleptic, because I was sleeping on son. Never hear of son, but the Marvin Gaye sample was enough for me to check him out…