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Slang Editorial: Where’s New York’s Leaders Of The Pack?

blame it on Meka April 29, 2010

In today’s post at the house of Harris, I look into the somewhat lack of representation from New York’s up & comers. Gee, I wonder how many people are gonna write this off without even understanding the point.

READ: Slang Editorial: Where’s New York’s Leaders Of The Pack?

  • BillClinton

    MEKA how many articles a week do you do?

  • BillClinton

    i dunno fat joe is coming back..yea u mentioned the diddy thing, nicki miniaj (yea i know) , jim jones is still doin it, dame from new york is building a powerhouse, 1/3 of the triple c’s is from newyork (scrap that lol) and yea vado is not known well enuff, i dont know y cam is taking so long to put out videos. he shud do like ross n shoot a buch of gureilla style (yet shiny) videos n pump them out quiker than lil b so his presence is at least aknowledged. but t.b.h who really is doing it in rap now..its all changing really theophilus london is dope not known but from ny and his sound is not exactly hiphop per se in a traditional sense…everythings chaning but the talent is still thre.

  • I’m working as hard as I can to have a serious impact over this summer and into next year.

  • Rezo

    “I’m not saying that New York rap is about as obsolete as Kat Stacks’ brain, mouth, orifices and reproductive systems.” lmao!!!!

    Anyway, I agree with this article there is no new dude that is next up from NY on my radar. Some might say Vado but he is like 30 years old. NY needs new younger artist to step up but it seems like that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. NY artist seem to worry more about beefing and what the next dude is doing rather than trying to make good music. Hip hop started in NY but it seems like the pride in that has died.

  • Shayne

    I Respect The outlook !

  • Jor Jah

    Weird, Meka’s on his own nuts again. I am shocked, though, that Meka understands what Jay – is gonna do to Brooklyn. Shot’s fired.

    Hip Hop has no identity, not just NY.

    There are plenty of talented MCs who go unknown and receive no shine. IMO the 90’s were the pinnacle of rap. Remember the times when artists made themselves? Times have changed. Nowadays we have industry influence co-signs and payola driving the game. The rap game is over saturated and watered downd. Period. There are plenty of talented MCs who go unknown and receive no shine.

    Random thoughts:
    Cali isn’t in much better shape than NY.

    What happened to NY Oil? I’m guessing he was blackballed for going at labels and an ill-fated attempt to diss Nas.

  • kidadonis

    I kinda want to see where Print is going. Hopefully he can make a splash. Opps, I mean Chris Faust. Why did he change his name anyway? But, yeah, him. I think he’s pretty good.

  • LEX

    NY rappers get pigeonwholed into being “another New York Rapper” or as you mentioned with Joell, a “vintage” rapper. As artists from NYC, we cling to the sound that was created here. Waka Floka ain’t exactly re-inventing the wheel of southern rap, and although he may not be a good example of quality southern hip hop, he definitely took an influence from a sound that originated in his region. And he garnered a legitimate buzz. Should New Yorkers be punished for doing the same? We get called out anytime we do something that sounds like its from outta town, then when we stick to the format we’re too stuck in our ways. But when a Jay Electronica or J. Cole comes around with an NY influenced sound, everyone loves them. Look at Roc Marc. Look at Sean Price. Look at Consequence. Dudes is still making quality rap, but they don’t get legitimate shine because the brand of hip hop is “outdated.” If that’s true than fuck rap. It was never meant to cater to everyone else’s expectations. It used to be “bring it if its dope and keep that wack shit to yourself.” We need to get back to that.

  • BillClinton

    funny thing is waka was actually born in new york.*shrugs*

  • LEX

    Nice! lol.. replace Waka with Gucci then. You get the point.

  • el hombre

    i was about to post the same shit LEX just said

  • Jarvo

    Only person that ithink that can give NY a buzz again is Vado, idk but ova in NY it seems they jus all fightin for the #1 spot nd not helpin each otha to get out there betta. I mean ihate to say this but Khalid was smart by doin wat he did for rappers in Florida and rappers from the south by puttin dem on records and havin unity thats how miami got put on wen Atl, New Orleans & houston was jus dominatin now u hav miami in the mix. If Ny jus stop ego trippin and come 2getha as one maybe it will hav a buzz again.

  • mo

    Vado? Stfu.

  • Charlie Hustle

    Sounds like Meka sold his soul to the industry. Determining ‘next up to bat’ depends on the criteria you use to make that evaluation.

    Jay-Z may be known world wide and have ‘hot’ singles, platinum albums, famous friends, Beyonce for a wife, commercial endorsements, clothing line, Def Jam, the Nets, and millions in the bank, but I’d rather listen to Sean P any day of the week.

  • iHateHaters

    cosign @jarvo
    but what about YONAS??????????????
    idk how his buzz is evrywhere else but here in philly the whole northeast bumpin his shit!

  • JF

    One of the comments says “Chicago runs hip hop”, and that’s a coincidence because I was talking to my homie last weekend about the number of quality artists from the Chi.

  • Charlie Hustle

    @ iHateHaters
    Yep, Yonas is as good as or better than J.Cole & not nearly as corny…people just don’t know about him.

  • NikonIcon

    Dead on, someone’s gonna have to step up and be the person that brings New York into the 21st Century. I think it’s gonna happen with one of the newer dudes rather than the Ortiz’s Banks and Saigon’s of the world. I think it’s way more on Emilio, ESSO, Kid Daytona and Donny Goines than it is on the wave before them that was really the last wave of the old NEw York to get Major Label chances. And why doesn’t anyone ever mention Fab when they make the New York argument. He’s the last pereson to break of any real mainstream signifigance. I refuse to count Maino in that conversation

  • wowzer, did you say J Cole may make Jay Z look like a genius?

  • as a new yorker, i can tell you that new york city has made major changes itself (the tunnel days are over, the mixtape days are over) but the problem is that we dont have new artist that are reflecting that change and at the same time reppin the grittness of the city. all these mixtape rappers that still havent put out albums are in there mid 30’s…..its sad but there careers are over. the young’n on the come up right now have 2 compete with jay, nas, g-unit, dipset and d-block as well as these pushing 40 rappers that are chasing another hit like a dope fiend. we need new artist (with new sounds) that represent us right, no more niggas biting the south (even tho they are the standard in the mainstream) we need something new that represents us the right way. and yes shout out 2 maino cause he has a platinum single and his album is out and he came from that mixtape class and made it pop as a new new york artist.

    p.s. 2 the mixtape rappers in your mid 30’s, find a job or go indy


    Vado is pretty bad. Meka’s right though, there’s nobody to take the throne in NY – just a bunch of cats like Kweli, Nas, Jay Hova that are well-established and still killing it. The Kat Stacks joke was funny, but it’s getting played out – you use it too much; switch things up nigga!

  • Bill Clinton

    MF CHEF vado is a pretty dope rapper (this is from a anti dipset/ anti cam for the most part person) songs like differnt cloth and talk to em and you the baddest really showcase dudes talent oh i forgot “large on the streets” i just dont think vado is out there enuff people dont really know his material.

  • SCO


  • lunchbox

    Uncommon Records…otherwise yeah,NYC (and the whole new england coast for that matter) is the land of the lost.

  • Gotta be honest Mek but I agree with this article in more ways than one…

  • robertTHEallen

    i would say mickey factz but his buzz isnt that crazy
    but its like you said, its not like new york doesnt have talent…

  • NY Advocate

    This article is funnily ignorant. Blind eye. Homeboy Sandman, Theophilus London, Sene, Emilio Rojas, Skyzoo. Right there alone are people who dropped some top projects this and last year. All of which have been featured on this site numerous times. IN FACT This is where I discovered everyone of these artists. I just downloaded A project from one of these artists (sene) from THIS SITE the day before you wrote this article..AND THE DOPE BOYZ PRESENTED IT?! Media is dickriding other regions and fronting on NY.

  • joe

    we gone be alright, i dont feel like were doin bad right now