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K’Naan – Wavin’ Flag f. Will.I.am & David Guetta (Video)

blame it on Meka April 29, 2010

Props to K’Naan for being a part of the official anthem for the upcoming 2010 World Cup in South Africa.


  • I WILL be watching in June!


  • AirNigeria

    #GoNigeria. Nigeria…the name alone is disgusting. SMH.

  • AN another won – its dope still nothin touches the OG –
    -more k’naan n much mo on intelligentRebelLion.org

  • brandon

    i like the original better

  • Strange Famous

    If any African team will win the world cup it will be Ivory Coast.

  • Juanka


  • Dan


  • DK


  • RSX

    I hope K’Naan breaks after this, and people don’t see it as Will.i.am, David Guetta, and some guy.

  • hrm

    whos the whiteboy?

  • Superobo

    How is this featuring David Guetta? And who the FCK let Will.I.Am into a recording booth AGAIN?

  • Joseph

    The whiteboy is David Guetta. Did he produce this version?

  • hurrdurr

    lol @ #gonigeria

    americans dont know shit about football, stay out of it please

  • Joseph

    Oh, and why not post the World Cup version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME

  • DK

    @hurrdurr it’s optimism and btw it’s the first time of a wc ever being on African soil so you never know what these guys might bring to the table! tbh I’d be satisfied if any African team won we need to step up!

  • Corsico

    One of my absolute FAVORITE tracks off the album. This is what’s up. REAL HIP HOP.

  • IVORY COAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big-A

    Go Nigeria? dude isnt even from Nigeria…

  • FS_Jet

    lol Meka is.. no way on earth nigeria will do anything in the WC tho.. neither will USA
    my educated guess is the Netherlands will win lol

  • Rafae Sheikh

    This video is dope as shit

  • um

    why the fuck did they change the song so much???? the original is WAY better…

  • _tim_harrington_

    how the fuck you gon say that? back it up with some facts and then talk to me.

  • FS_Jet

    ^yall call it ‘soccer’.. nuff said

  • Teddy

    Hey doesnt Divid Guetta sing, because heard a version with some Spanish guy singing. I thought that would be this version but I guess not.

  • shizzy


    Knaan is dope as hell

  • The Coon

    What’s the point of having Will I Am on this song? CoonAss Nikka

  • killakel


  • Im(mortal)

    this is just too much now, 3rd fucking video

  • Wise

    Sorry, the original was much better, in my opinion. They changed it too much. And I really am not a fan of Will.I.Am, anyways. This doesn’t move me as much as the original off of Troubadour.

  • AnT

    “I hope K’Naan breaks after this, and people don’t see it as Will.i.am, David Guetta, and some guy.”

    RSX said this on April 29th, 2010 at 1:54 pm
    -He has a song on Madden 2009 or 2010 called ABC’s. Madden always has some pretty dope songs especially from artist that the masses don’t hear because of that radio garbage.

  • opec

    You hope he breaks?????
    He has broken. He won ARTIST OF THE YEAR FOR THE JUNO AWARDS!!!
    Thats HUGE!!! Will be one of the greatest ARTISTs of our times guaranteed!!

  • SCO



    http://usershare.net/kztlsr1y0stx REAL HIP HOP NO BULLSHSSSS

  • Y3K

    What was the point in Will.I.Am in this?

  • kray

    Brasil neles

  • Ghboi~


  • JD

    David Guetta looks like a fag

  • yukid

    the world cup version is the best…

    top contenders are argentina, spain, ivory coast, brazil, germany….everyone else (including my nigeria whom i at least want to win their 1st game against argentina) aint winning a thing…if there is any shock then its going to be out of africa imo…

  • JL

    cosign on the original being better. It was more….sincere,
    This one feels too self important compared to the ld one.
    and lol @ David Guetta….this is definitely the year of the hipsters….greaaat.
    K’naan s still the shit, though. Hopefully he doesn’t get generic in the future.

  • Bogodile

    Big up K,Naan :) I’m signing in from South Africa & We are proud to host the world cup!!!!
    May the best team win & God Bless Africa!!! “Wave your flag!”

  • Riktar

    Ivory Coast!!!! les elephants!

  • jlr

    DROGBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Kalouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Reppin the Chelsea !!!!!!CAREFREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Frank Lampard

    Nigeria have got the Main man John Obi Mikel dont4get

  • It’s cool that it’s going to be at the world cup and all but it’s much bigger than that.

    This song (or the original because I prefer that) will be able to set the world back into balance for those who don’t even have the ability to read what I’m writing because they don’t have luxuries like computers. Appreciate this!

    PS Will I Am is just supporting what’s needed on the airwaves…Songs that will raise the worlds frequency.

  • ali

    yeh that is my fellow somalian nigger knaan warsame reprezent , yeh go ivory cost and new zealand

  • mmkayy

    aww man this is gonna be an epic song for the world cup.. cant wait

  • okcrew

    you guys see this version? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RR37-D-At8

  • okcrew