Hip Hop

Big K.R.I.T. – K.R.I.T. Wuz Here (Album)

blame it on Shake May 3, 2010

Cinematic Music Group and Creative Control present the debut album from Big K.R.I.T. Producing the entire project himself, K.R.I.T. is joined by some (2)dope favorites in Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Devin the Dude and more.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

Return Of Forever f. Big Sant
Country Shit
Just Touched Down
Hometown Hero
See Me On Top
Glass House f. Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y
Children Of The World
They Got Us
Good Enough
No Wheaties f. Curren$y & Smoke DZA
Moon & Stars f. Devin the Dude
Never Go Back
I Gotta Stay
Small As A Giant

DOWNLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. – K.R.I.T. Wuz Here

  • Abdul


  • Burnie Goetz

    Kinda just want that Devin the Dude track.
    And what makes this an album and not a mixtape?

  • Steve-O

    Listen to it and you’ll see

  • I thought he was gonna try and sell this album. I was going to support him. Guess not….

  • hooligan


  • keNyCuhh

    wat does the k.r.i.t stand for

  • Cashtro Crosby

    All Orginal Prod? Thats a album fam. We fuck with krit

    #Crosbyfication http://www.mediafire.com/?nzjvgik1ddd #Crosbyfication http://www.mediafire.com/?nzjvgik1dd

  • timbutoo

    definitely will be checkin this out … reppin that real southern rap!!!
    cosign keNyCuhh

  • K.R.I.T. = King Remembered In Time

  • BW

    the download isn’t working for me

  • It said file damaged after I downloaded…smh lets try again…anybody else have a messed up one?

  • Freshone

    i mean dude made like every beat he should have just put it out as a digital or something but i aint mad between Centimatic Music Group anf Creative Control they r showing hiphop is alive and well

  • Tev24

    Can someone up a different link. Its not working for me

  • Lesson One

    While the kiddies & sensitive types checking for Drake & J.Cole, real hip hop heads checking for Big K.R.I.T and Freddie Gibbs.

    And why isn’t he trying to sell this? This is quality right here.

  • Dre


  • parttimeboss

    it’s not king remembered in time its:
    K.R.I.T. = Kingston Rhasta India Tennessee
    it has to do with all the nationalities that he is…nah im fuckin with ya, i have no idea what it stands for

  • DiggySimmons

    has the link been re upped cos i just downloaded it it worked fine for me..bout to press play..

  • Drew

    nah Re-up. Thanks

  • kal

    Real shit right here classic fresh outta creative control maaaan K.R.I.T. will do big things

  • stretch

    this link is broke

  • kev

    can someone re-up

  • kal

    Try coppin it straight from the dj booth page

  • freshyboi

    plz re-up zip file to a new host

  • JamesFinnaGet

    yea..this zip file aint working….

    this is the error message i get from WinZip:
    End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a Zip file, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part Zip file.

  • Dan

    The file is messed up. Can someone please find a new link?

  • “And what makes this an album and not a mixtape?”

    the question should be…..what makes these recent mixtapes mixtapes and not albums?

  • RU210

    Link isn’t working for me too

  • made my day mayne

  • keNyCuhh

    3sho but this link doesnt work WTF

  • Drew

    I’m getting the same error also. It would be great if someone could re-up

  • derrik

    bandcamp ftw

  • BP



  • SpaceGhost2020

    Yo can somebody up this to another site like usershare or the like

  • riceindabowl

    need a re-up

  • guest

    link broken

  • JohnDank

    im upping it to mediafire right now

  • devo

    fucking goddamn! been trying to download this album for an a hour and a half and it keeps failing!

  • Dragon


  • JohnDank

    about 3 min

  • spec-c

    his new version of “i just touched down” is just as good his original

  • barney

    man the audio on all the tracks are low as hell.

  • SpaceGhost2020

    @JohnDank thats whats up thx

  • guest

    hahahahahahaahahaha @ pizzos comment link, now thats funny

  • JohnDank

    67% uploaded. i got a fast connection but its lagging for sum reason

  • damn we need a re-up…this is why you dont put out your shit on wack blogs…put it out on NahRight or 2DBZ, they’ll come correct.

  • JohnDank


  • J Will

    damn shake what happened with lupe?

  • i tried 3 times already i’ll just catch it tuesday

  • JohnDank
  • devo

    JohnDank is that dude! thanks a ton homie!

  • Appreciate it JohnDank! You are that dude.

  • SpaceGhost2020

    JohnDank FTW

  • JohnDank FTL sorry had to take you down a few notches. thanks for the reup though

  • dude

    combination of lyrics, beats, and flow…..seriously this is one of the better cds as a whole project that i’ve heard in awhile

  • hypeman

    all this dopeness….. for free??

  • parodi


  • if you downloaded JohnDank’s file, did it say tracks 14 and 16 are corrupt? =/

  • Heres track 14 “2000 & Beyond” if you need it…if anyone has track 16 “Gumpshun” can you upload it? http://www.mediafire.com/?injdn2dnzat

  • Or, actually it’s “Never Go Back” that’s missing not “Gumpshun”…

  • GeorgeCostanza

    tracks are out of order in the dj booth link…

  • its KING REMEMBERED IN TIME i wasnt bullshittin

  • Z

    The DJBooth link works just fine, everyone. Thanks for supporting the project.

  • kal

    Did u fix the link Z? It was a bit buggy

  • redface


  • mal
  • mal
  • redface

    Had No Problem With 14 & 16

  • Boog

    the DJBooth link works now, but it’s not tagged right.

  • @mal

    thanks buddy…you and JohnDanks FTW tonight

  • JonesDeini

    Now this here is what A brother been waiting on, folk!!!

  • PACO


  • gospher

    this i been waiting on my man gonna go off

  • R00TR


    [pun intended] haha!

  • Dj Pizzo

    I’m reading the comments here and I’m glad you guys all have something to say, regardless of what your opinion is of me or HHS. Let me be clear on one thing – I ain’t shit. And either is Shake, or anyone else attached to online rap “journalism”. Fellow bloggers, the faster you realize this, the longer your career will last in this industry. HHS track record speaks for itself so I am not going to sit here and prove myself to anyone that isn’t familiar.

    All due respect to 2 Dope Boyz, which by itself, is a fresh site, regardless of Shake’s sophomoric behavior. Yeah, this is a blog, except that we realize that it is, and don’t try to throw empty threats at respected artists because we didn’t get a hug. Sorry if I got the facts wrong – but either way this type of Get-Some-Twit-Off-My-Chest behavior is wack and embarrassing to all of us.

  • Mississippi needs a nigga like K.R.I.T to get out here and open up lanes for some real lyrical artist instead of every other nigga trying to sound like he outta GA. We are the sipp.i fucks wit K.R.I.T

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/t4gcczoywzm/Big K.R.I.T. feat. Iamjoedent_Cadillac.mp3

  • thatswhatsup

    While the kiddies & sensitive types checking for Drake & J.Cole, real hip hop heads checking for Big K.R.I.T and Freddie Gibbs.

    And why isn’t he trying to sell this? This is quality right here.

    Lesson One said this on May 3rd, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    I’m listening to Cole, Gibbs and Krit right now. Coles got more in common with Freddie and Krit then he does with Drake. And Drake isn’t even worth hating on. He’s talented as hell just not for me. Have to show Krit love here though. This album is dope as fuck. I’ll support and buy a hard copy if I find one.

  • Chipz

    YES!!!! been waiting for this, gon knock this wit the kush lit and drank poured, haha….

  • On track 4 already and this shit knocks. I just wish the fuckin volume was higher on the tracks though.

  • Mac Mic

    good looks

  • Co$$

    Hometown hero is the shit.

  • hiphopzpop

    The Magnitude Of The Music Makes This An Album & Not A Mixtape

  • bdp03


  • Production is straight heat.

  • sammy swords

    beats are fresh as hell

  • stan lee

    the production is crazy as well as k.r.i.t. himself. sounds like a pimp c vocally lol.

  • stevep

    Been waitin on this! I definately would have supported too, KRIT is the truth!…thanks

  • Carla


  • DiggySimmons

    HOMETOWN HERO on the K.R.I.T tape ….speechless
    dope dope tape.

  • PrezP

    Real lyrical southern hip-hop this album is testimate to the improvements hip-hop has made in the past 2-3 years.

    P.S. Creative Control takin this shit over

  • Bout to get in da whip and ride to this..let’s see what this dude is about

  • 555kinnyJon3555

    Fake ass Pimp C…but it’s as close as we’re gonna get to new Pimp C music so I fucks wit it


    Home town hero and Viktorious are Fresh whole album is on point.Big Ups.

  • eSo

    I thought this was original production? Isn’t that Hometown Hero beat the beat from Drekidd – Hometown Glory? I mean I know they sampled Adele but it sounds like the same beat to me. Regardless, pretty dope Album, minus the horrible iTunes tagging.

  • There’s like 50 different beats/songs out sampling the Hometown Glory song by Adele…….the dude claims to be a lyricist more than once, his lyrics aint dat nice but they def aint wack either I’m feelin his flows and the beats are on point…perfect riding music

  • This is some good shit. Not the greatest but this nigga goes. Viktorious is ill.

  • Ivan

    dude is nice – been blasting this since last night

  • On track 4 already and this shit knocks. I just wish the fuckin volume was higher on the tracks though.


    yeah, i tried turning them up on iTunes and they are still low – volume wise

  • qwerty

    K.R.I.T. nigggaaa!!!

  • runner

    This album is something ridiculous.

    Easily one of the best hip hop releases of the year.

  • OGEazy

    I figured people checking this out would be able to answer this question. I wanted to burn a few CDs for my car ride down (8 hour drive).
    What are the best Curren$y CDs/tapes to throw in the car?

  • shane

    best released of the year, 3 years man will or should be atop the game in producing and rapping.

  • Mr. West

    why is the volume so fucking low

  • sddzg

    he got the whole of cinematic basically and no nipsey “r u crazy”

  • K.R.I.T.’s Wuz Here >> Jeezy’s Trap or Die 2…just sayin…He is definitely reppin da south the right way…matter fact he is reppin hiphop da right way…good music with some substance.

  • NuNu


  • yaboy

    this is fire… big up to Krit I hope he takes off.

  • ive had this on repeat since yesterday
    vety good, i would have paid for this

  • Super Filthy

    Man this shit is FIRE! This is that real southern hip hop, KRIT and Pill are the hottest new dudes out I was banging this mix-cd all day. I been checking for dude for years and will support any album he put out

  • this is classic. anyone who hasnt downloaded needs to. my first time hearing dude. great project

  • ico

    this is the best south album I heard in years no lie. I feel your soul on this homie.

  • this whole joint is crazy. classic!

  • Seattle Sonics

    LOL to the dude who said he fucks with Freedie Gibbs!!

  • timbutoo

    Finally got a chance 2 listen 2 it after downloading it when it dropped… THIS S**T IS SOOOOOO DOPE BRUH… da hell bruh (4 free??? really???) … powerful, classic s**t… I will definitely be riding w/ dude from now on …

  • timbutoo

    @OGEazy… basically all his stuff bruh grab the songs u like & shuffle them…


    don’t sleep..this shit was great..Shake yall need to bring dis back

  • gmack1017

    yall need to bring this back to the top…this is classic ish!
    http://www.multiupload.c o m/HEDNGEJ27E

    thats the mastered version

  • tredd


  • AnT

    let me tell you bout this country shit.. UGK influenced this nigga to the max. big Krit is gonna be up there pretty soon. produces his own beats + dope lyrics. plus he always did a track with Curren$y.. Okaaay

  • Biggie

    hes gonna be up there soon along with the res of the creative control crew, looking forward to seeing all these guys comin up in the music induestry

  • northside

    why is the volume so low on the tracks??

  • Tizzlybear

    For all of ya’ll that are annoyed by the low volume on this. I just found the REMASTERED version here’s the link:


  • drkinleyphd

    this is an album cause it’s all original, K.R.I.T didnt mix different beats from other artist on one album this is all him therefore it is an album and a dope ass one at that

  • this boy finna go places, the fact that he didn’t make the XLL list is bullshit..dude is makin better music than ANYBODY right now

  • ChEezy

    this shit is crraazzkk


  • DP the groundhogg

    this is the best album I have heard all year and i think it will better than anything i buy in the store. i feel bad about getting it free its so good. we need more music like this. if you dont like this you dont like music

  • Dude can drink..
    I the outkast freestyle video he did

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    DD172 CreativeControl Karate School….WHATEVER u wanna call it….Currensy, Wiz, Stalley, Big KRIT, Jay Elect, Mos Def, a lyrical Jim Jones, BlakRoc, The Cool Kids, THESE GUYS PUT OUT SUCH GREAT PRODUCT….HipHop IS in fact ART…such a great year

  • Impressive.

  • this is still impressive after all these months.

    def a underground album of the year contender.

  • Ray L.

    If anyone needs the “mastered” version which means all tracks are labeled/volume are precise; feel free to use my upload.


  • thetruth

    just saw him perform hometown hero with an actual band, nasty

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  • K.R.I.T= King remembered in time

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