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Big Sean – Made f. Drake [NoTags]

blame it on Meka April 30, 2010

I’m not a fan of tags (nor did I tag this), but we all figured it’s best to leave our stamp on this for now. What a week for great music. SHAKE UPDATE: Brought this back to the top with the tagless version. Apparently this isn’t the final version and is more of a reference track that Sean and Ye did in New York. It’s not supposed to be out but I’m tired of playing by the rules. Being humble nice gets no respect. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Made f. Drake (prod. Wright Trax & Kanye West) | Mediafire



  • jdot

    i used to feel this guy but i dunno, he doesn’t have anything special and he sounds like retarded

  • justcallmejuice

    speed up that beat a bit, and it’d be sick as hell…

  • R

    damn, wusnt expectin this AT ALL… imagine if every week could b like this 4 hip hop

  • I like this better than the Kanye produced Joint yesterday.


    Track is really boring, thin, and cheap soundin’

  • R

    and this is WAY BETTER than that wack ass bullshitin trak

  • CW

    ur a retard JDOT…big sean is a great lyricist…great play on words and metaphors… DO U THINK KANYE WOULD OF SIGNED HIM IF HE WASNT GOOD???? OK>>>>THANKS

  • b

    sounds dull.

  • Yo


    damn, wusnt expectin this AT ALL… imagine if every week could b like this 4 hip hop

    R said this on April 30th, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    No, these songs can’t hold you for over for more than a week? That makes these songs sound as if they’re bad in terms of quality.

  • RLKJets130

    I dont think this is finished… but what do I know

  • RLKJets130

    I dont think this is finished… but what do I know

  • wack….

    drakes becoming ass spits about the same shit..

  • Steve

    This is pretty lame.

  • Kalon(Muthafuckin)Bell

    OMFG!!!!Did Drake Shit On This TRACK or What!?When(TF) Is Big Sean’s Shit Coming Out!?…I’m Not Sleep Til It Does lol.

  • Rocky

    no thanks

    Im becoming worried about Big Sean’s album.

  • Drake is wack, and that hook is too, but Sean’s verse was decent and the beat is ok

  • This was recorded almost a year ago…I remember when Big Sean put up the picture of him Drake and Kanye in the studio…apparently Ye’ was suppose to have verse

  • R

    @Yo thats like sayin fuckin a girl wusnt good enough to hold u for more than a week? nah dumbass, im sayin it wus so good i wanna hit that shit ova and ova again

  • thank you never…

    big sean did better then drake…sounds like drake wrote in 5 minutes which i hope he didnt…

  • eastsideplaya69

    i don’t know what everyone on here heard but this song is (2)dope. It’s slow but I like the heavy bass and the lyrics. Nice track to vibe out to…

  • jah smallz

    shit was sick…this track made my day

  • Steve

    Also, why the fuck does Drake sound like that? His voice is annoying as hell. after I was listening to that new Jay Elec “Goodnight and Goodluck” came on in the shuffle and dude sounded natural. Here he’s channeling his inner robot or some shit.

    Fucking weak.

  • 1234

    @CW OK>>>>THANKS (What does that even mean?)

  • Steve

    Jay Elec,****

  • week of Great music indeed

  • beat kinda reminds me of Uptown from So Far Gone…Big Sean > Drake

  • TE

    This is not finished.

  • Rezo

    Don’t like it I think Big Sean is very average and overrated.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Big Sean = another rapper around the ok maybe good area that is nevertheless tremendously boring!

  • slamyabitch

    shit is ill.

  • Kalon(Muthafuckin)Bell

    Ewww Look @ ALL YOU HATERS,If U Don’t Like The Song Turn Tht Shit & Get Off the Muthafuckin Page,But Naaa Y’all Muthafucka’s is like Really Tryning To Justify YOur Hate,Do Something Better With Your Life!Do Something Productive Like….Go Sky Dive From Mars Without a Parachute!hahahaha

  • slamyabitch

    this beat is weak tho seriously who produced this. i coulda made this in 10 mins

  • @Kalon

    If you went sky diving off of mars without a parachute you would just float around in space until you ran out of air, so it wouldn’t be some crazy gruesome death.

  • its simple, but sometimes simple is good, i think Sean went harder than Drake and thats how it should be its that nxgga track… hook is cool blends with the beat well. if the beat had some reverb on the drums shxt would sound better.


  • anonymous

    tagelss version would be great

  • Lime

    yea dope track but whoever does the drops need to get kicked in the fucking throat

  • T.Corallo

    Ehh. Kind of boring.

  • jacobm15

    meh not realy all that great

  • slamyabitch

    when is ye’ gonna drop sum new shit??? … i hope the full version of kanye west-fuckin wit me drops soon.

  • Chuck

    produced by?? kanye?

  • KC_Mafioso


    This sounds like a poor man version of Uptown, and Drake didn’t even try to rap. HAHA

  • dinner

    the beat could be speeded up but i like it

  • Question

    LOL at people saying this is not finished or this is not new. Well, its not good either.

  • Jarvo

    @ Rocky

    Iam too Big Sean, he can come betta den this

  • this aint THAT bad…

  • drake haters…#dead

  • Antone

    shit is NICE. perfect timing too… we gon’ be jammin to this shit all weekend.

  • kaol

    i want the baddest girl to treat my stick like a thermometer…ahhh

    Big sean has some dope lyrics, this song is aight

  • lets see…

    is this off Finally Famous? its solid but when I read the names was expecting a little more.

  • Yo


    @Yo thats like sayin fuckin a girl wusnt good enough to hold u for more than a week? nah dumbass, im sayin it wus so good i wanna hit that shit ova and ova again

    R said this on April 30th, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    Really? I said the songs are good enough to hold you over for more than a week. Fucking a girl is way more different than listening to music. even if you use your logic by fucking the same girl over and over is like listening to the same song over and over.

  • Nito

    when will the tags come off?

  • waiting for tagless, but pretty good track. never been a drake fan but thats a pretty good verse.

  • Marcus B.

    Kinda grew on me after a few listens…*kanye shrug*

  • ooooooh!

  • yo big sean sound like a mix of wayne, drake, and kanye

  • Big_E

    shits simple but i like it.. shit u can bob ur head too..i expect more from Kanye but im feeling it more than ‘Bullshittin’

  • J_EaRLy


  • markaveli



    Better than the Kanye collabs that dropped and that Eminem single… but the beat is pretty fucking weak on this shit.

  • T-Dot


    haters FALL back

    and believe in the NEW SCHOOL

  • 214Reppin

    I actually like how the beat kinda escalates a lil bit.

    And it sounds like Drake just tried to freestyle this and didnt hit dat mug. Big Sean wasn’t too bad tho…3 stars

  • jlhandy

    I love the song. just going to wait for a tagless version before downloading…

  • memo

    Shit obviously isn’t done all the way..mixed or mastered.

  • wooow

    shit is right. remove the fuckin tags please

  • What They Said

    “I remember when you hated ooooh,
    now you tell me take my time,
    how bout I just take your city make that muthaf-cker mine uh ha” – Drake

    “you always be calling her, she ain’t never answering
    you ain’t figured out I am the reason that she canceling
    I be at the parties where you stuck outside and can’t come in” – Drake

    “whats on the news trick, gossiping bout music
    cause rumours I’m the new sh-t
    and guess what it’s true b-tch”

    “I’m tryna move my momma from the ghetto’s to the meadows
    well she can’t stay in that f-cking hood forever, forever” – Big Sean

  • What He Said

    “whats on the news trick, gossiping bout music
    cause rumours I’m the new sh-t
    and guess what it’s true b-tch” – Drake

  • What I Said

    Drake Took This

  • U*F*K*G

    Im gonna get hated on for asking but fuck it…what the fuck is tags?? And how can you tell if something is tagged and not tagged?? Let the hate begin…

  • AK

    Tags are that annoying ass guy who keeps saying “New Music Cartel Exclusive” throughout the song. They put them on so the songs can’t be used for anything other than promo

  • brandon

    Big Sean killed it drake didnt

  • js

    why would someone hate on someone asking what tags are? we all know 2dope visitors only hate on artists that have become famous and are only in love with the underground.

  • Answer Me!

    Track is really boring, thin, and cheap soundin’

    ^ this!


  • Pix

    if you wanna post on a hip hop blog hit me up at [email protected]

  • hhhh

    yo whens the tagless version coming out???

  • M&M

    (prod. Boi-1da)????

  • Jabari Manwarring


  • JF

    I didn’t have super high expectations for this (since the last two songs from both Big Sean & Drake were kind of subpar to me), and I gotta say … it’s pretty nice.

    It’s a chill ass song, and the lyrics are there. Idk, it isn’t wack by any means.

  • 2pn

    Wish it didnt have tags…pass

  • KC_Mafioso

    OK…this song is growing on me. SMH

  • NePTune
  • Scott

    I like this song.

  • FinallyFamous(GotNikeMoney)

    STOP ALL THE HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Sean is dope one of the illest out period dont like em stop listen to his shit aint none of these tracks 2dopeboyz.com been putting out by big sean aint none of them Mastered/Finish so 2dopeboyz we would appreciate if you stop making sean seem wack to just wait till the track comes out stop getting these wack leaks homie

  • KennyD

    This is not album shit he just has rats in his circle this shit don’t mean nothing stop hating.

  • Dice

    Is it just me or is his verse on this different then the one on the snippet?

  • Marcus B.

    Yeeeeaaahh boi! No tags.

  • Justanothercrow123

    beat is lame as hell. and the rest of the track is boring as hell. and drake is garbage.

  • RSX

    Only thing that stood out to me is the thermometer line. I’ve heard better from both.

  • mR

    i kind of like this beat. its chill.. laid back. def head nodding music. i see you, ye.

  • dopeSir

    Yo this is FIRE. why thes blog nigas trippin’?

  • FRESHman10

    Drake killed it of course, while big sean held is own on this track

  • Tommy K

    the snare is so wack

  • CTE

    Leaked by Evil Empire via Splash

  • jreezy

    This song is nice. Drake sounded dumb at first but as he sped up his verse got better. Big Sean verse better though. Why do people always have to hate as soon as an artist has “made it”?


  • Def

    2 DOPE BOYZ C- Section Exclusive


    Ice Cube – I Rep That West (Preview)

  • Sdb

    This song is str8 cracc
    simple n good
    I fucking hate the C-section
    like the song says…
    they made it n niggas hate it
    I needa listen to some more big Sean

  • DP

    song was dope to me. it is totally true about niggas hating when someone finally makes it. you guys kill me with that shit. oh well, at least this isn’t nah right c-section where they would probably be talking about the Lox and j-dilla in this type of post.

  • js

    no, here in any post with drake, we compare to lupe and jcole.
    a lot of <<>>’s are thrown around and when it comes to big sean we just say it’s too much like kanye and everyone else.

    dope track.

  • quan

    funny you 2db fags are deleting posts about this shit on boots song by two wack slow bar – challenged lames trying to be hip hop. This is pure shit.

  • quan

    It’s a requirement to keep your 16 bars under 100 words and you have to front as though you’ve accomplished something you really haven’t. Check

  • christinejerz


  • Cudder

    Ummmm yeah….
    Why do ppl go out of there way to hate???
    One….the track was leaked
    Two…its not even finished yet….if your followin sean on twitter he even explains how niggas are rats for leakin this shit…
    If you guys would stop cryin then maybe ur moms wouldn’t think ur a bitch…. (that olny goes to the haters)
    Personally I like the track….its not suppose to be a club banger or anything….
    I’m not sayin its great but its not finished either….
    I bet the finished version will sound a lot better and rumors are YE’ is suppose to be on the track too…

  • Elton

    1) people who follow another human on Twitter are fucking losers
    2) Big Sean & Drake & their fans are sexually confused
    #) If you’ve read a book, you’re disqualified from being a Big Sean & Drake fan. My hands got greasy just talmboutit.

  • js

    1) people who care to speak about said losers are wasting their time, because more than likely, those losers don’t care and think you’re nothing regardless.
    2) i’m guessing any woman you’ve been with is sexually confused, they probably love drake, thus you being bitch made, get jealous and cry about it
    3) if you read books, i’m sure you’ll be more intelligent than to use stupid fucking words like “talmboutit.” but i’ll just assume you’re illiterate.

  • mmkayy

    i dont like the beat =[

  • dope.
    fuck u mean.
    i can get on my lean with this shit.

  • damn i like this shit, stop hating on the beat, dope

  • 1dopeboy

    I don’t like his slow ass flow on this song

  • tfraizer

    I think the beats okay. Real simple. it was MADE for drake almost.

    too bad his verse was ass lol. Big Sean killed this shit.

  • Enrique Ponce

    I dont understand why people are hatin on this song. The beat is nice as fuck! Sounds pretty dope to me. Whether finished or not.

  • thescore

    Drakes verse was wack?!?!?! What the fuck song are ya’ll listening too?!?! Drake clearly bodied Big Sean on this fucking song…This Drake hate is becoming very very sad.

  • Even though i feel bad Sean didn’t want this to get out, this is a (2)dope track!!! Keep up the good work Sean & Drake.

  • Samanthanyc


  • Millis

    Too fuckin’ hot…best song of the year so far

  • wujabes

    I have no idea what you guys are smoking….
    but this shit goes in.

  • Bill Clinton

    its aite its a reference as meka said so y ur panties in a bunch
    usually u guys are on big seans dik . rap fans.

  • JD

    I likez it
    I agree tho that Big Sean sound like a mix of Kanye, Drake and Lil Wayne

  • FinallyFamous(GotNikeMoney)

    @ millis man wait till u hear the RIGHT track ye jump on this too man these shit goes in the beat way harder and drake and sean jot better verses homie but these shit right here cuz still goes HARD


    big sean is lame for trying to sound like drake on the same track with drake GTFOH WITH THAT BULLSHIT CMON SON

  • Rellzo

    ive been busy .. “great week for hip hop”? anyone care to elaborate? .. much appreciated

    good track

  • Mattattak

    Eminem Needs to collab with Big Sean ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! DETROIT STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Burnie Goetz

    Drake semi-biting Chiddy Bang with two lines on this track.

    Drake: Low-key Peter Parker flow…
    Chiddy: And we be Peter Parker, In love with the Mary-Jane (On All Things Go)

    Drake: Call me Ron Burgundy, y’all the other Anchorman
    Chiddy: But I play a Ron Burgundy, I anchor on the track… (On Opposite of Adults)

    First one’s nothing really but the second one is undeniable. Just sayin’


    You Garbage…Talking About He Biting Drake…Bitch If Anything DRake Is Biting Sean…Big Sean Been Out For About 3 Years…Drake’s Didn’t Sound Like That On Room For Improvement & Comeback Season…So Get The Fuck Outta Here With That Trash Theory…

  • AD

    If y’all ain’t on drugs, then you probably need to be. Swear niggas is retarded these days. Never new mental retardation could just develop overnight. smh

  • js

    @Burnie Goetz,

    they used the same references, so you’re suggesting every artist must bite from each other, considering there are only so many words in the english language. fuck, i probably just copied someone else’s comment.

  • BigTam

    Dont get me wrong, I hate the Drake movement, but this verse is crazy. U don’t have to squeeze a hundred words into every bar for a verse to be dope/artistic. For those saying he freestyled this?! i HIIIGHLY doubt it (*recalls drake reading off a blackberry on the radio*) He just utilizes the power of well executed simplicity..which is way harder than it looks.

  • Cudder

    Big Sean biting drake…..????
    Ummm if you having noticed….
    The first 8 bars on drakes “forever” verse sounds like the same rhyme pattern big seans uses in “Supa Dupa” so I woundnt say anything about Sean biting anyone….
    There both really talented regardless….
    I dig seans music more than drakes tho….

  • kobe2481

    THIS IS BIG SEAN IN 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkDSFK_j98M

  • song is dope. wish it the beat could of been a lil crazier so drake would of had to really spit. big sean wanted to give drake to keep up though.

  • Brian

    Everyone saying the beat is lame obviously doesnt have a system in their car. shit hits hard as fuck

  • So-Low

    this is not finished, on the real one the beat, verse, and hook is different

  • So-Low

    and Big Sean killed compared to Drake on this song

  • So-Low

    “big sean is lame for trying to sound like drake on the same track with drake GTFOH WITH THAT BULLSHIT CMON SON”
    you’re stupid if you think Big Sean copied Drake when Drake changed his style after Big Sean came out, you fuck ass nigga

  • Greg

    Made is the shit he even went harder than drake