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Jamieson – So You Know f. Skyzoo

blame it on Shake May 1, 2010

Second leak off London born (NYC based) rapper Jamieson’s upcoming I Came, I Saw EP.

DOWNLOAD: Jamieson – So You Know f. Skyzoo | Mediafire

  • HeartAnemic

    Nice artwork, I’ll check it out.

  • michaelthesaint

    Not bad. I don’t know about the voice though. I want to hear more…

  • OnTheRun

    checking this out cuz of the SKYZOO feature and ill artwork. Skyzoo > the rest of hip-hop by the way..

  • mjisgod

    DJ Semtex cosigned him last week on his blog. He’s dope. Need to hear more but he’s sick with the wordplay

  • haven’t listened to the music yet but the artwork is certainly dope.


    Skyzoo bodied it, but it’s tough for me to fux with the accent…

  • Yea, I hate to be biased against British MCs but something about the accent just (in general) makes them sound wack. The only 2 that could ever really make it work to their advantage are Slick Rick and Dizzee Rascal.

  • yeeeaaman

    im not feeling his voice…dude should stick to ghostwriting.maybe help out all of SODMG…..lol

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Hell of ah cover!! Real hot design on this one!

  • Johnny

    Want listen More – Jamieson has potential – dope kid

  • 1

    only checked for sky
    hes dope beats awful
    and im from lonon but cant fux wit dudes voice, sounds like it hasnt broke

  • Rezo

    Idk why you dudes are hating on this guy he sounds a lot like the Slim Shady Eminem to me and exactly like the Relapse Eminem. lol

  • TR9NB

    “and im from lonon but cant fux wit dudes voice, sounds like it hasnt broke” agreed.

  • Really

    He should just put on a fake American accent

  • Iceyjesse

    yo Shake wasnt the Jadakiss tape supposed to drop yesterday wheres it at?

  • Gordon B.

    I get it if people don’t like his accent if you’re not used to hearing it but hating on his voice?
    I honestly don’t get it, nothing wrong with it, hell early Eminem has more of an irritating voice than this and that’s coming from a huge Em stan.

  • Username

    zEE hazE x 9th Wonder= DOPE!!

  • Username


  • Bill Clinton


  • Bill Clinton

    haha thought it was so IRONIC how chris brown sang the anthem for the may n mosley fight lol
    (just to go off topic)


    ^LOL @ Bill Clinton, yeah I thought the same thing!

  • Random

    He sounds like Semtex, Sell your stuff in england stay out of here

  • LDN

    ^^ Let all hope Random’s AIDS get worse.

    im not a fan on Jamieson and im from london but to completely write off the UK yet again just proves how lame some people are.

  • LDN

    on = of

  • don’t know about the voice though.

  • lm_wfc

    sway, kano and akala make it work too.

  • AlKayda

    He sounds like a bootleg SLick Rick …..

  • AlKayda

    He sounds like a bootleg SLick Rick …..

  • Bill Clinton

    ^^lol wen he is from england? if u didnt know people in america..have american accents so they sound similar..same with england ppl have english accents so there gonna sound similar..that said..dude does not sound like slick rick gtfoh.

  • shay

    I think the accent is dope

  • slamyabitch

    the accent didnt bother me. dude has skills and skyzoo is dope

  • The Beat was dope I felt, Jamieson has to sharpen his verses at the beginning bars delivery wise, still he shinned on this song!
    P.s u can critic my sh*t, I love getting honest feed back.

  • Beast New York


  • Jabari Manwarring

    dude is decent

  • midnightkat

    Damn Shake what happened with you and Lupe?

  • TXM

    shake is a faggot and got butthurt basically.

  • SH!


  • darealroyce

    yo dude reminds me of a mix between tabi bonney and M.I.A. honestly i think jamieson has his own style and its a cool vibe. he does him.

  • OnTheRun

    Jadakiss – The Champ Is Here Pt. 3!!!! yall better get on it, not sure why it’s not on here yet.

  • Ben

    Hey, these new stream things aren’t working for me. Is anybody else having this problem? Yo Shake, please go back to the way you used to stream.

  • thank you never…

    this dude is ass

  • Carla


  • hey, can´t understand how you can judge his talent by his voice!
    people seem to forget the work behind the music and tha talent to create it.

    Jamieson is decent, has potencial and is keeping it real by not putting an american accent.

    Jamieson if from london, well that means London baby

  • His voice seems to be his weakness, his gonna need dope lyrics to succed! All is posible, hope he dont give up

  • This guy has potencial The guy is a one-off. No one does what he does in the Uk. Hell forget about the U.S.A and lets do it In the UK. i will take this Artist before anybody knows who he is and blow him up. He had my back even before it was Killagram