The Black Keys - Next Girl (Video)

Unofficial video; off The Black Keys' upcoming Brothers album. Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero.

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  • JE

    Dope Song...and Video FTW

  • Complacent

    Wow didn't expect to see this on this site but a pleasant surprise..."Brothers" album is dope you should post on stuff like this more often

  • eurythmick

    I've been bumping Black Keys since The Big Come Up album came out in '02.... I'm happy to see that yall are supporting a dope band like this.

  • boobers

    I thought her knee was her boob
    "What a fucked up boob" I thought
    Then I realized it was her knee

  • TOKS

    Pretty intersting. hot girls :D

  • JD

    @boobers LOL me tooo

  • GOONx19

    Had to watch it twice so I could concentrate on the ticker. Still don't know what it said.

  • 2+2 always makes a 5

    Black Keys. Always (2)dope. "Your Touch" is my shit!!!

  • 2+2 always makes a 5

    Oh yeah buy the album, support good music

  • TheFuckingTruth

    Brother's album cover >

  • Rasa

    Representing the Rubber City! Glad to see you taking in interest in these guys... Patt grew up around the corner and its nice to see him getting some recognition.

  • dan

    really? you're calling this unofficial? even if you're joking..

  • Kerma

    Weird to see this here. Nice as hell though.

    Blakroc's still heavy on my playlist rotation.

  • dopeSir

    this is one of the best videos of the year! hands down!

  • Rt

    I was jus chilln at this girls house 2day. said they playd a concert in her backyard in AKRON a few years back. This band is Dope! def. gona cop their cd when it drops!

  • ineedm0ney

    blackroc album was great

  • George Clooney


    I’ve been bumping Black Keys since The Big Come Up album came out in ‘02…. I’m happy to see that yall are supporting a dope band like this.

    eurythmick said this on May 1st, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    I love how insecure people gotta always get into how long they've been into some shit on this site. Most people I know didn't really get into them until Thickfreakness, a whole year after you did (myself included). So congrats on that.

    I got The Big Come Up on white vinyl, though, which I of course purchased well after you'd already heard it.

  • Fink

    Props to Shake for posting this. I want to hear Joell go over this

  • madConsumer

    not really feeling this

  • sammy swords

    song is dope. video is funny.

  • Haakon

    Fuck yea, i like how you guys branch out and post songs your feeling. Know what im feeling? LCD Sound system - Dance yourself clean, shit is epic.

  • ineedm0ney

    lcd soundsystem is great. and this black keys are amazing too been onto them for years now. bout time 2dopeboyz!

  • ineedm0ney

    coincidence these were on my site first?? lmao

  • Justanothercrow123

    shake, i think this is the official video....

  • ineedm0ney

    it is

  • lasean


    that was my EXACT same thought


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