• Dreano

    i didnt know thats how he got connected with Yee, thats fucking awesome

  • kingdarius

    great story........when is his album suppose to be droppin?

  • Hazery256

    since when is 2 mixtapes considered "countless"?

  • Knando

    @ hazery same shit I was thinking....
    1,2... Countless... The world sucks

  • dinner

    lol at countless, still waitin on that third one and the album tho

  • ayume

    he says the same shit every interview. if i was him i would be pissed. hes explained what "finally famous" is in probably 100 interviews, and he says the same answer every time. he also used that "big heart" joke in another video.. dude needs to get some new lines but i dnt really blame him

  • dopeSir

    yo real talk i think dudes mixtapes that he been put out r hotter than the album. still think dudes mad talented tho nd hope im wrong.