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What’s The Consensus? The Internets React To Eminem’s Not Afraid

blame it on Meka April 29, 2010

The folks at Complex asked a few heads what they thought of Marshall's latest single. Feel free to leave your own thoughts down below.

READ: What’s The Consensus? The Internets React To Eminem’s Not Afraid
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  • Melo

    good except for the production..garbage drums.

  • Bill Clinton

    meka nigga keep it real, we already did this yesterday. fuk is this?

  • TXM

    great 1st single, album gonna be classic imo

  • brandon

    beat was simple but he ripped it imo better than Drake's single #FACT

  • HeartAnemic

    Good track imo, better this his other singles...

  • Fuckin idiot meka , we already talked about it , you foolish fucking moron

  • OnTheRun

    agreed with the first guy, the drums were fuckin wack as hell

  • Shawn

    drums wack, verses classic, drake sucks, anything I missed?

  • Rezo

    The first 2 verses are dope but the 3rd verse with the singing is wack. The beat sounds like an ATL rappers mixtape "trap" beat. I will not be listening to the song again.

  • Decennial Squirt

    wack, ain't no one tryna hear this shit.

  • Aj

    I liked the beat but I thought that the drums should of been heavier or something. Its definatly a good direction for eminem minus the fact that some of the lyrics give me the intention that we will not be hearing any more beef records. The album going to be classic just like this song, minus no skits on the album - god going to miss them.

  • SargeWP

    Garbage beat, garbage song to be honest, boi-ida is ether hit or miss.

  • omfgbewbz

    what do i know i hate everything. <3 you mek.

  • Yo


    beat was simple but he ripped it imo better than Drake’s single #FACT

    brandon said this on April 29th, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    Damn!!!!!!! Drake is making it big! People are comparing him to one of the greatest. They are comparing R&B to rap. That's like comparing action movies to chick flicks. Go Drake! Em made a nice song I like his freestyle better but I will definitely look for his album.

  • emil

    Why is it Meka who reviewed it, Meka sucks. The only thing he liked is Camron.

  • Justanothercrow123

    like the man himself, the music is GARBAGE.

  • I think the fans should be thankful its not Just Lose It or We Made You, those were terrible songs. Plus it's just the first single, of course it's gonna be a little corny, that's what the radio wants.

  • Justanothercrow123

    *edit* you assholes gotta lay off meka. dude keeps it real.

  • A.I.


  • FakirWise

    ^ They'd do anything to type his name out on here. Yes, drums could have been heavier. Song is good. Enough talking about Drake already, he's not a lyricist just milking the industry for what it is. Let him do his thing, everyone plays their part. One day Drake will be put to the test.

  • cokane

    beat sounded like some "successful" shit just without drake on it. pretty much the same exact drum line. that being said, em did what he could with it. wasn't terrible, but i'm expecting a lot more from the album

  • guest

    <3 you mek??? what kind of faggot shit is that, keep that to yourself next time bud

  • Quint

    ahahaha at mekas comment

  • Rezo

    ^^^ LOL he is always saying gay shit on here. Just read the comments he leaves on Drake songs about how he loves Drake on slow beats and shit. lol

    Any MAN using <3 needs to hang himself.

  • kid

    what did meka say, comment got deleted

  • LEX

    Dope verses, beat and hook? not so much. It will do well, but I really hope this isn't one of the better songs on this album.

  • J Kess

    Yeah the drums are wack. It feels like he is having trouble with the beat. His flow is tight but it doesn't go well with the wack ass beat.

  • sean mcdevitt

    i liked it. album should be classic

  • Scott

    I like inspirational Em.

  • bradsterb15

    i liked it beat was a little weaker then his normal beats but it was a great comeback from the relapse serial killer stuff

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    The lyrics are dope like always, the beat is alright, the chorus is o.k. after a few listens, but the bridge he sings right before the 3rd verse needs to go away.

  • sift

    i've always said boi-1da is garbage except for a few flukes

  • ezzie

    wack beat and wack singing hook

  • dave

    shits dope as tits

  • Dboyy

    The song is dopee too many haters i love eminems honesty but i do agree with the singin part before 3rd verse drops was like nah not soundin to right but fuck it ems back the album will be classic

  • G

    Sum might hate for the trolling but shit... Gotta push your work everyway possible... Here's Airplanes 1 1/2 by Matt G. Feat. Hayley Williams

    throw ya thoughts fam... Much luv


  • G

    Btw I agree with Benny blanco on the joint... But compared to some of his work on Relapse and Encore I'll take it anyday... He should record an entire album going back to the style he had during the infinite days... INFINTE is still one of my all time favorite hip-hop songs!

  • G

    and interesting to hear a song called "not afraid" where he says he's going to take a stand... and drops a line talkin about excorsize these demons... Are we gonna go the PAC route and stand up against the evils of the industry marshall?

  • bob

    ^^no way that bridge got emotion

  • :O(

    Drake "Find Your Love" >>> Eminem "Not Afraid"

  • :O(

    Drake Single Was A Trending Topic Eminem Didn't Even Trend

    Twitter Make Shit Pop Bottle Line

    If It Didn't We Wouldn't Know Kat Stacks.Ha!

  • J Kess

    ^^ yo man you are trippin if you think that drake single was better than this song. Don't get me wrong, I like when Drake sings on his songs but Kanye fucked up that beat. Eminem is all over Drake too.

  • And what!

    Track is dope!

    ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q20QEDMLlIk

  • MikeT

    I think the song was pretty dope and it was only the first single ... i heard worst for a first single


    Track was alright sitting down but when I exercised to it that shit took wings.

  • :O(

    “It seems like Em’s finally realizing that he’s getting to old for the fart jokes but he’s yet to figure out exactly his strengths beyond his humor lie. On his classics it was never about just rapping really well but being able to do so with strong storytelling and a certain honesty. This, like his ‘Drop The World’ and ‘Forever’ verses, is just regular battle rap Eminem sprinkled with emotional platitudes. He puts on his serious face and raps intensely about vaguely somber or inspiring stuff. There’s no narrative, no truth. Just ‘fuck the world, feed it beans.’ But at least he’s not saying it in an Elmer Fudd accent.”

  • :O(

    I think that Boi 1da’s sung, multi-part choruses might work well with Drake, but make Em sound terribly out of his comfort zone.

  • :O(

    Remember when Slim Shady made songs about putting the corpse of his daughter’s mother in the trunk of his car? Now he wants to talk about his ‘feelings’ and tap into the Linkin Park fan-base of kids who think cutting themselves is what’s hot. I mean it’s one thing to pretend to be emotional if you’re trying to bag some dizzy dame in high school, but cry me an effin’ river. The only way that this could have been softer was if he got his pal Elton John on the hook. Man up, indeed.”

  • :O(

    I’ll be honest: I didn’t listen to Relapse because of Em’s penchant for rapping in Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog’s voice throughout. So while it’s good to see that he’s dropped that doofy accent on ‘Not Afraid,’ I was left a bit unimpressed by the single. Don’t get me wrong; the raps are incredible as always. But i could do without the hook and the lackluster beat. But why are you asking me for this my opinion? Everybody knows I hate everything.”

  • iCon

    VERY UNDERWHELMING.. And Disappointing..

  • ClintCpain

    f all the haterz eminem is back

  • Big_E

    niggas wonder why ppl hate mainstream shit... because dumbasses like yall are part of it... i cant stand the niggas on this site... shits full of straight up clowns

  • Seif

    Lol @ those saying this is disappointing. Go hang yourselves.

  • Libby

    I don't get how people say there's "Too much" signing. The "third" verse is referred to as a bridge people. Singing is appropriate for the bridge. I personally love it. More bass and better drum beats would make the track better though.

  • Xander

    This shits hooot!

  • jo

    This is one of the three best songs releases this year. Give me a song this year that you can say that is head and shoulders better than this, i cant find one.

  • backbackback

    i think eminem should change this song so that drake sings the singing parts. i think it would work very very well

  • backbackback

    and i love this song

  • Shake>Meka

    Meka eats more dick than Hillary

  • SCO



    http://usershare.net/kztlsr1y0stx REAL HIP HOP NO BULLSHSSSS

  • N.T.B.F.W.

    Best Em song i've heard in a while.

  • redface

    This Is Going To Be A Problem.Forget The Comments From The High School Kids Who Think Gucci Mane Is Dope!

  • luda848

    not a bad track, pretty sick beat and the verses are solid but the whole "relapse was ehh" thing is pissing me off...i fucking loved relapse i consider that style eminem at his best, just like slim shady LP shit, just crazy rhymes but extremely dope at the same time...if the whole album is about being healthy and sober instead of killing people and drugs i will be very very dissapointed

  • Good except for the beat, the chorus will become super annoying in the next month. I like it though

  • chef

    like i said before, em's verses and flow are ridiculous but the beat and the singing KILL it. boi-1da can't make a good beat. everything i heard from him is awful.

  • DefyLogic

    huge em fan but the track is way too weak to be a single. surprised this lackluster beat is making an album no doubt filled with incredibly ill shit from dre and just blaze. lyrics and flow are legit for em as always but this song fails in being a cohesive meaningful piece

  • T

    Seriously...with the wack shit the game has been putting out lately, how can anyone give em 1 star? Few niggas on there trippin. Sayin em ain't got no truth - fuck that. This song the truth.

    It's a white boy jammer and popish but it's still fuckin tight. Who the fuck is this bullshit panel anyway n what did they do to deserve to have an opinion?

  • who cares

    a fuckin' love the song. Eminem is back and the "haters can make like bees with no stingers, and drop dead"

  • Coco Cordero

    The chorus and the beat SUCKED....Em's lyrics are on point as always.

  • Cd

    Song was fucking wack. Hot garbage.

  • JuanNIto

    lol at 2dopeboys "everybody know i hate everything" hahahhaha


    Production = poor. Chorus = huge mistake. Despite the reaction though, he's going to get love because he's fucking Eminem. With that said, poor performance from Marshall on this track. If you like this track hop off Em's dick...

  • i listened to it on repeat my hour long drive home. verses are fucking amazing, beat is mediocre but i think the way it rides fits the message of the song well, wasn't crazy about the hook the first few listens but now that i know the words its kinda fun to sing along to.. and i actually enjoyed the bridge before the 3rd verse.

  • chris

    great song but the 808 snare needs to be banished from hip hop for a good minute

  • Everybody saying how lame the beat and chorus is needs to take a step and listen to the Morning After interview. He chose his beats and all his lyrics for a reason. He's not trying to make Relapse 2, so anybody expecting to hear a lot of dissing and acting crazy from him needs to grow up. This is probably why none of you are professional critics, you don't even know how to critique a song.
    And to the person(s) comparing Drake to Em or saying that Find Your Love is better, do what [email protected] cares' said: “haters can make like bees with no stingers, and drop dead”
    It's nice to hear something different from Em. That's my opinion...

  • And I was a big Drake fan before 2dopeboyz had even heard of him. He doesn't, nor does anybody else, come close to being as talented as Eminem is.

  • yesh

    this is a good song but in the context of an album it will be great

  • What He Said

    “Let’s be honest. The last "Relapse CD" and "Not Afraid" was ehh.” - Eminem

    What He Said

  • Chipz

    F' all bitch assES that call anybody who does NOT subscribe to their personal subjectivity a "hater"...

    SONG is iight, dope verses, wack hook, wack beat.

  • The lyrics were on point, but I didn't care to much about the bea

  • jo

    haha everyone is hating on the hook but i think its dope. I like all of the hooks em sings. It gives him full ownership of his songs. He could get ANY artist in the world to do it but he is the one whos heart is behind all these lyrics. hook is so heartfelt and powerful, gonna be my ringtone haha

  • krim

    i just don't get why everyones freaking about the singing.. he's done it before he's not trying to be like drake he's just trying to put his own spin on shit. he's even said he knows he's a bad singer.. dope song tho i'm just shocked its not an annoying song like he's done in the past

  • SCO


  • I’ll be honest: I didn’t listen to Relapse because of Em’s penchant for rapping in Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog’s voice throughout. So while it’s good to see that he’s dropped that doofy accent on ‘Not Afraid,’ I was left a bit unimpressed by the single. Don’t get me wrong; the raps are incredible as always. But i could do without the hook and the lackluster beat. But why are you asking me for this my opinion? Everybody knows I hate everything.”

    LOL,the last : ut why are you asking me for this my opinion? Everybody knows I hate everything.”

    hahaha go go


    drake = r&b .. thats it thats all

  • hiphopjudge

    @redface people that listen to gucce mane that even use the word "Dope". Em is doing him but the Beat Sucks.Cmon and be honest bro...you think this is "DOPE"? "role model" was dope, "Stan" was dope. Matterfact em's 1st 2 albums dope as fuck and 3rd was dope. But this is aight. WE Need to hear the JUST BLAZE song ASAP

  • BEsides loose yourself, this was Eminem's best single to date lyrically.

  • N.T.B.F.W.

    Em killed it. Best song i've heard from him in a while.

  • Rookieofyear619

    does he take a shot at TI at the start of verse 2>?

  • sunsfan

    gonna be dope as hell. hope he got some hard ass songs on their too

  • mmkayy

    yall are dumb i swear u ppl wud rather listen to gucci or wayne huh? Im not sayin u cant have opinions but yall shit on him regardless.. He shud just say fck it fck u im not droppn the album...wud that make u happy? Ok continue listening to nicki minaj..

  • Definantly his best single in a while. Its a big step away from the concept that was in relapse and it plain to see why he didn't wanna make a second relapse. He admits to his faults and gets back on the more open level of himself that was no existant in Relapse. and with Boi-1da one of the hottest producers in the game at the moment you really can go wrong when giving credability. It's gonna blow up and be another Anthem, definantly one of the strongest single he has put out in the past few years. Between this and Beautiful its hard to say which is more heartfelt. Compared to relapse hes come full circle because he managed to put himself and his lyricism on the paper again and not just thrasher tracks. Recovery will most likely be the hip hop Album Of The Year, I think Drake was a little hesitant to put out his single on the same day and thats why he didn't do it last night like he was supposed to do reportedly.Em is definantly setting the bar for everyone else this year. Only person i can see having a shot competing is if Kanye pulls out a come back.

  • What I Said

    Lil Wayne " My Generation " >>> Eminem "Not Afraid"

  • What I Said

    Eminem Singing = We Are The World 2010.Ha!

  • Peter

    I don't think it's gonna be on the new album to be honest....... just a teaser.

  • Trigga-A

    So how many dope songs have all the critics on here made? How many times you been featured on this, or any legit website without you bein the one who put it on there? how many people co-sign your shit? theres a million fans of Em. How many you got? This shit is whack, huh? Gonna turn on "steady mobbin" aren't you? Bet you couldn't tell anyone wtf a goon to a goblin is tho. Thats alright. Who needs to know what the fuck someone's talkin about when everyone you know likes it for its catchy hook, huh? Go listen to some dry shit with no substance while people who enjoy meaningful music wait here for you to come back. I'll make a few suggestions for you to listen to: We are young money, anything by Gucci, & some of you hatin fags might enjoy some Justin Beiber. Funny thing, is that most of you might think the suggestions are dope. You , my friends, are wrong...

  • GODr.


  • robertTHEallen

    the album title is perfect because this sounds just like someone recovering to me.
    not their best, but a step towards progress and leaving bullshit in the past

  • shawn

    This song shits on a lot out there right now..em had great verses but the beat needed more knock...great song though. Fuck the haters.

  • Lito

    wow some u guys are going nuts over this? shit is trash..thats my opinion

  • lasean

    i aint feeling it especially after all of the hype i exspected something wayyyyy better

  • therealJohnBrown13

    bullshit on a beat. dude is finished. checkout streetpoetmontesmith.com

  • Casty

    Ems back! haha I like these dudes that say this is trash and then post a link to their shitty fuckin music, really? -we could care less about your wack flow, keep it movin, this post is about em.

  • jreezy

    All the hate is sickening man. Ya'll do not have a good ear for muisic if you saying the beat wack. It fit perfectly with the whole concept of the song, it sounded triumphant like it was supposed to. Eminem is back haters, if you don't like it then why comment on anything about him?

  • Laqueesha Jackson

    Ya'll niggas be trippin'!

  • Tony Montana

    Woaahhh, listen every other rapper in the game all rap about the same shit, cars women and guns, how many more can there be? and Eminem is the only rapper who has songs with topics other than that. this song is dope. RECOVERY FTW.

    also how can you say Drake's song is better? he fucking sings in every one of his songs and when Em does a little on this people going crazy? wtf

  • Other white rappers exist

    Canibus Melatonin Magick was made in 3 months and it shits over this song and the coming album,so after all those years of talking shit Em spends 1 year living with Elton John(things that make you go hmmm)and now he is coming out like a reborn Christian!! I smell B.S

  • Other white rappers exist

    Any one who says that EM is the "only rapper" who makes "meaningful songs"is an idiot who knows nothing of Hip Hop,there are white rappers who have been rapping before EM showed up,there are tons of youtube videos people have made showing other white rappers and videos showing the most lyrical rappers out there you just choose to be ignorant of such things or you do not study much.

  • Dope-D-Dope

    Charles Hamilton can make songs with more emotion and meaning than anyone in the industry.

    Eminem and Charles need to collab

  • Dope-D-Dope

    And no. I am not Charles Hamilton lol

  • Static

    ^co sign

  • mmkayy

    ^ co-sign & Charles is a big Em fan.. it wud be nice for Em to reach out since he just got dropped from Interscope too

  • mmkayy

    Also why didnt the internets do a 'What’s The Consensus?' on Drake's first single ? or anything Jay-Z ??

    oh wait..that actually says something

  • jreezy

    First off, Any one who has ever said Eminem is the only rapper that talks about meaningful shit has no business commenting about Hip-Hop anymore. Second, anyone who has ever said Drake just sings on every song has no business commenting about Hip-Hop anymore because that statement obviously means you've only just heard of him.

  • jreezy

    First off, Any one who has ever said Eminem is the only rapper that talks about meaningful shit has no business commenting about Hip-Hop anymore. Second, anyone who has ever said Drake just sings on every song has no business commenting about Hip-Hop anymore and because that statement obviously means you've only just heard of him.

  • flygal

    "SO AMAZING" http://usershare.net/ogxeqf4fb43d OVER 1,000 DOWNLOADS! SONG MAKES YOU THINK DEEP! REAL HIP HOP NO BS

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