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Jay Electronica – The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace f. Diddy

blame it on Meka April 30, 2010

Who wants to start off their day with some new Jay Electronica? Props to Team Yee for this one, where you can also check for an interview on Jay speaking to her on The Morning After. SHAKE UPDATE: Brought this back to the top as the producer (Quincey Tones) shot over a better mix.

DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica – The Ghost of Christopher Wallace f. Diddy | Mediafire

  • ck47


  • Antonym

    Fuck. Yes.

  • Mohammed

    Jay Elec said this is unfinished. But yes this song is dope.

  • guest

    Diddy is full of fail….why does Jay run with dude?

    Shouts him out in Exhibit C, and now is making tracks with him? Hopefully its just because it is Biggie related….

  • Y3K

    *Wipes Eyes*
    New Jay Elect?

  • Newman

    Instantly hyped when I saw the track posted.
    Won’t lie though – I saw ‘ft. Diddy’ & the thrill was diminished a bit.

  • Come on Diddy let the kid do his thing…

  • brooklyn

    i hope he doesnt let diddy spit on the record
    diddy has had a hot verse since all about the benjamins

  • Black is back. Go get a suntan bitch

  • Steve

    someone tell diddy to stfu.

    otherwise this is dope as shit.

  • Diddy was appropriate on this…it’s crack

  • Dee

    lol diddy loves the limelight. Trust, on the Dear Moleskin video halfway thru you’re gonna see Diddy roll up like: http://i43.tinypic.com/etyy2p.jpg


  • cozer

    ehhhhhhhhh this is dope. the concept is unbelieveable

  • ChRiS.

    I FUCKEN HATE Diddy ! he ruins it for me.

  • 91&^UP

    jay needs to stay running with diddy cuz he can help him a lot, just as long as he stays in the back.

  • Thworldisyours

    LOL Dee… but come on… Puffy was always a good hype man… That’s the only realm where’s he acceptable/entertaining…

  • StyleZ.

    Ill be so pissed if Diddy is on the album

  • chef

    jay elect is the god mc

  • M3

    diddy lost his SHeet talkin on records…Damn sean.

  • Fuktronica

    This nigga needs to stop comparing himself to Big. Listen to who shot ya and tell me this dude can hold up. This is a RAOF right here.

  • jedi


  • Its nice but Jay Elect has the same flow/content since 1786

  • olugbam


    Diddy’s verse on the O let’s do it remix is dope.

    Take that take that.

    Oh and new Jay Elec for the fuckin win. BUT, if he’s hype about releasing ONE track, does that mean Act II pretty much never existed?

  • RichieLitt

    shits ok but this dude is REAL overrated

  • Purp

    ehhhhhhhhh this is dope. the concept is unbelieveable.
    ^^^ C’MON son, this was decent at best.

  • VeezyF

    Fuck this, we want Act II.

  • someguy

    lol i guess i stopped listening to the morning after at the wrong time. and wtf @ diddy talking on this longer than jay rapped.

  • Steve

    fuck this P. Diddy adlibbing all over the song and rambling for 3 minutes at the end (I thought the song was gonna be a 6 minute Jay-E track…fuck), who thinks that sounds good? May as well have subtle dj tags.

  • Onederin

    Really wish Diddy would stop talking on peoples track.


    ohhhhhh shhiiiiittt!!!

    Jay-E hype is back in effect

    this track is heatrocks

  • guest

    everyone stop being so jealous of diddy, its okay.

  • mozz

    “The flow’s so Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoy, half-oyster half-shrimp fully-dressed po’ boy.”

    OH SHIT. A lot of it is ho hum, but that line is fucking ridiculous.

  • smh

    It makes me so mad that someone who hasn’t released a full length album would have the gall to compare himself to the man who penned Ready to Die.

  • solking91

    (Full blown erection from this week in music)

  • J_EaRLy

    Is it me or did Diddy talk more than Jay rapped?

  • Newman

    LMAO @ guest speakin nonesense.

    Dude has ZERO talent. Jacks beats. Kills careers. Killed BIG too.

  • T

    will people SHUT THE FUCK UP about diddy? please! Like someone above me said, he’s one of the best hype men in the game, and thats all he was doing on this track…and who better for a track like this? This is what he does. Hate Me Now…My Downfall…shiiiit all of Life After Death. He was all over that and it was dope. A cosign from Diddy (as long as Jay’s not signed to Bad Boy) is a wonderful thing. My only beef with this song is the subject matter. Getting sick and tired of songs about biggie and pac.

  • Eks

    Track is average at best…

  • Hauser

    @ T- imma have to ask the same thing of you.

    SHUT THE FUCK UP about Diddy.


    lol @ people callin Jay-E overrated..dude barely even has music out, and whenever he drops, its an event..his rhymes def ain’t weak, at all, so idk wats overrated about him…..??


    Jay is ill, Puffy is puffy.

  • dope!!!!
    glad diddy just talkin on the track, reminds me of like a who shot ya, special delivery type diddy shit

    Jay sounds like Big at the beg when hes sayin Uh Huh

    wonder if he did that purposely

  • deez

    Fuckin fire minus diddy. who thought it would be a good idea for diddy to ramble over a track like this. Major disappointment due to the addition of that worthless fuck

  • Jay Cole

    is it me or the past week been SO GREAT for hip hop. From J.Cole To Nas/Damian To Eminem. So many hot tracks droppin

  • R

    im surprised ppl r hatin on this. im not even a jay electronica fan like that, but this shit wus dope

  • Steve

    It’s not that Diddy is a good hype man or not (i personally don’t care for shit like that, I want to hear dope rapping and rhymin, not talking), but who the fuck in their right mind wouldn’t prefer this track Diddyless?

  • Kraunik

    Can we please just accept and appreciate stuff for what it is people!?!..

    The fact that this guy has dropped a track(that hasnt already been around for 2 years) is already a miracle in itself..

  • J-Dub

    ROFL at all these fucktards hating on Diddy, maybe ya’ll forgot he gave us Biggie

  • T

    and for the record seeing as Jay mentioned a “last train” I’m assuming this is a diddy track…

  • MithritadesHD

    Puffy is an irritating muhfucka,I hope someone release a cut without Puffy,until then I’m not downloading this.

    Good Lookz Meka

  • dfeatherston




  • the 1st verse was aight…2nd verse was dope, that wordplay in the 1st 4-5 bars was ridiculous

  • its true, puffy gave us BIG…i like it even though he does it for too long haha, let him talk shit

    jay >>>>

  • blap11

    diddy needs to shut his mouth and not ruin this song…jay elect went in but the song was sort of messed up with diddy running his mouth on this whole song

  • DEV

    why are people still making songs about Biggie?


    i wish that diddy wouldn’t be talking on the mothafuckin’ record.

  • kingdarius

    well damn jay elect just let them know u a damn beast and straight black out on the 2nd verse why dontcha…….oh but imma need that full track cuz all that diddy talkin is aggravating

  • So sick

    I’ll tolerate Puff for my first few listens.
    I wonder how many more “Ghost of” freestyles are gonna be done to this beat this summer.

  • Kyrnan

    diddy talking at the end of the track ruined it for me.

  • Why the fuck would anyone go to diddy for a verse let alone to talk on a song?????
    (aside from the title in this particular case)

  • 123


  • f12

    when did hip hop become about complaining?

    and i can listen to 1000 good songs about biggie in a row. but i would hate to listen to 1 bad one. luckily, for me, this is the former.

  • james

    need a cdq master better version

    dopeness from i hear but sounds incomplete

    needs a 3rd verse from jay or a guest verse

  • yaboymal

    shit is dope.too much diddy but im fucking wit it

  • slamyabitch

    great but kill diddy lol

  • AMV

    man leave diddy alone…his shit talkin on this makes alot of sense…and the fact that pop culture diddy is adlibbing on the underground messiahs track is an ugly beautiful ironically ill concept. Peace.

  • Justanothercrow123

    why is 70% of this fucking song diddy talking? he could at least spit a verse. he totally ruins this.

  • Kushtion Slatetor

    diddy is a con artist he uses people. nobody on his label is successfull. cassies pussy has taken the shape of a ciroc bottle

  • I wish puff would know when to shut up.

  • holden caulfield

    just blaze was talkin on exchibit c..im jus sayin…diddy on the track is more of a nostalgic thing and its entertaining lol

  • no way


  • ???

    ^^he should be a ’10’s duplicate and give himself a lobotomy

  • SMDH!!!!

    Diddy got some kind of nerve talking about “niggas ain’t got no substance in their music!” Really! This fool is the biggest dickrider ever and he sure knows how to USE people to benefit his own hype! Rick ross, Jay Electronica and Nicki…are all pawns in his “Last Train to Paris” hype!

  • should there be a NO DIDDY VERSION?

  • Strange Famous

    If Diddy wanna preach he should go on chat shows and promote his message of lyrics which actually mean something. I can take a adlib hear and there. But at the end is that really necessary?! By the End I forget how good JayElecs 2 verses were cos Diddy become annoying.

  • lightworkz

    this mothaf*cka diddy tryin to end the mothafuck*ing bling era that he mothaf*ckin started? mothaf*ck! (for extra diddlylike emphasis)

  • SilkCityP

    Ya’ll have no patience… The man said this is an unfinished version, that will be finished today… Ya’ll don’t know what Jay has up his sleeve… He might fuck around and put Nas on this shit, and have Puff adlibing… Than Niggas ain’t gonna have shit to say… Thats the only shit I hate about the internet, niggas have no patience!

  • Nolan

    who produced this track? Diddy?

  • c

    jay is niiiiice, but i think that he is wayyyyyyyy overrated. not trying to “hate”. that’s just my two cents.

  • mozz

    I wonder which is better – to have a classic cd come out that people will always remember and then the expectations are too high and you never return (See Hill, Lauryn) – or to have the expectations be so high for your first CD that you never come out with it, but people always remember your potential.

  • DocCosmos

    Jay elect bodied this track, as he does every song he spits on, truly the goat.

  • seriously

    We will be waiting for this to be finished just as long as we are waiting on ACT II (3 years and counting)! Jay Electronica is just a “for the time being” artist…how can you be the future when you damn near 35 years old!

  • lovin everything jay does – but dont know why hell work with anybody – i know diddys puff – workin with the game is sad to hear too- he should calab out side the genre – intelligentRebelLionDOTorg

  • stans?

    @DocCosmos: How can Jay Elect be the GOAT when he has no music to back it up with. This dude is in his mid 30’s and has no real album but people saying he is the GOAT. SMFH…hip hop is thirsty.

  • bucknasty

    damn…shit is fucking dope. but then again it is Jay Electronica. and yeah, Diddy ain’t really that bad of a thing yo. I say it’ll do more good than bad, just wait on it

  • Amp

    This is a CLASSIC EXAMPLE of “Taking the GOOD with the BAD”. Another dope track from Jay E, but Puff, please shut the Hell UP!!!!!!!

  • oh my f**king god!(no offense to god oriented people but oh my f**king god!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • lets see…

    this is dope as motherfucker god damn…

  • Marcus B.

    Did Puff really just talk for that long……?

  • i don’t care diddy,i pulse stop when jay’s finish and ,rewind,and repeat and repeat,and,yuup


  • White Mike

    I can’t listen cause I’m at school. Anyone know who produced this? Or is it a Biggie joint?

  • minus diddy, the shit’s dope.

  • graf

    feeling this…nice to know and hear Jay-E doesn’t rap like he talks. mad stutterer yo! and diddy’s end rant < 50's shit talk at the end of his songs. as you were…

  • OGEazy

    This website is seriously becoming infested with haters. It almost may be in my best interest to stop looking at the C-Section because there’s so much negativity here. Looks like you guys got some saved up nerd rage that you feel you need to take out on rappers just because you can.

  • Amp

    OGEazy works for Puff. LOL

  • I can’t listen cause I’m at school. Anyone know who produced this? Or is it a Biggie joint?

    White Mike said this on April 30th, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    i dont know,i thought maybe is just blaze.and it’s a bran new song,not a biggie joint or something

  • the Count

    Some one tell diddy to shut the fuck up




    Everyone that says Diddy should shut the fuck up I cosign to the fullest. Dude is just FUCKING annoying… But anyways, the people needed some new JayElect – it’s a pretty dope track.

  • Deep Depths

    What the hell??? Was Diddy drunk off Ciroc when he was in there… I think I should start a petition to get his time cut down. The little adlibs are bearable because I’m focusing on Jay spitting, but that other shit gotta get cut! Jay beasts on this!! NOW WHERE’S THE MIXTAPE?? OR, ALBUM?? Something dude…

  • @neezyb

    I wish everyone would just shut the fuck up and enjoy good music.

  • mozz

    I wish diddy would just shut the fuck up and let me enjoy good music.

  • esO

    I don’t understand the hype. I mean lyrically, as he said in this track, he’s “unfuckwithable” (almost). But am I the only one who thinks his voice/music is kinda boring? I mean people are throwing GOAT around already… I just don’t see it.
    Let me know some tracks (besides exhibit c) that might help me understand.

  • Mister

    Thats why u use Jamglue to edit out the extra Diddy bullshit


    @ es0

    I fuck with Jay Elect something serious, hopefully you eventually start to feel him but like everything else he’s not for everyone. No one is. As for as people already giving him the GOAT title, people throw that shit around like its nothing nowadays so i see your point there. I don’t even discuss music with people that do that shit, i think they use it for lack of a better term cuz Jay Elect wouldnt even give himself that title yet. But he is really dope and ima be rocking this shit all weekend.

  • mozz

    …and for all of y’all losing your shirts over diddy’s ad libs, RELAX, the track is incomplete and by the time they finish I’m sure they’ll edit his rant at the end. this shit is all about Jay Elect. Fucking real rap and lyrics. Back to the essence, Big would be proud, Nas already is. Peace

  • shane

    i cut diddys rant and it makes the track a lot better, and i have room for another song on my ipod in the future instead of someone ranting drunk. Diddy just lives through people superior and more artistic then he will ever be. jay is the shit, this wasnt impressive.

  • DayO


  • this is cool and all, but i’m still waiting for act 2!
    act 1>>>
    exhibit a>>>


    dope track!!…Jay is dope and the beat is dope!! props to Jay & Quincey Tones!!

  • GODr.


  • toast to the god!

  • Boomerang Slang

    if act 2 drops then it drops, & if it dont then it dont, people need to stop bringin that shit up, move on.

  • Peteyb

    he barely even spit fucken diddy more than the mafucken flow wtf jay

  • Jabari Manwarring

    damn dope

  • Pdid

    @Dee LOL

  • Spencer Hinson



  • Felipe C.

    dope as usual, but diddy repeating every last word of each verse was definetly not necessary (and not necessary means WACK)…and the last 3 minutes were also not necessary (…WACK) and I don’t see no reason for them except occupate more mega bytes in my fuckin iPod

  • Felipe C.

    by the way thank you Mookie for saving this song

  • headstomper

    if jay electronica’s music is boring, i couldnt even begin to describe how boring currensy’s music is. This is the best hip hop track to come out this year.

  • Justanothercrow123

    when just blaze talked on c, he was was egging jay on and adding atmosphere to a fucking sick as hell track….diddy talks bullshit for waaaaay too fucking long.





  • Ghost Of Christopher Wallace | Jay Electronica [*No Diddy*]




  • Jumpoffjoebeezy

    Is the version without diddy the better quality track? Or the one from this morn

  • skeme

    their is NO diddy version on the same link SHAKE just posted its called the dirty radio version

  • RU210

    Jay Elect stuck to his word and dropped something and it’s dope

  • Seif

    Ooooh yea. Many hot materials this week.

  • J Kelly

    this week has been PACKED with great songs…it’s almost too much!!!!

  • Knarf_

    take diddy off the fuckin track

  • this nigga puffy is 1 hell of a talker. 3 1/2 minutes. thank god i got acid pro.

  • and whats that buzz sound in the track at 1:50?

  • T3M

    sorry dj Khaled, but diddy is the best song killer of all time. OF ALL TIME (kanye shrug)

  • Turtle

    What’s so great about the new version? I like the old one better.

  • There’s only a few artists that could pull this many comments by dropping one song (Kanye, Jay-Z, Em, Drake, maybe a couple more), Jay should put out that Act II. People are still checking for him heavy and as much as I hate Diddy, check his Twitter. He is blasting this song out to 2 million people. Spreading good music for once, cant be mad at that.

  • PhantomOfTheDopehouse

    this is dope minus Diddy… I’m not a big Jay Elec fan either but he was on point


  • Johnny Topside

    @ 91&^UP

    Diddy needs to stay in the fuckin trunk. All I wanna hear is a fucking mumble from him while he’s duck taped up

  • 2 DOPE BOYZ C- Section Exclusive


    Ice Cube – I Rep That West (Preview)

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    “if jay electronica’s music is boring, i couldnt even begin to describe how boring currensy’s music is.”

    Then I would guess that ur not a weed head. Even for non smokers, Curren$y is dope. & Jay E’s raps when high are better too. I was buggin out with that Million in the Morning joint.

  • Magee

    Anyone else think of Canibus? Awesome with guest appearances, a couple good tracks before his first cd came out, then kinda went the way side. Maybe it’s just me.

  • EXLCUSIVE: Jay Electronica – The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace (WITHOUT DIDDY TALKING AT THE END) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woHMTgvfs_E

  • Unxpekted

    Canibus > Jay Electro

  • Bdub

    is their a version with the quality of the better mix and no diddy?

  • Def

    why not use the free program


    and edit the song ur self

  • bucknasty

    you know…you can edit it yourself on iTunes right? Right Click –> Get Info –> Options –> Stop Time. There you go.

  • christinejerz


  • mmkayy

    annoyin Puff fckd up this song…

  • puff fuk the song up but damn jay elect went in.

  • Really fed up of Diddy still trying to make money off of BIG. Damn shame. ”How you gon talk about nothing?” This coming from the same dude that said the Carter was better than Ready to Die. Fuck outta here.

  • lmfao..do ppl really think this is anything above terribly average? fuck outta here this shit literally almost put me to sleep

  • always been here

    I like the diddy adlibs whiles jay elect was rappin closer to the end… don’t kno bout yall

  • this is dope

  • London

    1)this is dope
    2)the energy your giving off is so unfamiliar thats they…we dont belive ya <we belive jay elec..
    3)flow is tight and on point
    4)people who didnt like it didnt get the real life concert refs n the biggie refs.

  • Braniak

    I aprove this joint minus the diddy talk

  • Know Known Bounds

    This is that Blaxplotation feel mixed with that wild wild west riding into town as the new muthafucka gunslinger popping off on that next shit! Dope.


    Peace to the God Jay Electronica

    Jay Electronica = God MC

    Peace 7

  • wa

    ^^huh stop it 5iiiiiiiiiiive


    @Benny Blanco from Da BriX – Jay Electronica’s raps are always good…. high or not. And most of the time he is not high… So don’t get it twisted nigga!

  • Samanthanyc


  • Ghost of Christopher Wallace Instrumental (loop) courtesy of Ghostwriter (nahright.com)


  • Diddy may have given us Biggie but many think he took him too. This is aight though.

  • This track is way too long. The first 3 minutes is dope though.

  • leave diddy alone man…im glad he is getting behind someone who can actually spit. why all the diddy hate anyway??? its like yall forgot about jay elec and worried about diddy on the track…grow up niggas

  • Journey Brave

    Big shouts to Jay Electronica and Quincey Tones for creating a great tribute to B.I.G. Consider this a tribute to a tribute. I did this to reinforce the reality that Hip-Hop is alive, music is just so manufactured and processed that it’s hard to find that organic sound . It seems like you need a big powerful machine to be heard. Thanks again to Jay Electronica for staying true to the art and giving emcees like me hope. Check it out, I promise I won’t disappoint ” The Ghost of Christopher Wallace pt.2″ http://twiturm.com/0uxbs

  • hitamandown

    jay electronica is just a fukin badman, real fucking music fullstop madd lyricsicm, tunes r dope. cant wait for act 2 which i kno is done cos wen i saw him in london he had it on him on a memory stick!! show theese wack rappers how its done!

  • AfricanPrincess

    Dope….Minus Sean “Puffy” Combs garbage talk…4 real why he got to mess up with the track!!!

  • Unxpekted

    If you believe in Illuminati prophecy than you know who killed Biggie. Diddy ehem…


    jay electronica >

  • jayelect

    Just watched this jay elect and mos in nola…this is real tight

  • jayelect
  • the fact that reached for the replay button 4 x’s inna row…is enough for me!!!
    in the words of Marv Albert…YEeSSSSS!!

  • Dj Dawodu

    Umm i’m late but.. can i do a reference as it applies to me. This is like a Don King/Muhammad Ali on a track. If its been said sorry but its true. Look at the MANY similarities.

  • ilovehim


  • BigTam

    Man, im sorry but FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK diddy for ruining this track. god it pisses me off so much i can’t even listen to it. i hate this shit. FAIL. Peace to Jay Elec.

  • Yeah, I agree with some of you, this is a very dope song.

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