• http://twitter.com/mr_carrington Mr. Carrington

    I've been wondering the same damn thing. The title track to Tough Luv was foreshadowing this.


  • Knarf_

    its already out. its not a free mixtape. you have to buy it on itunes

  • PACO


  • All _About_Me

    I bought this Off ITunes..One of the best mixtapes this year hands down...

  • authentic

    link for network 2 anyone??

  • http://www.facebook.com/relentless904 Underground904

    Who cares? Both members of the former Young Gunz suck @ rapping, as does the majority of the old Roc-A-Fella roster. WGAF!

  • Strange Famous

    The mixtape is already out on itunes only.

  • The G

    I thought this would be a free release?

  • the hate

    I copped on i tunes, its def worth the 10 dollars. Could easily be an album and easily be one of the hottest albums of the year

  • julius

    This song is smooth. Chris has talent. It's too bad he doesn't get the recognition he deserves.

  • Yatti


  • Chris

    can anyone get the download link to the network 2?

  • Rt

    Chris is heavily slept on. he's a talentd mc, dont get the shine he should tho!

  • Chris

    he would get shine if i could actually listen to the whole mixtape lol theres no way in hell im spending 10 dollars on this no offense but this is not an album this is a mixtape

  • Mike

    no download link???