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Random Acts of Fuckery: Waka Flocka Fozzie Bear Edition

blame it on Shake April 28, 2010

Complex: It doesn’t discourage you from rocking your chain?
Waka Flocka Flame: Hell nah. I just copped a new chain. You ever heard of Fozzie Bear from Muppet Babies, that says, “Waka waka waka waka”? I got that. That’s my new shit. Got a lil yellow Fuzzy with the yellow watch green, and shit.

Oh, you already know I’m coming for 700%.

  • Steve

    “The man make the chain, chain don’t make the man”

  • Bee

    Waka is about to be the illist MC of 2010. Haters beware.

  • Homie looks like Kel from Good Burger. GTFOH!


  • dhack21

    dude made that chain cause of Shake…hopefully he can get paid off that shit

  • What are the odds that it’s a plastic toy spray painted gold?

  • It’s dope how the blog world affects hip hop so much now…lol.

  • slutskydakid

    u been sayin that for awhile Shake. get ur percentage

  • JohnDank

    lol the muppet babies. i used to watch that shit like 13 years ago

  • ha ha ha

    Muppet babies lol that’s about the intelligence level of his music

  • Smh…this man is a walking, talking, living, breathing RANDOM ACT OF FUCKERY

  • Muppet babies lol that’s about the intelligence level of his music



  • BW

    this is dope

  • haha, Shake da 5’9 aka Harlem Shake

  • Snagz

    A muppet baby chain? Then blacks folks wonder why people call us ignorant. How about you take that money and invest it? Buy a house? Buy your mom a house? Put it aside so your kids can go to college? I don’t know maybe just something that a grown ass MAN would do. Instead this dude buys a Muppet Babies chain. He already failed at life.

  • guest

    that chain looks nothing like fozzie bear

  • we proven us as a ppl are capable of the impossible (obama?) but rather spent our funds on… Iced out muppets… We can do better. we need a hip hop board of directors of who is let in the industry

  • Busy

    damn shake… you called it to! lmao… get ur bread homie!!!!!!!!!!

  • lmao

  • bradsterb15

    this dude could be one of the stupidest people on the planet you gonna waste all that money on a chain from the MUPPET BABIES dude is retarded but what can you expect from some signed to guccis label with a dude names oj da juiceman DUMB ASS PEOPLE i swear

  • This clown is fucking wack.
    Waka fans kill yourselves.

  • Dude needs to read wealth of nations…capital is accumulated with gold, but with investment in labor/growth…but that’s just me nerding out.

  • freshyboi

    he should have to buy you an iced out master shake chain for that

  • Lol Shake changed the title of the thread after I called Fozzie a walking, talking, living, breathing RANDOM ACT OF FUCKERY

  • The Grym Reaper

    When I lay my cold dark unforgiving gaze upon you, you will know true pain. My icey grip will sink into your flesh. My fingertips will drip with your blood and your screams of agony will satisfy my thirst for your torture. I The Grym Reaper hereby sentence Waka Flocka Flame (a.k.a. Fozzie Bear) to eternity in my clutches. Every second more painful than the last every sight your vision absorbs will be so horrid that gouging out your eyes would be an act of kindness. The only thing you will smell is your boiling excrement & your searing flesh. The only thing you will hear is your piercing shrieks & the word “AYE!” being constantly repeated in 3 second intervals. Waka Flocka Flame… you soon will meet your judgement… by my hand. Beware… your hour of death lies near… as does your eternity of torture…

  • *reads The Grym Reaper’s comment* …… *dead*

  • Virginia_Rhymer

    @Bee – are you out of your fucking mind? Waka is probably one of the shittiest rappers I have ever heard in my life and there are lot of them out there. I agree with shyguy, if there are any Waka fans out there reading this shit, jump off a fucking building

  • The Grym Reaper is 2db’s newest, and worst troll. That shit wasn’t even funny, at all.

  • Level

    I agree… with the Reaper. lol

  • Twitch

    The Grym Reaper>>>

  • Snagz

    Yo Grym needs some kush and a girl real bad. lol

  • juno40

    Reaper I feel u. I aint fuckin u lol. But I’ll blow sum sour witcha cus u TIGHT!!!! Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame u at all 4 feelin dat way… actually I agree. But nigga dam u sounded like the real Reaper… lol

  • ????

    The Grym Reaper >>>> Fozzie, Bee & Chuuuch.

  • LMAO

    GIVE SHAKE HIS CASH!!!!!!!!!!

  • waka

    my name is Waka

  • Bee

    @Virginia_Rhymer are you out of YOUR mind? you’re the over there getting worked up over another nigga… not me. Waka holds his own next to all of the little wannabes everyone wants to hype up. Like I said, 2010 is his year. you can remain pressed. …WAKA!

  • Raptorsarefriends

    He could have probably sent someone to college with what he spent. But I guess he has to stay shined.
    Geez I really for sad for the Hip Hop industry right now

  • Pixel

    OK. Ive seen worse. (T-Pain?) But still this is FUCKERY!!!! Who does this? Soooooooooooooo glad I am not from the south! @ Grym… I gotta few more to add to ya list. Fuck it KILL THE WHOLE BRICK SQUAD!!!! LOL

  • Big_E

    ahahaha this nigga Grym Reaper..

  • Eat Me

    Benzino >>> Waka

  • Eat Me

    Yea muhfukaz I said it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8equalsignD

    but why fozzie’s mouth look like that tho…?

  • This nigga is the HERO OF THE STUPID!!!!!

  • Yo

    None of you guys are funny. I mean really? You’re that bored?

  • whatupsucka

    He got this chain just to shiiiiiiiittttt on you haters

  • Eat Me

    Read Grym Reapers comment… (wtf?) Read it agn… (WTF?) Looks at that chain agn and starts to think about all the music he’s done… Takes the lesser of 2 evils and agrees with The Reaper.

  • He should get an iced out noose and hang himself with it!

  • Eat Me

    @ Yo if u wanted to be entertained or wanted something to laugh at… Y da fuck did come here?

  • Askaw

    Ay Pixel… Im from the south and I don’t fuck wit dis fuck nicca!

  • Dew drop

    U gotta b fuckin kiddin me. Dis is wat it is now? Fuckin muppets? @ Grym Fuck Waka do dat shit to da bastards that signed, promoted & financed this lame.

  • Wooo Ric Flair

    @ Reaper, B.L.O. & Dew drop… cosign

  • Retro G

    @ Waka… smh. Because of the south every deceased black historian that sacrificed blood sweat tears & LIFE to move our people foward are prolly dizzy from rolling in their graves so much.

  • Shadow

    Shit im surprised he went out and got a new chain after what happened to the last one you would think that he would stop flossing so hard SMH

  • silence

    ^^^to answer your question

    “…I call this shit livin’ the good life. I got shot, get into a fight, hey man, this shit fun.”…

    … jedi facepalm

  • omfgbewbz

    *pats Shake on the back* Nice.

  • 9

    Why cant all these ignorant niggas just die.

  • DiggySimmons

    [email protected] of u thinking ur smarter thank waka…what are u doing to be able to afford his chain..oh rite nothing..he makes music for the clubs. end of. AND ALL U COMMENTERS LOVED OHLEDOWIT.
    reaper i have to say ur post was funny tho.

    How exactly is this a raof? hes worked really hard n now afford a really expensive chain? seems like a WIN TO ME.


    DiggySimmon: oh rite nothing.

    Now I completely understand how your a fan. Your a short yellow bus riding red helmet wearing retard.

    Just like Waka. Retards unite.

  • yo wacka i’m happy for u and imma let u finish but gucci mane got one of the best chains of all time,of all time!!!!!

    LOL that shit is crazy,flocka got a so serius (problem) physical

  • 2dopeboyz work for complex
    complex make a interview with complex
    2dopeboyz jokes wacka flocka in the RAOF

    L O L

  • soorrrryyy
    complex make a interview with wacka*
    i mean

  • I’m really not shocked about this. I’ve become numb to the ignorance of mainstream hip hop

  • Jarvo

    How ppl gon blame the south cuz of niggas wearin stupid chains and jewelry wen u had niggas like cam wit a electronic chains and ghostface wit dat big ass eagle or wateva it was on his arm or countless others come on u jus sound ignorant jus blamin the south. Rappers do & get stupid shit wen they get paid jus like this nigga and othas ion like the chain eitha but its his life fuck em, u act like u gon hear 4rm him 6months from now u gonna forget all this.

  • mozz

    “eat a wack rapper and spit out the chain” – Doom
    “eatin wack rappers alive, spittin out chains” – Jay Elect

  • chris_meezy

    this is better random act of fuckery look at this spanish white rappers LOL


    meka,or shake or knowxone post this please LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • chris_meezy

    Snagz said this on April 28th, 2010 at 1:06 am <<thing is waka has actually invested alot of his money. and given back to his community and invested in community hostels. hes not dumb.

  • yadigg

    He got you with the chain shake hahaha you gon clown him and he said fuck it ill play along hahaha

  • bd

    idk whats that about it, i guess the whole fozzie bear part lol but other than that getting the chain itself isnt that big of a deal. since when did hip hop become so far up its ass that rappers rocking chains is ignorant now? i mean yea it can look real dumb and sometimes be a waste of money, but its a part of the culture. remember this guy, i mean he was a way better mc but if its his chains were worried about then he could be the most ignorant to ever do it http://image3.examiner.com/images/blog/EXID23337/images/Slick_Rick%281%29.jpg

  • bd

    and contrary to what alot of people say waka is a pretty smart guy, in interviews when they ask him the right questions he gives intelligent answers, seems like hes at least got his head in the right place


    lol ppl blamin the south bout chains?? did u forget ghostface eagle? flava flav? slick rick? haha u ppl make me laugh. lord forgive them they know not what they do.

  • …………………………………………….


  • Know Known Bounds

    If Eminem got a M&M chain I’d laugh. If Dr.Dre got a stethoscope chain I’d laugh. If Crooked I got an italicized i chain I’d laugh. If Wiz Khalifa got a wizards hat chain I’d laugh. If Drake got a DarkWingDuck chain I’d laugh. If Nicki Minaj got a Three’s Company chain I’d laugh. Either way, me laughing wouldn’t change the fact these people got money to spend and egos to bruise. Consider yourself the punched in line.

  • Lol @ Diggy…wat makes u think everybody in here wants to afford his chain?? And it doesn’t take much intelligence or hustle to be a wack ass rapper,,or even a rapper good enough to make music for the clubs…..and I, for one, hate OHLEDEWIT, everytime I hear the 1st second of it I change the station

  • If that’s what people with money act like, I don’t want it.

  • This is one of the reasons why NYOIL wrote, ya’ll should all get lynched.

    for the Record… Ghostface’s Eagle Bracelet is still the greatest piece of rap jewelery of all time!

    Click the name!

  • AnT

    “we proven us as a ppl are capable of the impossible (obama?) but rather spent our funds on… Iced out muppets… We can do better. we need a hip hop board of directors of who is let in the industry”
    89er said this on April 28th, 2010 at 1:09 am

    “This clown is fucking wack.
    Waka fans kill yourselves.”
    Shyguy said this on April 28th, 2010 at 1:20 am
    /double co-sign

  • DJ SoUnDBoyy121

    Chris_Martian: Yo wacka i’m happy for u and imma let u finish but gucci mane got one of the best chains of all time,of all time!!!!!
    LMAO!!!!!!! That was hella funny..lol

  • TE

    this is what happens when dumb niggas get too much money. smdh.

  • DiggySimmons

    JonnieHayward<Not sayin ppl want the chain. I know alot of people would like to be in the high earning bracket becasue people like to be financially stable. true. You tellin me you wudnt like to earn say 2mill each year?

  • DiggySimmons

    JonnieHayward<yea oledowit is old now tho lol. but it banged wen it first came out.

  • DiggySimmons

    And sorry hes not the first rapper to buy a big chain lol. get over your “righteous selves”
    *c section goes back to listenin to weed rappers who rap about bitches and blunts and feel gooey inside from thinking their supporting intelligent independent rap*


    He must frequent 2DBZ… prolly saw Mek posting up Fozzie and decided to get a chain. LMAO at all this fuckery!

  • kyro

    mane diggy gettin it in over there
    do i have to diss sum one to get sum attention too?
    per se that is tha real diggy…*poof*

  • BlaqINK

    if hip hop was a sport he would be on the bench lol
    f that woulda never been drafted …he would be a hip hop towel boy lol

  • BlaqINK

    who he think he is jim hanson lol, what is this nickelodeon,come on man get outta here

  • bd

    man even though i dont agree with everything diggys saying, hes really got a point. too many fans acting self righteous and like everythings ignorant if a certain rapper does it but its cool if a rapper they like does it. i mean what justifies a reason why ghostfaces chain is better than wakas? yea u may like the chain better because of how it looks but that doesnt mean that its some piece of art all of a sudden or that the money he spent on it was worth it. if u wanna look at it with a positivly then waka got a chain he liked and spent money on it because he felt like it was worth it and that it expresses himself, same with ghost and any other rapper. if u wanna look at it negativly then he wasted thousands of dollars on a stupid chain that shows how ignorant he is because hes just blowing money on jewelry that he doesnt need, and that includes ghost and every other rapper that rocks a chain

  • DJ SoUnDBoyy121

    Damn…YOU RIGHT ON THE MONEY bd…I mean let’s all be real for a minute…If any of us won the lotto today for about $4 mill, can ya’ll honestly say u wouldn’t be buyin materialistic things on the first day..Ya’ll say he’s a jackass for blowing money on a chain..but lets compare that chain to Lambo or Mercedes that u know u would buy if u were rich…Someeone else could say ya’ll are fools for spendin so much money on a vehicle..Because why do u need a $100,000 vehicle to get from point A to point B? EXACTLY!!! YOU DON’T!!! U’d buy it cuz u have the money and it looks nice.. SO TO EVERYONE ON THIS BLOG, DON’T JUDGE SOMEONE ELSE IF U KNOW DAMN WELL U’D BUY MATERIALISTIC BULLSHIT TOO IF U SUDDENLY HAD MONEY…Be real you guys, Don’t be a Hypocrite

  • Boredliketherestofyall

    People named Diggy, Waka Flaka……honestly how do you give any validity to their opinions?
    One names himself after the 12 year old son of a Hiphop icon.
    The other …….Waka waka where do i begin?!
    Diggy go back to class.

  • Boredliketherestofyall

    And FTR, Everybody ridiculous gaudy fuckin chains look stupid, From Ghostfaces eagle, Nore’s iced out pack of Newport (Are they 100s or regulars?), Rick Ross’ face medallion, I can go on and on, ALL OF THEM LOOK STUPID. WHAT MAKES IT IGNORANT IS…Or should I say, When you watch the news and see whats going on in the world or if you live in the ghetto, that should put things in perspective. Haiti is destroyed but I GOT MY FOZZIE BEAR !!!!

  • DJ SoUnDBoyy121

    @ Boredliketherestofyall

    I have to agree and disagree with u on that one.
    1. U have the right to say “ALL OF THEM LOOK STUPID” becuz your entitled to ur own opinion, but keep in mind everyone has differant styles and tastes, thats what ppl call “INDIVIDUALALITY” man. WHAT MIGHT BE RIGHT FOR U, MAY NOT BE RIGHT FOR SOME. There might be ppl who think the way YOU dress is ugly, does that make their statement a fact? NO..it’s their opinion, so keep that in mind next time u down someone elses style

    2. What have YOU done to help Haiti recently? Have u made any donations? any volunteer work? If so what? Don’t worry i’ll wait….


  • nah

    old news. he had it on in the video trailer for his new mixtape

  • Cosign BLO

  • OGEazy

    DJ Soundboy
    What does it matter how much the average person gives to Haiti if we’re just struggling to get by ourselves? Entertainers have so much money but they never spend it where it counts. Where the fuck is the Bono of hip-hop?

  • Boredliketherestofyall

    @ DJ SoUnDBoyy121
    Yes, I have made donations! Yes thats plural, meaning more than once. Have You?!

    As for your first comment you’re absolutely right, its all opinion, Thats what the c-section is for. Your comments, opinions, critiques etc.
    Keep in mind this is America!!!!
    You seem like you wear that kinda dumb shit. Iced out FOZZIE BEARS are not a good look!! Nor are the other atrocities that I mentioned b4 u jumped on my dick!!!!! NOW GET OFF!

  • RICK RO$$

    that shit hard.

  • Lance Treble

    Well I can’t hate. If he can afford that type of shit, let the nigga buy it. Sometimes it just seems like dudes wake up trying to hate on somebody doing better. I mean like what the fuck you care about another dude spending the money HE earned on something HE wanted? Thats just how society works. Either change it or STFU and do something more constructive with your life.

  • Manda

    All yal hatin on my nigga wak the chain go hard and can’t none of yal afford it…he makin money which is wat we all wanna do so leave my homie alone rather he can rap or not his music ain’t for everyone to like come on now wat human likes every type of music not me!!! So kill the hate and let this man be cuz at the end of the day he still gon make dollars and when you got your own money you can buy wat the hell you want and do watever you please come on people be realistic!!! Love ya wak keep doin ya thing

  • Xmichael

    This is Omega-level Nignorance rght here. Good grief.