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Dame Dash x Curren$y x Roc-A-Fella (Video)

blame it on Meka May 3, 2010

Apparently Dame is bringing back the house that rebuilt Def Jam, but with Spitta at the helm. We’ll see what happens. Props to 1515.

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  • d

    Dame that dude.

  • jay z

    nobody cares….washed up niggas

  • AZ

    I really respect what Dame is doing in respects to bringing artists together with DD172, and now the approach he is taking in working with Curren$y. Dame will continue to be successful.

  • pretty interesting. i dunno how it will all play out, but ur right we’ll see. curren$y is sick with it thats fa sho, every new joint he puts out is impressing me more and more. hope it can carry him over in a big way.

  • freshyboi

    why is he wearing a winter hat? is it cold there or what? i live in canada and i put my toque away 2 months ago

  • Congrats Spitta…you should get your shine son.

    -Ben Famous

  • flames

    shake is a joke

  • TheDeal

    I really want to see Curren$y win. Also want to see this kid Bugz get his shine too.



  • westcoastaggie

    Curren$y must have been hangin out in LA. Only La dudes wear beanies like that year round lol.

    But here’s hopin that the hot Spitta does big things and How Fly 2 is in the mix.

  • Ryuk


    If he can makes some key acquisitions, Dame will be looking pretty good.

  • Bill Clinton

    Currensy looked mad crackish in the first 40sec of that vid.
    wats the big deal with a beanie? u aint seen nigga rock em b4?

    and on the whole shake thing. i werent there but if lupes people were acting unnecisarily that would only warrent a natural negative response from anyone/shake. I do think tho shake shud be the bigger man and continue doing wat u do best givin us dope shit. “in the middle we stay calm we just drop bombs” should be the order of the day.


    WTF did Currensy say? I don’t understand how some of these rappers can rap for days but then can’t express themselves in an interview. A note to all you rappers, if you’re going to do an interview you must be intelligible and if you’re too high or don’t feel up to it then don’t do it because it just makes you look crazy.

  • BoogalooShooz

    Shake has been officially son’d. That’s what you get for trying to pretend like you actually MATTER in hip-hop. You’re a fucking blogger. Stay in your lane and stop trying to play make believe like you’re important to Lupe’s career.

  • Rose’ and Henny Sipper

    ^^Says sum1 eating eating cold found in the park pizza in his mommas basement logged on to Shakes site?

    Dame is dope i think no matter wat hes gonna be successful. He brought us Jay z he mite not do something like that again (how often does a jay z come around) but hell always have business flowing.

  • wowwzers

    shake releases LEAKED music over the internet on a BLOG… quit acting like dude he has any real status or influence. and yes i use this site to download music.. doesnt mean i cant think the owner is a douche.

  • BoogalooShooz


  • Maya

    2db makes it a priority to release QUALITY shit first, and helped the career of many an up and coming underground rapper. stop hating.

  • bbs

    damn shake..

  • lol thats what Shake gets for being a groupie trying to sneak backstage…Shake thinking he’s bigger than what he is because he has so many stans on this site

  • Im not understanding him giving out roc chains….if they sold roc-a-fella to def jam…..? Jay has roc-nation…jay wearing his…too. im lost? they name doesnt contain roc at all….y wear same chains as the dude u couldnt get along with.

  • Jelecyamama

    u can tell alot of ppl have been butt hurt by shake spurning thier homo advances.

    p.s dame and currensy is that dude!

  • ^^^^lol @ you being the only 1 in here looking at it from a faggot’s perspective

  • yeah shake…you should just apologize lol

  • Rocky

    Curren$y needs to stop going on MTV interviews. Everyone of his mtv interviews he sounds retarded (besides the date one). He sounds perfectly fine in other interviews too.

  • Punintended

    JonnieHayward< u must be gay using other peoples names to post shit. thata hella homo lol.

  • OB_5

    damn that shake vs lupe shit is crazy. lmao at Lupe upsets fan. lol

  • FS_Jet

    damn i thought Meka was the retard out of the two with his dumb ass remarks and acting like he actually matters to the music world.. turns out Shake is exactly the same ahaha.. i gotta say thanks for gathering all the leaks from all over the internet for us but if this blog never existed.. nothing would be different

  • yoyo

    wait wait, curren$y is signing to rocafella?
    some1 explain to me please, thanks

  • MrCrockett

    i like lupe and all but like someone said if his people was direspecting then i get why you was upset,and besides lupe bitch too much anyways.people music leak all the time get over it

  • DiggySimmons

    yoyo hes not signing to roc dame just gave him his chain i guess as a sign of him being with dame and dame still holds on to the roc very much cos he built it with biggs n jay

  • Even though I think this whole Shake/Lupe shit is silly, these blogs have helped a lot of rappers get noticed and get their careers off the ground. They’ve changed the way the music industry works a lot and shit would be a lot different if they weren’t around.

  • $pitvicious

    DAME DASH IS GIVING CURREN$Y the backround he needs…going indie leaving ym and no limit

  • Hmmmm

    From what I’ve gathered Shake was backstage at Lupe’s concert slurping him off via twitter posts. (twitter.com/dopeboyshake). Shake then attempted to get an impromptu interview with Fiasco. Lupe realized who Shake was (he doesn’t like those who post his music prematurely) and emphatically denied the interview request. Shake then realized that Lupe had shot his load all over his face, and subsequently refused to ever suck him off again, err… never post his music again.

  • Billy Ocean

    Curren$y is super-nice, and I support anything that advances his career or gets his music out, BUT….

    I think he might have just stepped outta No Limit’s shadow, and outta Wayne’s shadow, only to step right into Dame’s shadow, right as his career was really takin off. Anyone else feel the same?

    as for the whole milkshake vs lazer: couldnt care less. lupe aint gonna stop doin dope music and bein a dick, shake aint gonna stop the dopeshow.

  • Freshone

    HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO if u read MTV website PILOT TALK will be distributed through def jam on The ROC since Jay left they are letting Dame use it again this is Huge

  • Nolais504(uptown)

    oooooooh *drake voice* this can either be a good thing for spitta or it can be the 2nd worst decision of his career, (first was signing to no limit in 2001 or 02 ish?) i mean i’m all for spittas success and a good future for dude but i hope this wont be just another chilling spot for dude straight up, Free Weezy! (its just been one month?)

  • Nolais504(uptown)

    Oh shit, i forgot about fly society, wha happen?

  • bbs

    ^they garbage that’s what happened lol

  • New Spitta and Trademark from his twitter


  • dat nigga

    this old bum breaking up weed during in interview

  • New Music!! Solol!! Nice to See You Ft. Coherent http://usershare.net/epfqa045oq8o

  • Kushiontion Slater

    Shake Do you get sexualy worked up when you watch children @ the Zoo ?

  • Melo15

    Wassup with Big Krit, i could be wrong but wasnt his tape dropping today?

  • RealHipHop

    This is crazy!?! I hope Def Jam doesnt fuck up Curren$y’s career…

  • RealHipHop
  • J_EaRLy

    Spitta just look like he just got a lobotomy in every interview.

    SHAKE, you and Meka both walked past me Muliple times at the J.Cole show @S.O.B.’S.

    LMAO at ya’ll runnin for the train, i cut ass on ya’ll for like 10mins

  • Freshone

    I think the deal is prob more old cash money than old roc where its just leave us alone and distribute the cd’s def jam

  • JETS
    and the ROC

  • yoyo

    so def jam is only gonna distribute the album. it’s not like big sean. he’s not signed to def jam.
    dame and spitta are gonna stay the same but using the rocafella brand. right?

  • BoogalooShooz

    Even though I think this whole Shake/Lupe shit is silly, these blogs have helped a lot of rappers get noticed and get their careers off the ground. They’ve changed the way the music industry works a lot and shit would be a lot different if they weren’t around.
    DynamicShots said this on May 3rd, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    You’re right. If these blogs weren’t around, artists wouldn’t have to worry about 2/3 of their album being posted on said blogs prior to their release dates and could still sell albums when they hit retail.

  • Freshone

    Curren$y is not signed to anyone he is not signed def jam he is not even signed to Dame Dash there just doin deals together

  • DiggySimmons

    ^^i dont think there really gonna use rocafella its just kind of an inside thing how hes got the chain.

  • Freshone

    Read the mtv article onthe link they r using the roc. The reason is they need distrabution currenSy wants to have physical coppies out you need a major for that. Thats why “drake” claims he signed. You can not ditribute yourself its too much stuff to deal with.

  • cya

    Looking at the recent fly society fuckery, combined with my own prior negative opinion of Dame, I’m hesitant to say that I think this is the best move for Spitta. I think he had the right idea with the whole “JETS over everything” (including other labels) mantra. Obviously though I hope for the best and also that this will elevate him from digital albums to actual CD’s.

    Anyone else read the end of the MTV article this came from? It says 24 Karate School is the second project from this “revived” Roc-A-Fella thing and that it’ll drop after Pilot Talk…



  • astroblack

    This is dope right here. Dame seems to be in a really good place right now and could rebuild The ROC full-swing if he’s more selective with his artists.

    Handle that shit.

  • cya

    @ BoogalooShooz

    Artists would just go back to watching their entire albums show up on torrents and limewire (which they currently do anyway). That’s why blogs are an advantage for the artist if they choose to utilize them, they have the ability to be a controlled release instead of a free for all. Lack of money and lack of appreciation for sound quality are the two biggest reasons nobody buys albums anymore.

  • Currensy is one of my favorite newer artists, probably is my favorite, so it’ll be really nice to see him get more exposure.

    But what dame said about “currensy’s influence within his age demographic” I’m assuming he’s referring to all the high school kids who spam my facebook stream with “JETS FOOL!” and “TAYLOR GANG OR JUMP OFF A BUILDING INTO A PILE OF NAILS”.

    I swear if Currensy yelled “SWALLOW SKEET FOOL!” these kids would write that on their computers.

  • monroe

    @Fudopi naw wiz makes high school music. curren$y is bonafied

  • AnT

    Jets F00l

  • urmom

    C-Section just turned into the special olympics…

    Props to Curren$y and Dame for bringin out good music.

  • Carla


  • The Ghost of Shake

    Boycott 2 Dope boyz if we all go to another site these bitches will change, boycott 2 dope boyz they get no releases that are really original, seriously, boycott 2 dopeboyz

  • Neo

    ^^how about u just leave.

  • stussy_kid

    both of em speaking the truth ,currency stay on some high shit lol as FOR THE DUDE TALKN BOUT BOYCOTT 2DOPEBOYZ SON WTF IS YOU TALKN BOUT SMH

  • cya

    FYI for any Curren$y fans reading this, the JETSxNewEra caps just dropped on Sneaker Politics. Not trying to spam so I apologize to Shake n Meka in advance, but I figured I’m not the only one who’s been waiting months for these.